Traveling is Once Again a Vacation | Hundred Islands

Remember the good old days when traveling only requires you to pack your clothes and go? When your parents will hand you a sandwich when you feel hungry on the road? Or after a tiring swim, you run to your parents and they'll give you lunch? And once full, you run to the beach again and swim without having to worry of anything. Everything you need is already prepared by someone else.

This is what I felt when I traveled with my officemates. Fyi, this is the first time since 2007 that I've traveled with co-workers. Anyway, while Im busy on the details of the trip, my officemates are busy with the food and transpo. Amazing. Uso pa pala ngayon ang happy fiesta na baon sa isang trip! ^_^

Hundred Islands is a 5-hour drive from Manila. It is accessible from the town of Alaminos City, Pangasinan. Called so because this natural attraction has 123 islands, but not all islands are given a name yet.

Hundred Islands Map

We arrived at 5:30am. Although the sun was not in sight, the (pesky) vendors immediately flocked our group and began selling their stuff. Prior to this trip, I already arranged an island hopping tour with Mang Fred, he's a boatman in Hundred Islands. Mang Fred's contact# - 0910.604.7426. Unlimited island hopping using a medium boat costs us P1,800. Fyi, you have the option to tour just 3 major islands for a cheaper rate. It's your call.

Lucap Wharf

Anyway, I have to warn you with something. One of the man who approached us said that we'll be needing lifevests and snorkel sets. We told this man that our boatman already assured us that he will provide lifevests for us. He said iba daw yung lifevest sa boat at sa pangsnorkel. Kalakohan! And even before we agreed, he came back and handed us the lifevests + snorkel sets and the ready made receipt. Para di nalang magkagulo, we agreed to pay him.

oportunista - nakakabawas ng ganda ng isang lugar

And as expected, this man tricked us. Aside from we already knew that we have lifevests in the boat, the lifevests that we rented from this man were mostly defective. What's worse is that only 2 out of 8 snorkel sets were functional. Sayang na ang pera, sayang pa kasi di naenjoy nung ibang kasama ko ang pagsnorkel.

Moving on..

fits 6-10 people

Disclaimer: Wala po akong anumang malalim na relasyon sa sinuman sa aking mga officemates. Kung ang isa po sa kanila ay may nagawang kasalanan sa inyo o may pagkakautang sa inyo o tinakbuhan kayo nung kayo ay nabuntis nila, wag po kayo sakin magagalit. Kami po ay magkakasama lamang sa trabaho. Wala po akong kinalaman sa kanila. Pero pwede ko pong ibigay ang mga tirahan at cellphone# nila.. kapalit ang tamang halaga. Char! =)

time to shine!

The weather was a bit gloomy but it didn't matter much. As long as the waves aren't notorious and we can come back safely, we're good to go!

1st stop - breakfast time

unli rice, fried/hard-boiled eggs, hotdogs, and coffee

nutella for me!

All the effort and food preparation was made by Chris. Everything you need, dala nya!

see, siya pa mismo maghihiwa ng keso para sayo
parang tatay lang

Next, we went to Governor's Island where the famous viewing deck is located.

viewing deck

Joven and Carol making a fight scene

Aside from the PBB house, we also take a look at the cave beneath the pathway to the viewing deck. Not much to see here.

Governor's Island Cave

dahil nakakatamad bumalik sa taas, mas ok nalang mabasa sa baba

With all due respect, the beaches and shores aren't outstanding, in my own opinion. We just enjoyed every adventure we could do. And this is the spot where we enjoyed the most - Imelda's Cave.

care to jump?

mysterious cave, sabi ni Ar-Pee

I would love to jump but (im scared, duh) Im just not in the mood to swim..

Joke lang, opcors!

it's very safe to jump into the water, specially when there are no rocks underneath.

Next, we headed to where the Giant Clams are found. Sayang lang nalowbatt agad ang underwater camera. Toinks!

boats arent allowed to go near the snorkel spot. guests need to swim.

Joven - aka "Batang Pier"
ang galing nya lumangoy, inggit ako!

Ar-Pee and I snorkeled as if there's no tomorrow! haha

I was really surprised to see the giant and colorful clams beneath the water. They are huge. Plus, the corals and soft plants are beautiful as well. Too bad, the snorkel sets my officemates rented were mostly defective.

Rick deserves a medal for being the Most Masunurin. He never took his lifevest and snorkel set off. Yan pala effect ng takot sa tubig.

Eto namang isa, matigas ulo. Sabi na ngang ang nagkaka-edad, madali na mapagod.

sabi ko kasi maupo ka nalang, napagod ka tuloy. Ü
sa ginagawa kong to sa manager ko, malamang hindi na mangyayari ang pangarap kong promotion. ^_^

As lunch time came, we settled in one of the tables in Children's Island. While everyone was busy preparing the food, I was just setting up our music. What I have was the mini and portable speaker which I received as a birthday gift. Good enough, but I wish we had something like a 3 channel passive soundbar , for sure that would give us quality and clear sound trip for this beach getaway.

at Children's Island

preparations by the guys
ginusto nyo yan, wag kayo magrereklamo na tamad ako.. Ü

And I was really impressed with our food. Happy fiesta!

fried chicken


yummy ensalada

leche flan

and of course...

maiwan na ang lahat, wag lang ang alcohol!

pineapple as pulutan

I've never experienced eating a complete meal in a beach trip, specially this food was all prepared by none other than my manager.

payong collection shot with my manager

We spent time to rest in this place. The area is not really good for swimming because of rocks that hurts our feet.

Paki-basa ulit ang Disclaimer..

Carol, Joven, Rey, Rick, Marie (sister of Rick), driver, Me, Boss Chris, Ar-pee

After oversleeping, we headed to our next destination. This Cathedral Cave is really interesting, but sadly the waves are so strong, our boat can't dock anywhere near.

Cathedral Cave

There are also other islands that we passed by but we chose not to go anymore.
The last spot we visited is Cuenco Cave. I like seeing rock formations as much as seeing crystal clear beaches. This place is a must-visit.

Cuenco Cave

rock formations inside the cave

Overall, we we're satisfied. The islands and caves we visited may not be outstanding, but it's still a good place to visit if you're up for a day trip beach getaway. Probably we'll try a more adventurous trip in our next team outing.

why I like traveling with my officemates?
need I say more? ang daming pagkain! everything I need, dala nila.damit ko nalang ang kelangan ko dalhin. hehe

why I don't like traveling with them?
they made me realize kung gaano ako katamad na babae.

Hindi lang nagprepare ng food tamad na agad, pwede bang "hindi ko talent magluto" muna? ^_^

49 responses:

Chyng said...

pipilitin kong wag masyadong maging close with them - mahihirapan ako magresign in the future.. hehe

ardee sean said...

nice ching.. love your panoramic shots.. kasama din to sa travel bucket list ko.. hehehe :P

cah said...

looking forward to our next trip... Boss Cris! Lam mo na.. ahehehe

abeng said...

haha chyng same here tamad din ako pag kasama tropa.sila din lahat nagawa hehehe :)..sana hindi na makapang biktima si manong na naka scooter nakakalungkot

Diamond R said...

pag pinupuntahan mo parang gumaganda. Ganyan pala kaganda ng 100 island.Panalo ang food buti na lang kasama ang mga office mate

khantotantra said...

leche flan and booze for the win!

nakarating na ako noon sa hundred islands pero yun yung time na wala pa akong digicam or cell with camera. sana makabalik ako dyan para may souvenir pics :D

michi said...

may dessert pa, mukhang masarap yung leche flan.

add mo sa list mo "why I like traveling with my officemates?"

-hindi mo na need mag-edit ng picture, game lahat magpakita sa blog mo. =)

killerfillers said...

Di kame umabot dito sa Alaminos nong nagpunta kami ng Pangasinan.Sayang lang.Ganda ng mga shots.

The Gasoline Dude™ said...

Napa-HUWAW! ako sa Cuenco Cave.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

wow! ang sarap naman... well pampered at kumpleto talaga sa food ta gamit... mali ka, mapapabilis ang promotion mo nyan dahil naging masaya ang team activity nyo... :)

Ian | Going Places said...

Naalala ko na naman ang pagkaduwag ko sa Marcos Cave na tatalon... naduwag talaga ako dun! The best among the islands is Quezon and Governor's island in terms of beaches, sights and amenities.

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Wah nakakagutom yang ensalada! Gusto kong bumalik sa Hundred Islands pero with hs classmates naman :D masaya din na kasama officemates lalo na kapag may older sayo kasi automatic nagiging baby ka char

citybuoy said...

I should've followed my instincts and checked your blog before I booked a trip. I went here nung bagetchina palang ako and of course, di ko na naalala kung gaano siya kaganda. Salamat for sharing.

At ang sarap nung ensalada! Nakakalowka!

marxtermind said...

Parang gusto ko magjump sa Imleda's Cave. Parang di ko sya napuntahan before. May pinuntahan kaming cave din sa hundred islands ang lamig sa loob and malalim... nakakatakot. :)

KUMAGCOW said...

di pa ako nakapunta dito, i feel this province is too hot kasi... and yes, ayokong nakakakita ng mga opportunists too.. id probably smack them in the face kung sakin ginawa yun... inuwi nyo dapat yung snorkels na ayos hahaha

ålêng said...

Panalo ang leche flan! :) been there once, in 2008 kasama ang le familia! I'd love to go back (with leche flan!) hehe

Mac Callister said...

ang ganda din pala diyan parang sa palawan lang din!

pusang kalye said...

My Hometown!!!!at talagang ikaw taga plano at sila sa food? good deal yun.kala ko nga rin field trip ito.hahaha. new set of officemates diba?looks like you are in for more trips with them.mukhang mga mahilig din sa galaan.hehehe

Photo Cache said...

i love to have a slice of the leche flan. ur co-workers look like they have fun in their minds.

grinning on your disclaimer

wandering soles said...

saludo ako sa mga officemates mo..galing! :)

MarLiesTravels said...

it's nice to be pampered once in a while hehe! =)

kg said...

chyng! natawa ako sa disclaimer mo! hehe! you're so funny!

the last time we went to hundred islands was more than 10 years wala pa kuryente. my family and i spent overnight. kaya imagine mo na lang. natuwa ako sa post mo coz just about a month ago, i mentioned to my sisters na dapat bumalik kami. and we are considering going back. napaka-timely ng post mo! :)

i had to smile sa nutella...beach hopping with nutella! sosyal!

Sumi Go said...

Ganda nga ng Cuenco Cave! I've never been to Hundred Islands though.. Actually, halos lahat naman ng napuntahan mo di ko pa napupuntahan.. hahaha.. But one day I will.. :)

Btw, grabe ang mga officemates mo ah! It's only with my family na nakakaexperience ako na dala na nila halos lahat! :)) Pareho kasi tayong di mahilig magprepare ng food, eat out nalang 'pag nagoout-of-town! *apir*

Kat said...

dami pagkain! sarap! Yung leche flan yung gusto ko! :D

Thanks for visiting my blog.

m@noy en nin@y said...

buti ka pa marunong lumangoy!!! hahaha yan ata dapat next na goal ko swimming lesson!

May balak ka pa din ulet mag-resign? lolz

crumpylicious blog said...

Mukhang enjoy ang simple trip. I wonder why we've never been there before ang lapit lang pala hehe.

Untied Escape said...

Parang gusto ko din siyang maging manager. Nice trip Chyng! Quote ko lang sinabi ni "Diamond R" - pag pinupuntahan mo lalong gumaganda.

Nicole said...

sarap nga ng ganyan! Nakakamiss. Sana meron din kaming ganyan sa office ( ulit)! (:

dong ho said...

nice. i miss these islands tagal ko na din di nakapunta diyan.

kakatuwa naman nung fight scene. parang totoo yung dating.

buti talaga at may mga policies na yung mga sites na pang snorkeling. this is good news.

Tripper10 : Tripsiders said...

Suggest ko sa mga friends ko ang Hundred Islands.. :)

gillboard said...

ano ba to bakasyon o buffet. dami pagkain!!! lolz

naku, naganyan din kami ng isang manong sa boracay. kala mo kung sino magyabang ng mga vest at snorkel nila, puros naman sira. buti nipost mo picture.

lakwatsera de primera said...

Nakakatuwa yung baon nyo, parang naalala ko yung family excursion namin noong mga tsikiting pa lang kami, kalde-kaldero ang baon :)

Kath said...

Nakakagutom lalo na yung leche flaaan! *drool*

mike said...

i'm not planning to go back to pinas next year but this is one of the places i might visit....thanx ms. chyng.

Dee Quixotic said...

ansarap ng vacation mo, andaming food!

blissfulguro said...

at lumeche flan pa sa isla! bongga!

Hoobert the Awesome said...

It seemed that you really had a good time there Ate Chyng. Sometimes it's not about where you go, it's about who you are with.

Hehehe. Sbeen awhile.

Miss you.

December na! Merry Christmas.


thepinaysolobackpacker said...

ilang beses akong nag attempt mag -comment sanpost na ito, lageng d umuubora ewan baket. lol sana mag push thru eto.

anyway, so glad abt this post. reminds me of family vacation lang. parang ang kuleet lang at dameng baon. hehe saya naman ng team building nyo Chyng at busog sarap tlga!

SunnyToast said...

Oh tamang halaga talaga..pak! sarap ng trip nyo...happy fiesta ang food!

Ed said...

saya kapag team outing kasi divided talaga yung trabaho. ako before, saling pusa lang talaga sa ibang teams kasi ang mura ng gasto at ang gawin ko na lang is ibigay yung share ng gagastusin, sila na kasi nagpaplano lahat. hehe

Lawstude said...

Q: How many islands are there in Hundred islands?

A: 200

Why? Kasi sabi sa sign Tu Handred Ayland.

Joke yon? LOL.

Ayos na bonding time to with officemates. Bigla ko tuloy na-miss office outings namin yearly when I was still in Cabanatuan.

joy said...

kakatuwa naman ang blog mo. maraming nakakatuwang comments. hope I can visit thi splace one day. Beautiful Philipines

dyosa said...

Hundred Islands! Never been there. I know right? Tanduay Ice and Leche Flan lang, solb na ako.

Excellent photos you got there. Galing! :)

Rizalenio said...

Oh my! Ang pagkain nyo, lahat masasarap. Happy fiesta! :)

I love Joven and Carlo's fight scene. :)

Allen said...

Sa lahat ng mga pagkaing pinost mo sa blog na to, yung red hotdog yung naglaway ako nang sobra sobra. Wala kami nyan dito. waaaaa!

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

so rick pala ang name niya. hahah! siya yung naka checkered mong ka-opismate na na-feature mo na before right? lol! anyway, nakakamiss talaga ang company outing. lalo na when everyone passed out after drinking too much. Sirang sira ang mga imahe. hahaha!

I enjoyed this post. nakaka-reminisce nga ang kabataan natin. ^_^ at thank you din sa paalala ha. dapat talaga tinuturuan ng leksyon ang mga oportunista na yan.

gusto ko rin ng hundred islands. di pa ko nakakrating diyan

Vanessa Lingan said...

ate chyng anong gamit mong cam jan? what unit?

Dorm Boy said...

Im glad napadpad ka rin sa Hundred Islands! Malapit lang to sa amin.=)

Pinoy Wandering Boy said...

Hindi kayo dumaan sa Marcos Island? Yung me cave na pwede kang tumalon? Medyo exciting din dun. Hehe

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