A Christmas Party at Bahay ni Maria

After the fun and success of last year's Christmas party with the kids in Bethany Orphanage, our group chose to celebrate this year's party with the old aged people. We picked Bahay ni Maria in Calamba Laguna, the home of 31 neglected and abandoned women.

thanks again sa nagdesign Ü

I intentionally didn't announce this outreach because I was too overwhelmed with the support I got last year. Since there's still a portion of the fund that's left, okay na yun. Our group will provide the rest of the very simple wishes and needs of the lola's. But ofcors, those people who inquired and those who I know are still very willing to participate - I told them about the event. In case you're interested in professionally organizing a charity event like this, check out www.socialworkdegree.org.

personalized tumbler with handles and pashmina for the lola's
thank you sa nagprovide ng nametags (ang ganda, as always)
thank you sa nag-finance ng 33 tumblers

Hallelujah, Dec 8 - Taguig Day is declared as special non-working holiday so I got the time to go to Divisoria. Thanks sa officemate kong sinamahan ako bumili at magbuhat. Ü

thank you sa nagprovide ng meds and chocolates

And a million thanks to those who donated milk, bottled water, soap, diapers, food, roses, etc. Our group, as well as the elderly institution, appreciated the generous gesture.

12/11/11 - Party time with the Lola's

Like any other charity institution, we felt sad upon seeing the abandoned lola's. Some of them are sick, mentally-ill, and some are still undeniably beautiful despite their age. Ü

Bahay ni Maria
the heart is bigger then a home

Notice those tiles? Take a closer look..

a celebration of life and death

Gloomy right? But then again, life and death are both to be celebrated, maybe.
Our group introduced ourselves to the lola's by holding their hands. After mag-mano sa kanila, some lola's hugged us tight and even kissed us in our foreheads. They are very warm. They held us as if they have no plans of letting us go.

getting ready for the show

Honestly, our group never thought that partying with old people would be so much fun. They made us feel they are somehow happy and contented, despite not having a real family who'll take care of them.

Neel with ate Inday
ayaw nya patawag na "lola"

Che with ate Arlene

Lui and Josel with the centenarian Lola Diday

Rem with the ever jolly Lola Pacing

Nicole with Lola Nene and her teletubby

Mylene and Lola Cora

After getting to know each other, it's time for some entertainment. Our group hired a magician. Gusto daw ng magic ng mga lola, as suggested by head nuns.

Chris Vincent - the magician

It's actually hard to get the full attention of the lola's, but as long as they look entertained, that's what mattered most to us.

ate Rhina participating in the magic show

look how happy she is
she tells everyone again and again how she did that magic Ü

After the magic show, it's time for their lunch. We asked the nuns-in-charge what could we bring them. She suggested any food that's soft, easy to chew and easy to digest. Our group prepared rice, embotido, and pancit with lots of vegetables. For dessert, we bought Dole's bite sized fruits. Favorite pala nila yun.

ate Rhina, Lola Emeng, and Lola Arsenia

Lola Cora and Lola Pacing needed very little assistance

Mich and Lola Amelia

centenarian Lola Diday told me "yung mga 70 and 80 yrs old, nakawheel chair na. ako nakakalakad pa. kaya ko pa din kumain mag-isa. malakas pa ako"
so true, inferness isa sya sa pinaka-maayos kausap among the lola's

After eating, it's time for the ventriloquist to perform. This is the part where everyone enjoyed, including us.

puppet show

This puppet got everyone's attention. Laughter can be heard all over the place.
Even Lola Nene, who has her teletubby with her, walked towards the puppet and began talking to it. Hehe Fun!

Lola Nene has her own puppet too

nalungkot na bigla, lagot ka boss Chris

It started raining that's why the puppet show was interrupted. Naiyak tuloy si Lola Nene. We transferred to their function hall and continued with our program.

When boss Chris did an ocular a week prior to our event, he found out that Lola Diday will be turning 100 years old this December. Very rare moment that we can greet somebody who's celebrating her 100th birthday, amazing!

the centenarian, Lola Diday
may you have an excellent health, peaceful mind, and happy outlook

pang bucket list: greet someone who just turned 100 ♥

And of course, there are gifts for everyone as well.

personalized items for each lola

diapers, medicines, groceries

every girl, no matter what age, appreciates a flower
well there's one lola who resisted, siguro may bad experience sa ex-bf? hehe

seeing them smile already made our day

And so we thought we should pack up and leave, the lola's requested a HepHepHooray and Stop Dance games. Aba, energetic sina Lola. Let's play then!

Lola Emeng requested Jai Ho in particular, updated si lola! Ü

Now who says Christmas is only for kids? This special season is for everyone! This is indeed one of the happiest parties I attended.

thank you for allowing us to spend time with you. we learned a lot. we gained new realizations.
the pleasure is actually ours.

organizing this outreach is a privilege.
we're very thankful for the opportunity.

♥ Cheers to every lola who found their new families in Bahay ni Maria. Thank you for showing us how to go on, accept life's surprises, and be happy despite and inspite of.
♥ Kudos (and a deep respect) to the nuns and the staff of Bahay ni Maria. I felt the passion, dedication, and love towards each and every lola in this elderly institution. God bless you more.
♥ Our group felt privileged to spend time with them. The pleasure is ours.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone.

Bahay ni Maria contact number - (049) 8343217

53 responses:

Chyng said...

next year, sa preso naman ang outreach. sino sasama? =)

michi said...

this is the true meaning of christmas, sharing your blessings without expecting. =) God Bless your heart!

ardee sean said...

this is really nice.. masaya dapat lahat tayo.. saw this post on your tweet.. @akosiardee.. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Chyng! Sama ako sa preso outreach, I live very near Bilibid. I can help :)

Naluha ako habang binabasa 'to. Very heart-warming. Good job! :)

Pinoy Adventurista said...

I want to do this too... maybe sa birthday ko... thank you for sharing your experience...

kg said...

chyng, medyo naiyak ako sa mga pics mo.

your heart must be so full after that. sino ba naman ang hindi tataba ang puso after making so many people [lolas to be exact] happy?

actually, inggit nga ako sa inyo sa pagpapaligaya nyo ng mga tao in that way... :) kailangan ko din maghanap ng paraan... di pa naman tapos ang pasko. :)

Diamond R said...


lzlpio90 said...

I am really touch! i have always had fondness with aged people. Parang gusto ko tuloy sumama..hehehe...


Rem said...

ako uli sagot sa roses para sa mga preso next year!!! :)

pusang kalye said...

ay--diko nga natunugan to.anu kaba.para nakapag donate sana uli. ang galing ha. talagang well organized na.mukhang sanay na sanay nang mag organize ng outreach program.:D

That's Chyng with a heart.:D

Nicole said...

thank you so much chyng at sa JGC ( J? Group of Companies! Memory gap na ako! Nakalimutan ko sagot mo sa tanong na ano ang JGC! Haha! ) at naging parte kami ng very memorable outreach na ito. :) Hanggang sa susunod na outreach, sama ulit kami. (:

gillboard said...

great way to celebrate the holidays and give back to our less privileged brothers/sisters/elderly.

no wonder you're blessed chyng. :)

Dianne said...

this is so heartwarming. congratulations chyng!

KUMAGCOW said...

Panung preso chyng?

khantotantra said...

Congratumalations sa successful christmas party sa Bahay ni Maria.

More blessings sa lahat ng sumali at nagcontribute.

Nakaka-iyak yung pics na may mga tiles and names ng mga pumanaw na. :(

Kol Me Empi said...

good job chyng! sama ako sa next year. hehe

Photo Cache said...

this is the best way to share one's blessings by giving to those who need not only of material items but of one's time. you did a good deed ms. chyng. may your tribe increase.

Lloyd said...

Gandang experience..galing chyng!

Lloyd said...
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blissfulguro said...

in our own little ways, we can do much... kudos to you chyng and to your friends!

pwede next year sa mga students ko?! chos! :)

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

you did it again Chyng! :) this is going to be a yearly anata na I'm sure. so proud of you. tama yan, gamitin mu ang kasikatan mu to help and inspire your readers. bless you more Chyng!

bang said...

Huwaw! Sayang I missed this event. Hindi ako nakabalita. Sayang!

Kakaiyak naman. Lam mo, having an outreach program for the olds ang pinakaayaw ko gawin....Kasi I am sure uuwi ako na luhaan....eto nga habang binabasa ko post mo tumutulo luha ko...ewan ko basta, i feel sad for them thinking na they were abandoned by their loved-ones.
Congrats Chyng! Another successful project. God bless you more.

Allen said...

I really admire you ate chyng. Thank you for doing this to the lolas. Kung nanjan ako, sigurado magvovolunteer ako! :)

Sumi Go said...

This is such a beautiful post ate Chyng! It's nice how you made these lolas happy and how they also touched your hearts. I was touched too, kahit with merely reading about this.

I hope I get to participate in these kinds of activities too.. :)

rence said...

Hi... i've been following your blog and was inspired na "mag-charity" after nung event niyo sa orphanage. Planado na yung recepient ko for next year's back to school pero dahil nakaka inspire talaga...dapat may Christmas charity din. I hope I can make it happen.

God Bless!

bertN said...

What a commendable project! Meron din ba d'yan na Bahay ni Mario, para sa mga lolo naman?

dong ho said...

ang galing Chyng! youve been doing this consistently thus proves your love in helping out others.

ramdam ang saya ng mga lolo at lola.

kudos to outreach! kudos to you chyng.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

You really are a blessing to others Chyng! I still remembered your outreach last year. from kids to lolas at next year sa mga inmates naman - sana mataon na nasa Pinas ako :)

MarLiesTravels said...

wow! what a great experience! heartwarming! God bless you guys! :)

♥ joei said...

This is a really good way of celebrating Christmas. So fulfilling to give joy to other people during this time of the year :) Keep it up!

m@noy en nin@y said...

parang me bukol sa lalamunan ko habang binabasa ko to! Galing mo naman chyng!!! Kudos for the success of this outreach... sana mas dumami pa ang ganitong project mo at mas madami ding magvolunteer tumulong!

honestly I've never tried outreach program before lolz di ko alam pano eh, basta abot na lang ko ng donation pag me nanghihihingi lolz.

Galing galing talaga!!!

chris said...

wow! galeng mo.sana mainspire lahat ng may resources to help din .keep it up

suroysuroy.ta.nijo said...

..thanks for the inspiration..! we had our teambuild/Christmas party in a charity home for abandoned children..too bad they won't allow photos of children to be exposed anywhere else except their site.. ag hirap i-blog.. hehe.. thanks again...

Robbie said...

Ang cute ng mga lola!!! <3

Next year ulit Chyng ha! Congrats ulit! :D

jhengpot said...

nakakataba naman ito ng puso.

sa totoo kapag nakakakita ako ng matanda na namamalimos sa daan, naaawawa ako, triple pa sa mga bata sa lansangan. Siguro dahil sa tuwing gayon ay naiisip ko ang mga magulang ko. Na paano kung sila yun. Basta.. Ang galing niyo naman, gusto ko din tumulong at sumama! pramis!

jhengpot mula sa heaven :)

Karla said...

Congrats Chyng on a successful outreach. :) Yan pala ang nabanggit mo sa Girltalk. Nakakataba talaga ng puso na makita ang mga elderly na appreciated nila ang pagdalaw nyo. Nakakatuwa at mahilig talaga sila sa games. More outreach to come!

Advance Merry Christmas! ^__^

Ian | Going Places said...

"Now who says Christmas is only for kids? This special season is for everyone!" I agree! This is a great time to give back the blessings we received. Merry Christmas, Chyng!

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

galing naman chyng, very meaningful christmas party :)

Rizalenio said...

I cried reading this entry, Chyng. Kurot sa puso. God bless you more and your friends. Happy holidays!

Sendo said...

miss my lola T_T ayos na christmas outreach

Anonymous said...

Hello. This is really great and heart warming. This Friday, we will also have a visit in Bahay ni Maria. I hope mag enjoy din ang mga Lola. BTW, Christopher Estacion is my high school batchmate. Good job Bro!

Thanks, Naldo.

Chyng said...

^ you're right! sya nga si Boss Chris.

good luck and have fun on Friday.

Ed said...

kaya naman pala nakalikom (naks nakalikom talaga?) ka ng 75K! hehehe.

masaya kasi you're giving time to others. galing nito chyng, dapat sa susunod, makasama ako sa outreach projects mo. :D

Pinoy Wandering Boy said...

Kakabilib naman kayo, Chyng. Naalala ko 'yung Bahay ni Lola sa QC, not sure kung yun nga ang name pero andun yung mga lola na biktima ng pang-aabuso ng mga Hapon.

Vanessa Lingan said...

sama ako ate chyng. hahah:)))

Yedy Calaguas said...

wow this is very inspiring! :)

docgelo said...

maligayang pasko, chyng!

sheena said...

Very nice and inspiring thing to do..keep it up!

antonio said...

Hi! can i ask the contact details of "bahay ni maria", im planning to donate something.. >>>heres my no.: 09275632419 --- hoping for your response. thanks

Chyng said...

bahay ni maria contact number - (049) 8343217

Hannah said...

Hi Chyng! I am organizing an outreach on the day of my birthday (Aug. 25). :) I frequent this post to get ideas, hope you don't mind. You're invited ha and even your readers. Hope to see you there. Here's the link to my FB note about this: https://www.facebook.com/notes/hannah-ba%C3%B1aga/my-birthday-wish/10151028110936031

Melanie Branzuela said...

Gusto ko sumama :-)

Funtastic ang blog mo ^_^ I so love it. Tambay ako lagi dito sa blog mo! haha love ko din kasi magtravel ;) Keep it up. God bless.


rapunSEL said...

nkakatouch naman po ito. kaht late ko na nabasa. gsto ko dn sana matry to, hopefully s bday ko. hehe.

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