Feel the Touch of Midas (a Staycation at Midas Hotel)

There's no better time to stay in a hotel than having a staycation while the establishment is new. Recently opened ones usually tries to leave a good first impression to every guest. That's why while Midas Hotel is still fresh, Rob and I grabbed the chance to be one of the first guests to experience its luxurious touch.

Another staycation sponsored by Rob and Deal Dozen promo. An Executive Room voucher only costs P5,500 - inclusive of buffet breakfast for 2. That's over 50% off the regular price.

Midas Hotel is located in the heart of Roxas Boulevard. This boutique hotel is a few minutes drive from the airport, LRT & MRT stations, Manila Bay, and SM Mall of Asia. Very strategic location indeed.

Hotel Midas Lobby

Making a reservation and checking in after we arrived were both effortless. The lobby may not be as grand compared to those 5-star hotels but it was pleasing to the eyes. There's more space and less items around. Nonetheless, every item looks expensive and elegant. Im not into fashion and interior design so pardon me if I dont understand the concept they're trying to imply.

it's always a delight whenever Rob is home! ^_^

mint green chairs and irregular shaped carpet

dazzling and modern chandelier

Surprisingly, Hotel Midas seems fully booked. I saw lots of Koreans and Japanese nationals in the lobby. Good news for our tourism if that's the case.

okay, so those are Hermes boxes.
and so?

comment lang: welcome drinks are supposed to be served, not claimed

So far, we're liking this hotel. After spending a little time in the lounge, we're ready to check out our room.

not a good choice of plants, what do you think?

the elevator buttons on the left side are not working
we thought we're handed a wrong key card

After figuring out the buttons on the right were functional, we finally had a first glimpse on the 9th floor. Though not well ventilated, the hallway looks classy.

printed hallway

photo op time
after hearing horror stories about self photography infront of mirrors, takot na ko gawin to..

our room is next to the Executive Lounge, yay!

With all our heart, we thought our room will be also as chic and elegant as the lobby, hallway, and furniture. Yeah it is good, but not great.

Executive Room at Midas Hotel

The room looks not so clean to start with. It looks like they're still on soft opening stage. I found a strand of hair and a little piece of wood in my bed.

twin beds
im not a fan of ultra soft pillows but im expecting these beds to be ultra clean at least

The bathroom is a different story. Smells fresh and fully cleaned. I like the design too.

modern and stylish bathroom
with fresh and soft towels

with branded fragrant toiletries

I found this electronic weighing scale.. The result spells D-I-E-T.

eekk, im close to being overweight!
at ang chakka ng paa ko! lol

Obviously, Im showcasing my toe nails. I got so amazed with that cracking nail polish. Ang galing! And here's the nail art in my finger.

nail art sticker! 1st time to try it.

me: 50 pesos bili ko sa sticker set na yan, tama lang ba yung presyo?
manicurista: bente lang yan.

Moving on..
Here's a continuation of the photo op of our room.

there's an office desk with the standard pen, paper, etc.

inside one of the cabinets is the mini refrigerator

pasalubong galore
thank you Rob sa pashmina, i like it!

it's not very hard to notice that the furniture drills are not well done
none of my business, but at least they should have make it look unnoticeable

i called the room service because they forgot to place some slippers in the cabinet
slippers were delivered to our room right away

Anyway, our room has its own veranda. Could have been a good place to view Roxas Boulevard. But it could just really be better if the veranda itself is clean.

eeww! did they forget to clean this place?

We could have wished to be transferred to a cleaner room but we opted not to. Keri na. Ayoko maging branded as choosy. ^_^ For all we know, all rooms have this same dirty spots. Hehe

The good thing is the free wifi. Not too good about it is the signal gets weak as we go farther to the door. So here we are, seated near the door!

for the sake of free wifi ^_^

I got bored and started to do crazy things. Here's one.

who's that girl?
horror version

Gutom lang yan I know! LOL
We seriously considered to try Midas Buffet. Regular dinner rate is P1,300 something per head. Since we dont have any discounted vouchers with us, we checked out the buffet spread first and tried to convince ourselves that this dinner will be worth the price.

We saw sushi's and sashimi's, some dumplings, roasted turkey in the carving station, and not so remarkable items (at least for me). The cereal prawn dish could be promising but they looked dry. I was craving for some real good rib eye steak and prawn tempura that night, but there was none. So there, we both agreed to skip Cafe Midas buffet. Maybe some other time, with the use of discounted vouchers para sulit.

lucky us, MoA is just 5 mins away!

We ended up dining at Jatujak. Once again, I liked it. (hingi ako pics kay Rob)

city lights at night

Come next morning, before I headed to the office, Rob and I indulged on the complimentary buffet breakfast.

Cafe Midas breakfast

Buffet spread was just right. There are many viands, this spread could pass for lunch buffet.

cold cuts and smoked salmon

feasting on cheese

salads, cereals, fruit juice, milk

breads of many kinds

Aside from these, Cafe Midas also serves noodles, congee, fried rice, bacon, sweet and sour fish, beef tapa, chicken dish, etc. There's fruits and a few desserts too.

We chose to sit in the couch near the window. Table setup looks good and the color combination looks pleasing. But again dirty spots in the table are very noticeable.

pleasant to the eyes dining setp

but the cleaning lady missed to clean some spots.

Here's what I got:

pancake with mango and syrup


egg omelet, bacon, cheesy ensaymada, cheese, and some asparagus

cereals with milk, yogurt, and four seasons

To be fair, every item I got tasted yummy. All the staff are very attentive and accommodating as well.

Overall, our staycation at Midas Hotel is good but not that great. I appreciate that the rooms and furniture are new, all the staff are nice, and the food is good. Much better if the pool and casino are already both operational. Most of all, if they're really trying to impress, then they should clean all spots thoroughly. As they say "you never get a second to make a first impression."

Midas Hotel
2702 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines
Reservation: info@midashotelandcasino.com
Telephone: +632 902.0100
Mobile: +632 917.5977869

47 responses:

Chyng said...

i admire people who can laugh at themselves as well. nobody's perfect, come on! =)

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Araw-araw ako dumadaan dyan... may areas nga na madumi... hehehe!!!

I think its proximity to Japanese embassy makes it a favorite among Japanese...

Sumi Go said...

Oooh.. Sayang nga they didn't clean the place thoroughly.. >.< But in fairness, natakam ako sa breakfast buffet spread nila ah! :)

Diamond R said...

Naiintindihan ko ang brother ko managing a hotel kasi napakahigpit niya sa pag dating sa standard ng hotel.di pwedi ang mga may mga buhok or dust.

iamjenniya said...

Wow naman Chyng. Kakagutom naman. Food blogger ka na rin.

kg said...

hey rob, asan ang pasalubong ko? :)

yung mga halaman, baka patubo pa lang...bago pa lang yung hotel eh! haha!

Manila Girl said...

Grabe! Pareho tayo lagi ng binibiling vouchers, Chyng! Haha. Mga kuripot. :-P The BF and I just spent a weekend at Midas! But our voucher was from Metro Deal and we weren't as sosy as you guys, our room was a Deluxe. Like you we weren't so impressed with the room. I'll post a review soon (or not-so-soon dahil tamad :-P).

pusang kalye said...

ang classy ng hallway!!!anu yun--ilaw yung mga accent na yun? bat di ventilated? mainit pa at walang erkon? yun din naisip ko.kunwari kahit 5k lang yan kung wl namang magawang iba kundi kain at tulog parang di parin worth it. buti me balcony view ha.:D

MarLiesTravels said...

the interiors look nice! sana mag-improve lang sa cleanliness :)

dong ho said...

nadadaan ko to halos araw araw. talagang bilib ako sa mga staycation mo.

bihira kasi ako sa mga hotels within the metro. dito mo pala nakuha yung scary shot.

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Dito pala kuha ang iyong ipad scary shot hehe :D

Hmmmm.... sana mabasa ng Midas Hotel officers ito so they can do something about the cleanliness. anyway, bago pa naman sila. There's always a room for improvement :D

Aprub sa akin yung breakfast buffet ha. Kung maka-tyamba din ako ng deal, gogora akez ditey with gay friends <3

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I first heard about this hotel when Pacquiao came back from his recent boxing win - dito yata sila nag-stay. Pero honestly, I don't like the name of the hotel kasi it's too cheesy.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

akin nlng yung Hermes boxes. lol i like the interiors,looks posh. sarap ng foods. kakainngit mga trips mu chyng! :)

gillboard said...

ang OC naman pagdating sa hygiene. wala akong makitang madumi dun sa picture. lol

but great critique of the hotel. feeling ko, nakapagcheck in din ako dun.

diba may buffet din sila ngayon?

michi said...

ikaw na ang may friend na mahilig magsponsor. san kaya ko makakahanap niyan. hehe!

mukhang ok ang buffet breakfast.

Berylle Kaye Hong said...

It always feels good to eat breakfast sa hotels. Parang ang relaxing lg ng feeling..
Wow they have smoked salmon for breakfast! :)

khantotantra said...

chandelier pa lang... wow.

kakaiba ayung carpet na parang goo na ewan shape. hehehe.

ginutom ako sa foods. :p

Ed said...

ikaw na ang Queen of all Hotels, Chyng! lol :D

Goryo said...

Ang-ganda nmn jan sa Midas. Ilang alkansiya kaya ang dapat kong punuin bago ako makapunta jan? Bka nmn ung alkansya ko nung bata at hanggang ngayon pwede na sa pinaka-econo-room nila jan..

hmmm.. pero teka.. diba ang Midas yun yung sinusuot bago isuot ang sapatos?

Ed said...

ikaw na ang Queen of all Hotels, Chyng! lol :D

sometimes kim & sometimes mj said...

oh no, the cleanliness is a huge issue!

m@noy en nin@y said...

hi chyng ganda ng nails!!! mahilig din ako mag nail polish especially every travel namin! Sa divi merong 35php na cracked nail polish and nail stickers ay 5php lang lolz.

anyways nakakainggit dami mo na napuntahang hotel! Ikaw na ang swerte parating libre!!!!

vin said...

hotel hopping ba ito? great review. hope they could be more hygienic

Anonymous said...

Hi Chyng, I stayed in Midas din a few months ago during their soft opening, wala pa yung rugs sa lobby at that time and wala rin kaming welcome drinks (dahil nga siguro dapat pa siyang i-claim) nevertheless panalong-panalo sa kin ang Midas for their breakfast buffet, their presentation is really awesome and na-gaga ko sa cheese and bread sections.

Photo Cache said...

those one night stays are really refreshing and reenergizing. i just bought a voucher for a 4-star spa resort for 50% off. i have reservations for february :)

i had claimed the supposed free welcome drinks too. sometimes, they are just busy.

Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera said...

nakaka miss mag stay sa hotel.. gustong gusto ko yun breakfast buffet sa hotel daming pagpipilian.. sana makapag check in uli ako sa Crown plaza or taal vista..

Ian | Going Places said...

For me, the amenities are worth it... mahal nga sya eh... Pero good for mid-range splurge spenders. The breakfast buffet seems to serve tasty food!

blissfulguro said...

chyng = queen of hotel stays! :)

lakwatsera de primera said...

Parang ganito din experience namin dati sa Marriott Hotel nung bago soft opening nya, hindi pumasa sa taste nung lady boss ko nung nag check-in kami dati. Medyo maalikabok at di gaano kalinis yung room.

Kath said...

crackle nail polish!! :)

Rizalenio said...

By the looks of the chairs and carpets (napansin ko pa yon?), the design is french. Ako na ang designer? Hahaha.

Kimerald ang peg ng shot sa door. I got kilig. Chyrob kayo for me. :) Welcome back to Pinas, Rob.

Happy Holidays!

♥ joei said...

Thanks for sharing yournexperience and taking lots of pics. Wanted to stay there, too :) Kaya lang eew to the dirty bed (hair strand??)

empi said...

parang ang sarap ng cereals...

ardee sean said...

ganda naman jan.. saka ang food, wala ng diet-dietan.. :)

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

nakaka-bother nga ang picture mo girl hahah! nakita ko to sa FB nung isang araw dito pala yun. hihi! parang napakaganda nga ng interior niya e. well mukang marami kang poot dito a. Mahirap ka na talaga i-please. sabagay, sino ba ang magkakagusto sa marumi? ^_^

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

parang trip ko pumunta diyan....

RON | fliptravels.com said...

ang taray ng kuko!
anong sinabi ni paris hilton?

i love the hermes shelf.
sarap lagyan ng mga books ni monette at porn dvd'd ko. choz

Mitch said...

parang kaw lang tlga sa mga bloggers ang may instant access sa mga new hotels noh. hehe..lucky ka talaga! sayang your total verdict to this hotel is not "great"...

Hoobert the Awesome said...

I've heard about this place na. Medyo matagal na nga so I wonder kung bakit nago-open pa lang. HAHAHA. I just find it weird. Na-feature na rin siya sa Urban Zone. And na-impress ako dun. I like the interiors. Pero yung lobby lang maalala ko. Hahaha.

Pero ngayon seeing the pics, nakaka-disappoint naman. Tsk. Ang dumi nga! Haha. Kung Tita ko yan, ewan ko na lang. Reklamo galore. Hahaha.

Anyway ate, 85/50 BP mo? Yan ba normal mo po?

Anonymous said...

Galing ng pagkakuha... even though the place is not so clean, it looks exquisite thru your lens! :)

Anonymous said...

They serve JW in the minibar and showcase Bvlgari in the bathroom but their fridge shows San Miguel. Patriotic kahit nagtitipid :) That strand of hair is ok. I ate at a 5-star hotel in Australia and found hair on my steak. I guess walang perfect na bansa hehehe. Nice read again!

mozilla said...

ms chyng, nice experience you had but one thing ive noticed...the bed...hindi maganda yung pag kakatuck ng comforter sa bed (mukha pa ngang magulo eh...)...sensya na masyado maselan ako jan since i had a housekeeping training in one of the 5 star hotels...and midas claimed to be 5 star hotel? tas may nakita ka ba na mga strands? it's one of the rules in the housekeeping dept na dapat walang ganyan...

anyway, nice photo you had...natakam na naman ako sa buffet shots mo... :)

jeniffer said...

gandang review naman yan para sa midas hotel.. infairness sobrang napa wow ako sa hotel nila.. at talagang nagpunta kayo jan para lang ma experience yang hotel na yan ah.. wow bongga ka.. anyway super thanks for sharing.. nice photos..

Axel said...

Hmmm, more improvement pa pala... But for the things na nakita nyo tingin ko medyo pricy yung room..

Lloyd Lost Boy said...

For some reason, this post made me smile, and it's not because I love staycations too. Now I really could see why you have a lot of readers. :)

Chiz Mozo said...

Dapat pala sa umaga ko binasa ang post na to :) nagutom kasi ako at patulog na para kumain pa.

Parang kulang nga ang selection nila sa buffet. Di sulit sa 1,300 :)

ABJ said...

Hi, Chyng, u got a nice blog site for your adventures... been buying coupons too from Metrodeal , etc.. and been to Midas Hotel.. I find it a nice hotel and, yes, we have to take advantage of their low rates while they are still in construction stage in some areas. Love their Bulgari branded toiletries...

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