A Visit in The Mind Museum | The Fort, Taguig

One of my goals before I leave my current work at The Fort, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig is to visit The Mind Museum. Since I always pass by this very noticeable structure everyday, I promised myself to be one of the first guests on its official opening day on March 16.

..that didn't happened though. I got so delighted to have the chance to visit The Mind Museum on its soft opening. Actually since last month, I've already seen a lot of kids who had their field trip in The Mind Museum. Anyway, thanks to Mr. Winston / Globe for my complimentary ticket, and to my boss Chris for allowing me to go in the museum even if I just came in the office. ^_^

Science Comes Alive @The Mind Museum

Journey of Wonder

The Mind Museum is the Philippines' first world-class science museum. It is planned to have over 250 interactive exhibits (some are still under development) that will erase the notion that science is cold, boring and unapproachable. - BGC

and with Aedi the robot, learning science will be more fun

Five main galleries: the story of the Universe, the story of an Atom, the story of Life, Earth, and Technology.

The Story of the Atom
The Atom Gallery is the gallery with the most number of interactive exhibits. It will contain the very elemental forces that are so familiar that we take them for granted – gravity and electromagnetism. It will present the counter-intuitive quantum world which resembles nothing in the ordinary, everyday experience, yet serves as the basis for much of the technology we find so common and take for granted – computers, mobile phones, lasers, and many medical technologies. - BGC

The Story of Life
The Life Gallery is the gallery which feature’s the defining exhibit of the museum: The Human Brain. The gallery will feature the exuberance of a living planet in all its forms. It will feature the various habitats that nurture an astonishing number and kinds of organisms. This gallery will also feature the inner spaces that inhabit this life in the form of molecules called DNA. - BGC

The Story of The Universe

The Universe Gallery will showcase humankind’s wondrous fascination with outer space, and will include the mini-planetarium. It will feature exhibits that will show how all of life, as we know it now, found its atomic beginnings in the stars in space. It will enfold visitors in the fundamental elements and forces that are at play in the universe. It will also include wondrous images from the Hubble Space Telescope as well as a graphic history of humankind’s quest into other parts of the solar system.

The Story of The Earth
The Earth Gallery will feature the first T-REX exhibit in the country along with other unique exhibits that will focus on the earth and nature. Knowing natural history is the way we can educate museum visitors on how long it took the planet to give us what we now inhabit. The Earth Gallery will feature natural history from 4.6 billion years ago.

The Story of Technology as of this writing, this is still nearing completion
At 680 sqm, this is the largest of all the galleries, and is the only exhibition space on the second level, overlooking the other four galleries. Its centrepiece, The Human Face of Technology – a 360° screen showing a constantly updated video of stories told by people about their favorite technologies and why they love them.
This gallery presents technology not as a mere tool, gadget, or industrial advancement but as means to flesh out human values, to help us become better humans. Thus, the gallery is divided into five major themes with each theme occupying a Node. The themes of the Nodes are: How We Live, Who We Are, How We Know, How Things Work, and Here to There.

The Mind Museum is an educational and enjoyable place to learn. Surely everyone, not just kids, will gain more knowledge- in a fun way. By the way, there are Mind Movers inside. Each exhibit is designed to be discovered on its own, but for those who would like a mind moving experience, the Mind Movers are available to give guided tours of the centerpieces of each gallery. A little feedback though, the management should label which exhibit are allowed to touch and which are not. The guards were having a hard time to remind some kids about touching a particular exhibit.

Overall, it was worth visiting. Im glad that we finally have something like this in the Philippines. The youngsters are very lucky to have a field trip in this world class science museum. When I was young, either sa Manila Zoo or Picnic Grove lang ang fieldtrip. Haha Anyway I will bring Draco, my 2-y/o pamangkin, once he begins schooling. Baka di nya pa ma-appreciate ngayon. ^_^

The Mind Museum
28th Street Corner 3rd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines

contact: tel. 909-6463
email: inquiry@themindmuseum.org

The Mind Museum Ticket Prices
Adults - P600 | Private School Students - P450 | Public School Students - P150 | Teachers - P150

Time Slots
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. | 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. | 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. |6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.(no guide)

The Mind Musuem - Location Map
it's less than 200m from our office building

How to commute: Alight at Ayala MRT station. Exit at the opposite side of Glorietta. Walk towards the BGC shuttle terminal. Ride The Fort shuttle - West route. Alight at Net One / NetSquare Bus Stop.
Parking: there are lots of parking areas around the Mind Museum
Eat: As of this writing, there are no fastfood inside the museum, but Jollibee, Red Ribbon, Chowking, Pizza Hut are just along the 31street. To add, Burgos Circle (may Serenitea branch dito!) is just along 2nd avenue too.

Pyromusical 2012 | Finland and Portugal

This year's much awaited Pyromusical Competition already started 3 weeks ago, but it's only last weekend that I've got the time to watch the spectacular fireworks display at SM Mall of Asia. I know Finland and Portugal performances never got raves as of last year- pero deadma na! Last weekend lang talaga ako free manood.

For the record, I purchased Gold Tickets worth P150, thanks to Ensogo the original price is slashed into half. And since I wanted to have a good spot in the breakwater area, Penggay and I where already queuing as early as 4pm.

walang S kasi isa lang siya ^_^

Anyway, for those who wants a comfortable & decent spot + food, you may avail the restaurants with best views of the pyromusical competition.

Veranda / Bay Restaurants in MoA with view of the Fireworks
Rate varies from P400-P1,200 per person

Ground Floor: Bo's Coffee,Avenetto, Seattle's Best, Cafe Breton, Bed Scene, La Mesa Grill, Marina, Gweilos, David's Tea House, Gerry's Grill, Don Henrico's, TGIFriday's, Fish & Co., The Creamery, Racks, Yakimix, Mongolian Rice Bowls, Coffee Bean, Ebun, Cafe Mediterranean

Second Floor: Abe, Red Mango, Tajimaya, Cafe Adriatico, Gumbo, Hongkong Emperor, Jatujak, Pepper Lunch, Tanabe, Healthy Shabu-Shabu, Italliani's

Bay Area: Starbucks, Giligan's, Padi's Point, Vikings, Buffet 101, Icebergs

but for photo-enthusiasts, the best spot to shoot is still the breakwater area
an unobstructed part

So much for the tips, here are my not-so-good fireworks shots. I wish I have an UWA lens to capture a wider range.

Both Finland's and Portugal's performances were average. I've seen most of those techniques last year. Finland's music didn't really connect to the Pinoy audience, but the performance is good enough. I was just expecting a grand finale. Like last year, Portugal fired a lot. Hindi lang sync sa music. ^_^ Also, Portugal's music transition is so amateur! Sayang kasi ang lively pa naman and the crowd was enjoying the retro songs like Great Balls of Fire and Let's Twist Again.

Nevertheless, fireworks are one of my simplest pleasures. Needless to say, Im happy I came to witness it and be part of the thousands of spectators in MoA.

Pyromusical 2012 Schedule
click the image to enlarge

Ticket Prices and Seat Plan
click the image to enlarge

For the record, you can watch the pyromusical for free. No one will prohibit you to look up in the sky. But dear readers, this is a pyromusical competition. You need to hear the music to appreciate the performance.

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