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Last February 1, 2012 - I received a retrenchment letter. Half of the employees in my company signed the promising retrenchment package, including myself. So yes, I will be jobless effective March 31st. (for the record, hindi ako naghahanap ng trabaho sa ngayon..)

For our farewell trip, my dear officemates planned a trip to Baler! Ang yaman di ba, magiging jobless na nga, todo gastos pa din. Thank you to my boss who sponsored our transpo and food.
*picture heavy post
Day 1: Surf and Taste Baler
Genesis JoyBus is really a joy to everyone who wishes to go to Baler. This bus has comfy and reclining seats, with pillows/blanket,snacks, wifi on board, with restroom, and with a very jolly stewardess.

direct trip from Cubao to Baler (without stopovers)
Genesis JoyBus - P695 per way
reservation / contact number: 709.0545 / 709.0544

comfy seat with pillow, blanket, and refreshment for each passenger

We left Cubao at 12:30am and before daylight at 5:30am, we arrived in Sabang, Baler. We took a tricycle to our accommodation which is Amco Beach Resort. This is not a beachfront and luxury resort - but for the price of P2,150 for 7 persons - I can refer this place to anyone, specially on peak seasons when beachfront resorts are fully booked.

Amco Beach Resort
the only place where we found available rooms

triple room at Amco
P950 for this decent room with aircon + hot&cold shower

the boys' quarter
quadruple sharing room for P1,100

Good enough although the place is quite a walk from the surfing lessons area. We only paid P2,150 and the Amco staff let us check in as early as 5:30am.

After settling down and a quick breakfast, we headed to beach right away. Excited lang. ^_^

brand new day in Baler

surf lesson + board for P350/hr

I noticed the waves in Baler are more fierce than those in La Union. I got excited to see the swell, ang laki ng alon. Pero nakakatakot.

batang baler - doing some stunts

Rick and Arpee effortlessly learned to surf right away. May future kayo ha, eto gawin nyong trabaho after March 31.

batang baler Rick

batang baler 2 - Arpee

yabangers! ^_^

While some managed to stand up right away, I had a hard time doing it. Parang ang hirap, na-ooverwhlemd ako sa laki ng waves. There were times that the waves turned my board upside down. It almost hit my instructor's head. Anyway, after some time, I finally managed to ride the waves. Wee!

effortless surfing as my instructor pushed me against the waves

finally, a long ride!
kunyare ang galing ko dyan.. ^_^

sulit na sulit ang rashguard na to!

Here's how to surf, the newbie way:

gif maker online

thanks Arpee for these continuous shots

Baler waves are huge compared to those in La Union. It's better to learn to surf in Baler, not to mention the fact that it is cheaper. =)

surfing the big waves in Baler

After we had a great surfing time, it's time to eat. We had our early lunch at Bay Inn's. Prices are very reasonable and the dishes are good.

sizzling plate - P75
tokwa't baboy - P140
nachos with meat sauce - P80
sisig - P120

We surfed in the afternoon too. Adik lang. ^_^
Since Rodel, my surfing instructor, offered a tour around Baler, we made a deal with him for our next day activity.

Day 2: Trek and Swim
At 7:30am, we started our journey to Ditumabo Falls, also called the Mother Falls in San Luis, Baler.

Rodel - 0948.311.6033
P500 per tricycle

The ride took 40mins to the drop off point. We registered our names and off we go to the falls.
I never imagined this trail would be very refreshing. Sure there were slippery and steep spots, but it was a good adventure to reach the falls.

Let me show you the refreshing trail.

ang manager kong pogi ^_^
ponkan na ponkan ang peg

After the fun and easy adventure trail, we finally reached the majestic Dimutabo Falls. It was awesome.

ang ginaw!

Next stop: Balete Tree in Maria Aurora
Around 30 mins ride and we reached the largest Balete tree. Some also call this as the Millennium Tree.

hanging out in the Balete Tree

There are some more spots to see in Baler but we chose to go back to Amco. After a quick and cheap lunch at Cusina de Baler, we hurried back to our hotel and prepared our things for our return trip to Manila. It was a very fun weekend getaway with officemates. Hope this wont be the last. Cheers! Ü

baler expenses

chris: alam mo chyng pagkasama ka, napapamura kami.
rick: oo nga, napapamura - natuto kaming magsabi ng "pakshet ka, gago ka, punyeta ka.."
me: hahaha! toinks! ^_^

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Chyng said...

di uso ang installment blogging. all out lahat in one post ^_^

..excited to blog about basilan and tawi tawi eskapo!

Coby_Hunt said...
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Ryan Mach I Pinoy Wandering Boy said...

Re: waves, I heard otherwise. I've been to La Union with a friend who's been to Baler. She said the waves were much bigger compared with Baler's. But I guess it has something to do with the season. We went to La Union around November.

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc. said...

now im fall inlove in baler...
ang waves.... ang sarap mag surf....
tas ang food ang mura....

Kol Me Empi said...

Ganda! Ganda!

Yong expenses...yakang yaka! Ayos!

Nicole said...

awww! d bale, madali ka namang makakahanap ng work. ;)

Gusto ko din matry magsurf!!! Inggit much. :(

abeng said...

yun ang gusto ko saiyo chyng eh hindi installment ang mga post.hindi nakakabitin basahin, pakiss nga

bisayangmanlalakbay said...

wow baler, nice post ms chyng. gusto kong pumunta this April. Thanks for sharing.

michi said...

parang hindi ko feel magpose sa balete. hehe!

blissfulguro said...

sus! trek lang pala eh...hehehe...

i wanna surf na din! :)

Ray for En Route said...

Waaaaah! I wanna go to Baler already :(

Ok din yung 5 hour trip ah. Not bad :) If may sarili kang surfboard, do you know if pwede siya dalhin sa bus (kahit may extra charge ok lang hehe).

La Union has been a regular place for us (You will see sa blog puro La Union restos, resorts, at pictorials :P ) but given the road works there now, I am good with Baler. And for 5 hours on a bus (or kahit mag-drive ako), this is great :D

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Woot Chyng! Wala ka na work by March 31? Eh di makakatravel na tayo ng April? Hihi

So dun talaga ako na-excite eh LOL :P

To be honest, wala sa Top 10 or Top 10 must visit Philippine Destinations ko ang Baler. Akala ko surfing lang pwedeng gawin dun pero mukhang ok din ang nature tripping ah :D The bus looks comfy rin. Will take note of this one lalo na hindi siya ganun ka-expensive as I thought it was

Pinoy Adventurista said...

So, more time to travel now? hhehee!!! Work na maghahanap sayu nyan... go go go lang and enjoy! :)

I super miss Baler and Aurora province itself! super daming pwedeng gawin... di pa ako nakapunta ng Dicasalarin cove... yun ang gusto ko puntahan dyan pagbalik ko... :)

ardee sean said...

saya saya naman jan, chyng.. sa bus pa lang, joy na ang bigay.. hehe tapos ang ganda ng brand new day pagdating ng baler.. meron din pala surfing jan at saka ang taas ng falls.. ganda.. :P

Nathelle said...

Nice Chyng! Pupunta kami diyan ng ibang college friends ko this May. Sana ganyan kabait din ang waves :)

At ang ganda ng falls! Isasama ko sa IT namin ang pagpunta diyan. :) Thanks for sharing!

kim buenafe said...

wow! three fun activities in one trip! sayaaa! im looking forward to go to baler anytime soon.

Ian | Going Places said...

Baler is a nice place for workmates bonding... sad, for the retrenchment you had. I experience the same in 2009. It’s the saddest day of my career life.

Badet said...

Unfair! When we went to Baler, wala pang Joybus ang Genesis. The pregnant me had to bear with the bumpy ride.

Parang gusto ko ulit tuloy bumalik because of that bus.

Ichan said...

Nice post po. Ngayun narerealize ko na andami ko pa tlgang nde napupuntahan d2 sa Pilipinas. Hope you could find a job pero habang wala pa go lng ng go! Waiting for your Basilan and Tawi-Tawi post =)

khantotantra said...

Masarap mag surf sa baler, though di ko sya nagawa kasi walang tamang board para sa biggie size na tulad ko. Mismatch yung nakuha kong surf board. lols

Ei, share ko link ng post mo, my friend akong nagbabalak mag baler. Thanks. :D

Photo Cache said...

bilib nga ako sa iyo, di uso ang installment.

ang saya naman ng outing. sorry to hear about your job. pahinga muna ang eksena mo?

Dea said...

Chyng, pwede ba mag-aral magsurf sa Baler if hindi marunong lumangoy?

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

tiyak ang balete tree na iyan lampas ng 100 years....

docgelo said...

ang husay ng continuous shots when you're surfing!
i like the photo on balete tree too!

ps : what's wrong with installment blogging?

jeanny said...

ayos to ah....a not so expensive trip. Pwede...

michymichymoo said...

Where planning to go there this summer. :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

wow...astig toh...pede for a weekend office namin ni ichan gusto mo magapply...btw..kaofficemate si ai (buhayprinsesa)...para kami naman maiiinvite mo pgmeron ka gala..^_^

Diamond R said...

ang galing naman ng bus na ang mura lang talaga ang expenses niyo sa trip na panalo ang surfing photos mo.

gillboard said...

may nagyaya sakin pumunta dyan this weekend. kaya lang di ko pa kaya lumabas ngayon. di pa ako beach body. LOL

pero honestly, after seeing this, medyo nagsisi ako at tumanggi ako sumama.


Ms. Chuniverse said...

Nice! para lang kayong mga dwende sa puno ng balete. cute! :)

Rizalenio said...

Thanks for this, Chyng. Shared this to my friends. Hope matuloy kami. Beriberi nice photos. :)

MarLiesTravels said...

in fairness, you look like a pro on that surfboard =p
..sobrang ganda ng falls!
what an awesome vacay!
more trips muna before maghanap ulit ng work? hehe!

Gracie said...

Fun escape! Creepy yung balite tree pero nakakatuwa kayo tingnan.

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

hahah! natawa ako sa last portion. Nakaka-miss din mag travel with officemates.

ikaw na ang humuhusay gurl.. ayoko muna sa baler. baka sa laki kong to malamon pa rin ako ng waves. bonggang bongga. Hindi ko alam na may falls dun. hihihi! pag baler kasi puro waves lang ang nakikita ko. thanks for this! I love waterfalls now.

marxtermind said...

San ka bumili ng rash guard mo?

Chyng said...

^ it's a gift. di ko binili.
speedo yung brand, mejo mahal.

Mitch said...

Sulit nga naman ang rashguard dahil u were able to learn! Ganda ng falls parang my kuryente lang! Hehe..parang yung sa Katibawasan Falls. Been there lang recently. hehe. After mag surf, sarap lumamon! hehehe

Traveling Morion said...

Na excite aq sa bus chyng;) anyway dami tawa sa last sentence post hahaha napapamura tlga

Sumi Go said...

Love the photos! Feel na feel ko na ang summer!!! :D Wish I can go to Baler soon and learn surfing. Hanggang internet surfing lang alam ko eh.. haha.. XD And thanks for posting the expenses breakdown.. ;)

Theonoski said...

chyng! my gash! i was just talking to your friend (na kasama mo sa last trip mo(guess who, lol)) about baler and was thinking to do a research about the place and viola!complete guide to baler with cost. thank you!thank you!

Me, my Lens and my Stories said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm not really a travel blogger but I will definitely check your blogs everytime para me guide ako s mga lakad ko! Thanks!

McRICH said...

nainggit na naman ako sayo dahil gusto ko ring pumunta ng baler para magsurfing :) mukhang mas challenging nga sya sa la union & zambales no!

edelweiza said...

very informative post...biglang gusto ko na tuloy pumunta ng baler...gusto ko rin matutong magsurf. parang kayo. hehe. :)

eril said...

Hi. Pupunta ako sa Sabang, Baler this April and fully booked na lahat ng resorts, huhu. Then may nakita ako na SEA BREEZE LODGE.

Question, would you know kung malapit lang din ba siya or kahilera ng bay's inn, bayler, bahia, etc... or if beach front ito? last resort ko na kasi to eh hehe.


- eril

Chyng said...

^ hi!

hindi beach front sabi ng ofismate ko.

adventurousfeet said...

namiss ko naman tong baler sa post mo! :)

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