Staycation at Dusit Thani Manila

And just like that, April is almost over. 3 trips, 20 days on the road, and 30 days of being unemployed. It's definitely a well spent and sulit summer!

Anyway, it's time for another staycation slash pre-birthday celebration post. Originally, Rob (my hotel-hopper buddy) and I planned to experience some luxury ski holidays in a premiere beach and we're dreaming wide awake of course. Seriously, we planned to stay at The Farm in Batangas, but unfortunately, due to some reasons, we ended up at Dusit Thani Manila. A good choice I say after I underestimated this hotel.

checking-in was subtle and quick

I love the feel of this hotel. It has this unique charm and a very warm Thai hospitality.

the lounge at Dusit Thani Manila

and the staff just delivered our refreshment with grace

I wasn't really expecting a lot from this international hotel chain because this has been operating for some years now. Luckily, we gave it a try. The Grand Room in Dusit Thani was nothing but grand.

a very spacious bedroom

an equally (or more) spacious living area

two bathrooms (for convenience)

with bathtub, of course

and a lot of luxurious toiletries

We love this spacious and luxurious room though this hotel is not new at all. Compared to the newly-opened Midas Hotel, this Dusit Thani Manila is obviously well-maintained and extremely clean up to the last detail.

So how much does this Grand Room cost? Let's just say, this hotel staycation was sponsored by Rob, again. Happy happy birthday for us! =)

i just discovered i love orange tops
kahit standout yung kaitiman ko ^_^

To maximize our staycation, we chose to dine at Basix - one of the four restaurants inside Dusit Thani Manila. Honestly, I have dined 2x at Basix before but never had I've been impressed with the quality of the food. It was my least favorite when I availed the Crossover Buffet. But since we've got discounted vouchers - then it's worth another try.

this smoked salmon was great, why i have not tasted this before?

surprisingly, this rib-eye steak is tender, juicy, and yummy!
i used to rate this steak as one of the worst

this penne in cream sauce is very enjoyable to eat
i used to say their pasta dishes are so-so

these tempura and miso soup are really good as well
i've said before that their tempura are the only ones na hindi masarap

hakaw is heaven

cant get enough of the seafood, i ate this soft and buttery shells with my bare hands. sarap!

Maybe I forgot to take a photo of my Crepe with Mangoes and Ferrero plate, but I can still clearly remember how heavenly it was. Simply to die for!

I was very surprised with the quality of the buffet on my 3rd visit. Lesson learned: some things really deserved more than just a second chance. Haha Im so overwhelmed with the food that I didn't leave Basix without talking to the manager. I told him that it was my 3rd time to dine there but it was the only time I will be leaving happy and satisfied. Kudos to the team!

Rob and I went back to our room and enjoyed the freebies and strong wifi connection.

free wifi on all rooms, i like!

and i planned to create my own milk tea ^_^

I was one good sleep that we almost missed our free buffet breakfast. Sayang naman if we wont avail it so gora na agad sa Basix!

noodle soup - goody good

bacon, ham, cheese, hash brown and beans - perfect!

mango waffles, yogurt, fruits

Though I felt guilty with these food that I ate, Im already craving for another hotel dining experience now. Once in a while wont hurt naman, right? ^_^

staycation at Dusit Thani Manila

Overall, it was a great experience at Dusit Thani Manila. The location is very convenient. The service was superb. The room was spotless, not to mention there's free wifi connection. The food was surprisingly superb. Surely it surpassed our expectations. Looking forward to buy some discounted vouchers again in the future. ^_^

Rob, thank you!! Hugs and kisses to KSA from Manila!

Dusit Thani Manila
Ayala Center, 1223 Makati, Philippines
Phone +6322388880

By the way, PHL360 already revealed the 8 travelers.
If you have a minute, watch the video and you'll see me in a serious mode. Rare yan! =)

Web episodes will be shown on June 2012.

41 responses:

Chyng said...

and I need to stay home naman, for a change. ^_^

Mitch said...

Dusit is located in Makati diba. Dati, gusto ko ma exp. ang staycation sa isang may magandang view pag dunaw sa labas. Sa bagay, kung ganyan kaganda bakit pa. No need.

Sidney said...

I was there for a meeting at the lounge and I ordered a coffee... 160 pesos.
I guess luxury has a price... :)
good for the people who can afford it.

Donnie Ray said...

ay naku makapag staycation nga rin.. bigla lang ako nainggit! :)

Riz said...

natatakam ako sa food!!! Looks yummehhh!!!

Sumi Go said...

Ang bongga mo talaga ate Chyng! :D I always see Dusit Thani 'pag nasa Makati ako, but haven't tried their buffet yet nor staying there. Hopefully, soon.. :D Anyway, excited na ko sa PHL360! :D

Pinoy Adventurista said...

i haven't tried staycation... pero looks like sa toiletries pa lang, sulit na! :)

Photo Cache said...

it looks luxurious and very sleek. i like the golden/yellowish hue.

good luck on the show. who's idea was this?



@tryzane said...

Hi Ms. Chyng! I'm a big fan / reader of your blog. This blog guided me in more ways than one :D

I'll be spending my first ever staycation @ Crowne Plaza late this May for me and my beau's anniversary. Hope to have a wonderful experience like yours.. :)

I'm still a noob when blogging is concerned but you can check me out at

Looking forward to more fun and helpful reads =)


michi said...

happy birthday and congrats! nagutom naman ko sa steak. =)

khantotantra said...

ansarap mag stay sa ganyan... sosy at cozy. parang ansarap magdasal na sana dyan ako nakatira

blissfulguro said...

stay-at-home-chyng = blog worthy!

miss you much chyng!

Anonymous said...

I love your travels! How do you get a voucher for this hotel?
Ordinary rates are $200 a night -- too rich for my wallet!


docgelo said...

dusit is and will remain to be one of our favorites back home kasi naman dyan kami nag reception sa kasal 8 years ago (who care? duh! hehehe)..

i love your seafood platter.
well done with the plating, chyng!

the room's fab. wow!

sana ilibre din kami ni rob sa staycation, hahaha! *envious laugh*

hats off again to your stint with the few of the best travel bloggers from pinas. saan ba ito ipapalabas, alam mo naman spaced out ako sa nangyayari dyan. live via satellite ba ito?

tinalo ka ni dom sa pagiging serious sa video (wala naman contest, di ba? hehe).

i wish to meet robert alejandro of papelmeroti too. he's such an inspiration being an artist and a philantropist :)

docgelo said...


Untied Escape said...

Una kong napasok yung Dusit nung nag hotel visit kami as field engineer na kasama sa training namin as in house tech support, (client namin and Dusit before)then nung nag Xmas party last last last year.

Ang Mantra - dapat may hotel stay na next time! Inggit eh! haha!

Pili ka Chyng - EDSA Shang or Dusit?

i♥pinkc00kies said...

WOW! nice staycation location <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Chyng, I always read your blog. And Staycation has first been introduced to me because of this blog. Also, some hotels, buffet which I haven't heard of, I've also found in this blog. Your last photo seemed you're actually at Thailand hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

hi chyng,

im one of your readers, tanong ko lang san ka usually kumukuha ng voucher especially for staycation? ur answer will be great of help :)

kg said...

ang galing naman. i rarely stay in hotels...but when i do, i always leave feeling relaxed.

and in fairness, sa dami ng kinakain mo di ka tumataba! haha!

PS, kelan naman kaya ako ililibre ni rob? haha!

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Homaygash! Congratulations Chyng! Looking forward to your stories. Team Urban Nomad aketch! :)

michymichymoo said...

Woah, sana makakuha ako ng vouchers sa Basix soon! :)

And I love your pants, san mo nabili yan? :)

wander shugah said...

love your stripey top ate chyng! :D
and ohh ikaw na ang reyna ng mga buffet buffet na yan >.< sadly, wala yan samin or d ko lang alam hahaha! so excited about p[ihl360 din! sumeseryos mode! ganda lng! :D ingats!

Chyng said...

pants - mabibili sa 168 mall sa halagang P180 o P220 yata


ardee sean said...

worth a visit, sarap magrelax pag ganyan.. chyng, congrats sa phl360.. ;)

♥♥♥irene♥♥♥ said...

naglaway ako sa food. ang bongga! yung wifi ang love ko, kasi di lahat ng hotels dito sa manila ganyan. =)

Dylan said...

Chyng, I can only assume that you had a great time in Basix because you we're with someone special to you. hehehe :)

I'm looking forward to your episodes in PHL360. :)

Gracie said...

Ganda dyan Ms Chyng. Yung refreshment o welcome drinks nyo, automatic bang sinerve sa inyo o need pang i-follow up and all that?

Good luck ulit sa PHL360, first time kong marinig boses mo idol. Happy birthday!

Chyng said...

^ chakka ng boses ko no? pangbading lang. hehe

kat said...

Happy birthday!

Ichan said...

First of all happy birthday sa inyu ni rob! second is ang ganda pla ng dusit pero nde ko sya napuntahan kasi filing ko mahal sya (mahal nga b?) and lastly congratulations for being a part of PHL 360! astigness =)

rob said...

.. sana naman next time, i'll get to be your "travel buddy"!

.. thanks to ichan for the greetings. chyng and i share the same birth date that's why we became good friends. :)

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

lol! for a change talaga e no? hahaha! forte mo talaga tong mga ganito. nakakapag-laway. kaines. Nakaka-kaba ang interview portion. Kung si donnie siguro ang ininterview 'pwede bang bilangan na lang ng ari-arian?' ang sagot nun. hahaha!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice place......tiyak punta diyan si Sumi Go...

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I stayed there a few years ago - I think they just had renovations done.

Astig yung video teaser ha. Serious mode ka, ako inggit mode haha!

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

Dying of envy right now.

Where do you get all those discounted vouchers of yours? Gusto ko rin!

Rae said...

Try mo naman sa edsa shang-rila, kung hindi mo pa na-try, ganda ng pool dun. Parang wala ka sa metro.

Anonymous said...

hi chyng! I just want to suggest that if you can please try to reread your posts, I'm a fan of your blog, but whenever I see faulty grammar, I go crazyy!
you should have said I planned to create my own milktea instead of saying my milktea of my own.
I'm just concerned I hope that you wouldn't get mad. :)

Anonymous said...

hi chyng! I just want to suggest that if you can please try to reread your posts, I'm a fan of your blog, but whenever I see faulty grammar, I go crazyy!
you should have said I planned to create my own milktea instead of saying my milktea of my own.
I'm just concerned I hope that you wouldn't get mad. :)

Chyng said...

^ hi, thanks for that. i appreciate it. actually i dont proofread at all. ano pa dapat i-edit? ^_^

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