NBI E-Clearance | the best online service ever

dahil hobby ko lang lumipat ng company, halos taon-taon yata ay kumukha ako ng NBI clearance. it was really a nightmare. ayoko gumising ng maaga, ayoko sayangin ang oras ko sa pagpila, at ayokong masungitan ng mga governement officials.
..well, this was before..

Obviously, I cant contain my happiness when I got my NBI Clearance last month. I got it without any hassle, without waking up at 4am, and without any queuing! Thank goodness for this NBI online service.

Because I felt so blessed to have done this, Im sharing with everyone how I easily applied for my NBI E-Clearance.

1. I paid the amount of P115 (standard rate for local employment) thru GCASH. A confirmation text message is sent along with the Reference Number.

2. I browsed NBI Clearance website - https://nbi-online.com/login and filled up the registration (located on the right side). I entered my email address and the GCASH reference number.

NBI E-Clearance application /registration form

3. I was redirected to this page where I entered my information. After confirming that my info was correct, I clicked the PRINT button (near Ref. No.).

all good to go, ready to submit my NBI E-Clearance application

4. After I clicked PRINT, I was redirected to this NBI Clearance QR Code Printout page. I printed it out as instructed. I also made an appointment / booking thru text, but actually it's not necessary. You may skip the booking request part.

NBI Clearance QR Code

Honestly, Im impressed. I never thought we could have a system that's efficient. LOL

5. The next day, I went to NBI Main in UN station, Taft Avenue. I went there at around 2pm, an hour late to the actual booking I made. Haha But it didn't matter. At the entrance, I just flashed my printed QR code and the officers told me to go directly at the 4th floor.

6. I entered a small room on the 4th floor and I handed my printout to the officers. I also presented my passport for valid ID. Yes, that's the only NBI requirement I brought. Anyway, in 2 minutes, the courteous and jolly officers had my biometrics and photo taken. And that's it. Im done!

7. If only my surname is unique, I could get my NBI Clearance right away. Yes, on the same day. Unfortunately, Im a Reyes, one of the most common surnames in the Philippines. For someone like me who has this surname, I had to be back after 3 working days. Well, it's just fine specially I never really had to wake up early and endure the very long line.

8. After 3 working days, I went back to NBI main. In 1 minute, my NBI Clearance was ready. Unbelievable!

the easiest way I got my NBI Clearance

Yihaa, Im so delighted! I have never experienced getting my NBI Clearance this easy and fast. It's very convenient! One of the very few times Im happy that Im paying my taxes right. Charot!

* for the record, pwede ang slippers / sandals sa NBI. merong poster sa labas na bawal daw, pero di naman totoo. buti nalang kasi walang akong shoes! ^_^

Random Nothings of a Glorified Tambay

And just like that, summer's ended and 2 months has passed since I became a glorified tambay.
Here are some random nothings of a jobless and non-taxpayer lady:

○ Since it's summer time and I have all the time to travel, I had trips to Occidental Mindoro, Butuan, Siargao, Surigao City, and a lot of secret destinations for PHL360. Sulit na sulit ang buong April!

○ All black and burnt skin, I went to my previous office and finally claimed my cheque. Being retrenched comes with a great price. ^_^

○ All of a sudden, I lost my excitement to travel. Ewan ko ba nawalan ako ng gana. Sorry sa mga madaming nag-aya pero tinanggihan ko.

○ Still jobless, I preferred to stay home and wasted my every day by surfing the net or do nothing. Priceless. Im not even aware anymore kung anong araw o anong petsa na.

○ I realized Im always jobless when my birthday comes. I was jobless last May 2007, May 2008, May 2011, and May 2012. (and trust me, di ko sinasadya yan)

○ I got bored so I started looking for a job.

in an interview

employer: what did you do since Mar 31, it's been almost 2 months since you lose your job.
me: i traveled. i also joined a reality travel show.
employer: out of curiosity, i checked out your blog and read about your indonesia trip.
me: that's really terrifying, but it's a lesson for travelers that unexpected things can happen. now i just considered it as a bump on the road.
employer: yeah, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
me: (bidyoke time na to!)

○ After 5 hours, the employer emailed me the job offer. (yes, via email or phone nalang ang job offer ngayon, in case you dont know).

○ To avoid any birthday mishaps on a trip, I stayed home and celebrated my birthday with my family. It's a good and quiet one. I even set off the birthday notification on Facebook. Wala lang, it's not a big deal if you remember it or not. Anyway, thanks to those who sent me birthday greetings. I appreciated them. ♥

○ Big thanks and warm hugs to my dearest friends who knew na kuripot ako so they gave me these:

donnie: teh, alam ko di ka bibili ng P399 na sabon, pero kelangan mo yan.
me: haha, pakshet ka. ganun na ko kaitim? pero thank you! sana effective. toinks!

rem: alam ko gustong-gusto mo yan, pero di ka gagastos ng P1,200 for a towel.
me: haha korek. wee, thank you! may sea to summit na ko, isa na akong ganap na travel blogger ^_^

○ Im not a fan of expensive shoes, designer bags, and branded clothes - but I think it's time for my old fossil watch to retire. Iba na din kasi lifestyle ko ngayon. I need a sporty type this time, yung pwede ding pang underwater!

birthday gift to myself ♥
katas ng retrenchment #1

○ A day after my birthday, my friends and I flew to Roxas. The trip isn't successful, but the happiness level cannot be any less! Old school bidyoke and improvised disco in a quiet little town. Fun!

that's Carla, Peng, Rem, and I on this big boat

○ Forgive me I didn't have time to blog and bloghop. Im busy preparing my pre-employment requirements (again). I never planned to work for 6 different companies in 5 years! =(

○ Lastly, Im currently looking for an apartment, condo, or a room to rent or share (wag nyo ko bentahan ng condo, i said rent lang). Basta very accessible sa Market Market or The Fort. If you know a place, please let me know. If you're also looking for one , please leave me a message. I promise magiging mabait akong housemate. ^_^

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