Sinfully Circles Buffet | Makati Shangri-La

Finally, I was able to try the famous (and expensive) Circles Buffet at Makati Shangri-La. Been wanting to try this for a long time now but the rate is just really steep for me. Thanks to the Buy 1 Take 1 promo, my friends Rod, Penggay, my housemate Rem, and I got these vouchers for only half the price. Amazing deal!

With no more blah blahs, here's a food porn tour at Circles.

Sinfully Circles

dramatic chandelier at the lobby

Food Porn | Circles at Makati Shangri-La

Since this is Makati Shangri-La, my expectation became a bit steep as well. As steep as their buffet rates!!

the buffet stations

live seafood station

iced tea and wine are not included in the buffet

I dont know if it's just me, but the ambiance of HEAT in EDSA Shangri-La feels more luxurious.
Anyway, let the gluttony begin. ^_^

sweet soba soup
i love this one, tastes like sukiyaki's broth

fresh veggie salad with smoked salmon

sushi and sashimi minus the tempura
they dont serve tempura on a Sunday night?! what the..

well done prime rib-eye steak with red wine sauce
im just delighted to have my steak

seafood penne carbonara with slow-cooked braised pork
my comfort food. the pasta is tasty as well as the meat.

another round of rib-eye steak, plus salmon and paella rice
that salmon dish is great. the paella is bland.

everything chinese.
uhm ordinary. and sadly they dont serve hakaw.

a little bit of Pinoy dishes

another round of Italian? not sure.

It's not that Im looking for more, but Im at least looking for excellent tasting dishes.
Moving on, I requested the chef to cook the curachas and shrimp - the Singaporean style. Achieve!

thank you mr. jolly chef

my Singaporean style Curachas and Shrimps
in case you dont know, you may choose to have your seafood cook the way you want it.

My friends are already eating their dessert when I finished eating my seafood plate. Oo, madamot ako. Di ako namigay. ^_^

healthy dessert plate - fruits and nuts

sinful dessert plate - cakes and pastries

As per my friends verdict, only some of the cakes are really good. Most of them tastes so-so. Thanks to the chefs for recommending the must-try ones.

Overall, Circles Buffet is good but not as we thought it would be. We expected it to be great. I can’t even recall an item which is really excellent. Good thing we availed this buffet rate on a promo. Im thinking of those regular paying customers who are dining as well. Parang di naman sulit ang P2,000 for this buffet. Im dissappointed that there are no Tempura, Hakaw, Pizza and Lobsters. 

Anyhow, from the ambiance, to the staff, to the buffet spread - I love EDSA Shangri-La's HEAT more! HEAT gets better everytime I dine there. yesss, madalas may nanlilibre dun! ^_^

So far, here's my top 5 best buffet in Manila.
1. Spiral at Sofitel
2. HEAT at Edsa Shang
3. Marriot Cafe at Marriot Hotel
4. Crossover Brunch at Dusit Thani
5. Cafe Ilang-Ilang at The Manila Hotel or Circles Buffet at Makati Shang

with Rod, Penggay, Remay at Circles, Makati Shangri-La
buti nalang buy 1 take 1 ito kaya sulit! ♥

Circles Buffet Rate
Monday - Saturday P1,670 | Sunday P2,026
Sunday - Thursday P2,007 | Friday - Saturday P2,271

Rent: A Tour Inside Our Apartment

The search for a good and affordable apartment in Taguig, or anywhere near Market Market area, kept me busy last month. Honestly, I have no plans of renting a place near The Fort. Im ok with commuting my heart out every day and night. It's just boredom that struck me and made me decide I needed to experience something new. Boredom really kills. ^_^

Anyway, I could have rented a studio room in a condo here in Bonifacio Global City but the lowest rate would cost me P15,000. Afford - hhmm yes, pero tapos di na ko kakain? Hehe Erase. I also searched for room rentals at the back of JP Morgan Chase. The most decent and cheapest 1-BR unit would cost me P10,000. Maharlika pa din. Erase. A bedspace would really be cheap, but I just didn't consider that. Mejo mahirap akong pakisamahan at ayoko din naman mag-effort sa pakikisama so this wont work for me.

And with regards to that, my friend Remay (na mahirap din pakisamahan, haha!) would be the perfect housemate! Infernes, he agreed with the idea. Basta beforehand para walang away, I already told him I've never cleaned our own bathroom before so wag nya ko asahan sa ganung chores. Hehe Remay agreed. Ang bait ng housemate ko. Ang task ko lang ay maghugas ng pinggan paminsan-minsan. =)

So much for the intro, let me finally share our simple 2-BR apartment unit in C5-Taguig. The rent in this 32sqm bare apartment costs us P6,000/month. Not bad at all - specially when pets are allowed and parking fee is free!

welcome to our 2-bedroom apartment

This is not one of those high end condominiums. It's not even new. It's just a simple residential/housing community in Taguig. I cant complain much specially the location is very convenient for me. Safe pa, our neighbors are mostly policemen!

our corner unit apartment

A closer look inside...

entertainment showcase slash pang-alis boredom
the chandelier and display rack are built in

another built in cabinet for our shoes storage

our buy 1 take 1 sofa beds from Mandaue Foams
size: 6x36x75 ; cost P3,800 for 2
sa totoong buhay, we dont use it as sofa. bed lang sya forever. nakakatamad magsetup ng bedsheet. ^_^

dining area for two
the land lady let us borrow her table so we just bought these chairs.. and yes, more more built in cabinets!

bathroom na may pink and green na theme
probably we're the 3rd tenants of this apartment. mejo may cracks na yung tiles. i dont mind anyway. malinis lagi at mabango ang CR namin.

kitchen and laundry area
we dont cook and we dont do our own laundry, pero masarap tambayan ang lugar na to kasi tiled ang flooring. malaming!

Now the rooms.

this is where I sleep. wala akong kurtina so I bought blinds instead. tamad maglaba.
i love my firm bed and the color/texture of my bedsheet. ang mura lang nyan sa 168mall. ^_^ (oh yes, cabinets again..)

this is Remay's Rero's room.
actually no one sleeps here. Remay and I both preferred to sleep outside our rooms. una-unahan lang. sana next time manalo ako! (at madaming cabinets ulit)

This is where we dress up, blow dry our hair, and steam iron our clothes. Ay, di pala ako marunong magsteam iron so Remay does it for me. Keri lang, maliliit lang naman damit ko. Hehe

our euro-matting linoleum
the original flooring is a bit eeky. ang dugyot na. so we decided to replace it with this funky black and white linoleum. achieve pero di kasing mahal ng vinyl at tiles! biglang mukhang malinis na ang bahay.

Everything is well, mejo magastos lang ang apartment. The simple items like curtains, blinds, mop, air freshener, plates, etc are oftentimes unbudgeted expenses. Then I have to pay for the monthly rent, electric and water bill, and daily food. For a newbie like, it's also unusual that I have to prepare and buy my own food. Sa bahay kasi Mang Narcing would cook fabulous food for me. I also miss this converted car seat office chair which my father assembled. Sana madala ko to sa apartment in time. ^_^

my converted car seat office chair, c/o Mang Narcing

On the brighter side of having this apartment, I dont have to wake up early and endure the rush hour in LRT and MRT. No more flooded streets too so I can easily go home anytime. Ang la pit sa airport, wee! To the point na wala na kaming masagap na 3G at tv channels dahil sa signal interference. Haha And most of all, Im so ready na maghost ng isang inuman party! Lets go!

for those long weekends in the apartment. loser!

Anyway, for those interested i-rent yung unoccupied room, let us know. We preferred a new housemate na marunong magluto. User ang peg? Hehe - TAKEN
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