Love, Sex, Magic at Jeju, S.Korea

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awesome threesome!
minors are not allowed

Im not really a fan of K-Pop and the city scenes in Seoul that's why I included Jeju in my places to visit in South Korea. Visa isn't required in Jeju - only if you're flying directly from another country to enter this self-governing island. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Manila to Jeju.

After we got our visa, my friends and I immediately booked a flight from Gimpo (S.Korea's old / domestic airport) to Jeju via Jeju Air. It amounted to P4,000, round trip. We could have purchased this airfare on a dirt cheap price only if we have booked months ahead. Sayang.

Gimpo airport

flying via Jeju Air
shot c/o Peng

Like in Seoul, we didn't encounter any problem as we stepped out of the airport. We took a taxi to reach December Hotel. It's just a short 15-mins away from the airport.

black taxicabs look sexy and elegant!

super spacious Family Room at December Hotel

Since we arrived early, we were advised that our room isn't ready yet. Of course this is understandable. We asked the receptionist instead if he could get a VIP Taxi for us. These taxis provide tour services in Jeju Island. Rate for 8 hours is ₩150,000, including fuel gas and parking fees.

 VIP taxi in Jeju

Too bad there are no available English speaking drivers/guides that day. Anyway it isn't a problem as long as the driver can bring us to our preferred tourist spots. We ended up getting an ordinary taxi driver - and this only costs ₩100,000 (P3,775) only. Yay, ₩50,000 cheaper!

It would be great to experience hiking the Hallasan National Park and the Jeju Olle Trail, but it really requires a painful hike. Erase. We just divided our tour into two: 1st day on for the west coast and east coast on the next day.

1st Day - West Coast Attractions

Jeju Love Land
entrance fee - ₩9,000 (P340)

Nearest to our hotel is the Jeju Love Land. This is a themed sculpture park based on sensuality and eroticism. Twenty artists, mainly graduates of top art school Hongik University, helped open it 8 years ago.

Why such theme park?

After the Korean War, the island became a popular honeymoon destination for Korean couples, due to the island's warm climate. Many of the couples had wed because of arranged marriages, and the island also became known for being a center of sex education. (wikipedia)

Again, you must be 18 years old and above to enter this park.

liyad kung liyad!

men in different sizes

It was shocking at first, but visitors, including us, got used to see these funny sculptures eventually.

poor man...

indian style

This park is made artfully and funny at the same time. Now this is the ultimate sex education! ^_^

sex education park in Jeju

wow effort!


open daily

awesome threesome sculpture!
wag na tayo mangealam kung immoral. haha!

be my lady

It was fun to visit such theme park, specially when the theme is eroticism. ^_^

Next attraction we visited is the Hallim Park, as recommended by the hotel receptionist.

Hallim Park
entrance fee - ₩9,000 (P340)

Hallim Park consists of a variety of gardens that can be enjoyed in any season. Visitors can enjoy checking out Palm Tree Road, Jeju Stone and Bonsai Garden, Water Garden, Subtropical Botanic Garden and much more. The most famous tourist sites in Hallim Park are Hyeopjaegul and Ssangyonggul Caves known to be the only two-dimensional caves in the world. 

lost in Hallim Park

plants of all kinds are everywhere

This park is very huge and we can't count the number of times we got lost. Haha Seriously, nagkakapikunan na kami. It's not fun to walk for a thousand of square metes under the heat of the sun.

Good thing there are really beautiful attractions in this park. My favorite is this waterfalls.

waterfalls in Hallim Park

whoa Peng, ano ginagawa mo jan?! ^_^

The Dolhareubang or the Stone Grandfather statues are seen in Jeju, almost everywhere.

the Dolhareubang or the Stone Grandfather
this shamanistic statue is believed to be offering protection and warding off demons. it is also given to women with have fertility problems.

We got hungry so we decided to eat in the Folk Village. Prices are very reasonable.

grilled pork barbecue, bibimbap, and pajeon
a decent meal costs ₩8,000 (P300). grilled meat costs ₩15,000 (P560) on the average.

Hallim Park is a really nice place to stroll and kill time. It's just the place is so huge, I wished there were bikes for rent for faster exploration.

Moving on, our last stop of the day was this beautiful beach by the west coast. Hyeopjae Beach is where the people flock during summer season. This is really stunning. Im sure there would be a lot of people in this area only if the season is not autumn. Hehe

beautiful Hyeopjae Beach on the west coast

The beautiful white color of the sand comes from the large amounts of crushed seashells that have been mixed in with the sand. The long seashore stretches for 9 km and has cobalt colored seawater and evergreen forests scattered around the vicinity, making the scenery very beautiful.

ang hangin-hangin sa labas!

In fairness, we could have visited more spots but we opt to just take our time on each spot. It's no amazing race after all. We went back to the hotel and relaxed our tired feet.

Jeju at night
city lights at Jeju

Luck for us, the hotel where we stayed is very near all the establishment. We could have eaten another Korean meal but we refused to. Amoy kimchi na ako. Hehe Good thing there's a nearby Domino's Pizza store and we ordered some familiar food.

Domino's Pizza has never been this good! Special mention to the creamy cheese baked potatoes, heaven!

2nd Day - East Coast Attractions

On our 2nd day, our driver picked us up in the hotel at around 9am. It's the east attractions which will be visiting this time.

off to the east attractions

First stop is the Seopjikoji.

Seopjikoji is located at the end of the eastern shore of Jeju. "Seopji" is the old name for the area, and "Koji" is Jeju dialect meaning a sudden bump on land.

there's a church in this area

breathtaking Seopjikoji 

Since octopus is very popular in Jeju, we didn't miss the chance to try it. This grilled octopus is thick yet surprisingly soft to chew.

grilled octopus

The weather is nice but the sun is still so hot, I dont have my umbrella with me. We rushed to the service car and off we go to our next destination. Again, we only chose those destinations which doesn't require much trekking.

Sangumburi is a crater with a circumference of over 2 km, and has been designated as a Natural Monument. Oh well, as long as the view is like this, I wont complain about sunbathing!

the grass is greener

the easy way to reach the crater

these grass gave the place a relaxing mood

It's much warmer in Jeju compared to Seoul so we got to dress up the way we wanted!

autumn weather, summer outfits!

korean: from what country are you from?

me: philippines
korean: ah. you have lovely dresses. 
me: (naman!)

Anyway, the place is nice for picture taking. Not really got interested with the main attraction which is the crater..

Okay moving on again. 

next stop is the Jeju Folk Village

The Jeju Folk Village Museum is the island’s main tourist attraction where customs of the old days can be explored.

Jeju Folk Village Museum has restored the scenes of the village to that of the 1890’s. Among them are Mountain Village, Hill-Country Village, Fishing Village and Shamanism Village.

the Dolhareubang in front of traditional government offices

There are 100+ traditional houses in the area. I've learned that each house is designed based on the occupation of the home owner. Interesting.

traditional village

life sized sculptures inside each houses

so we better eat vegetables...

all the buildings are constructed in consultation with experts and historians to create the original atmosphere

try ko kaya pumasok sa ofis ng ganitong outfit? ^_^

For Korean Novela fans, this is the must go place for you. This is the filming location of Jewel in the Palace and other famous koreanovelas.

Finally, our last stop of the day is the Oedolgae Rock in Seogwipo.

We passed by this Saeyeon Bridge on our way there. I heard this is the jump off point for visitors who wish to experience riding a submarine! Too bad we missed that..

Saeyeon Bridge

Not far from the area is the fantastic site to catch the sunset. Fantastic rocks of Oedolgae in the extensive ranch is a perfect place to go trekking. The sunset of nearby island Bum Island, which can be seen from Oedolgae, has long been an essential stop for tourists going to Jeju Island.

Oedolgae Rocks

Surprisingly, this is another filming location of Jewel in the Palace. Sikat!

And after this location, we decided to call it a day. We exceeded 8 hours for our tour but the kind taxi driver didn't charge us for additional payment. How nice of him.

we're so done eating kimchi flavored food, we chose to just drink beer and doritos instead

Without any doubt, the 2 days I spent in Jeju are the highlight of my South Korea trip. I enjoyed the culture, the view, and the laid back mood of this self governing island. I wished I have stayed in Jeju longer and had the time to trek the national wonders in this area. Maybe next time, when my legs are more prepared and Im not wearing a pink and orange dress! ^_^

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Aiyo Aclado said...

Wow! Jeju Love Land is reason enough to visit South Korea. This is now one of my dream destinations. :)

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May food posts ba Chyng? hehe

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naks naman ang jeju.... AT panalo yung erotic park!!!! woooohoooo!

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thank you for this post ms.chyng! i got excited for my south korea tour!

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nice park... Pwede kaya sa pinas yan? hehehe :)

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Ang ganda ng Jeju Island. Well maintained and mga tourist attractions. Hope our country will do the same. :)

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thanx ms. chyng for the post. i am already planning a side trip to SK when i go back home....hopefully next year.

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ang ganda! ang colorful ninyo, nakakatuwa! :))

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yung Saeyeon Bridge, nakita ko na yan sa Korean Drama na Lie To Me,

Inggit Much! :)

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Bongga ng mga sculptures. Kaaliw. Sadyang for adults only nga lang. Hihi :)

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AWESOME POST Chyng! parang gusto ko kaagad puntahan ang Jeju and makita ang PORN SITE este sculptures na to. Hahahaha. :)

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Ang taray ng outfit nyo ni Peng, hehehe! Bongga lang...

Pero mas bongga un erotic park...shocks gusto ko dyan..hahaha!

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Anuberrrrrr. I regret visiting this blog in the middle of cold night. Nahorny tuloy ako, makapag porn nga...

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i really like this island trip. you could have easily extended your stay to more than 2 day and you'd still find something else to explore.

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Ayun may reason na ako para pag-ipunan ito :))

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Ganda talaga sa Jeju! Sayang di kami napunta sa Jeju Love Land, bait baitan at pa-wholesome kasi ang peg ng kasama ko

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Natawa naman ako dun sa "Better eat vegetables..." chyng. haha

Ang ganda ng Jeju pala. Alam mo, there was an episode sa National Geographic about their women divers called Haenyeo. That and your pictures, me reason na ako magpunta ng Korea. :)

Mas prefer ko yang ganyan kasi compared to staying in the city.

Thank you Chyng.

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In fair, ang ganda nga ng outfits niyo! :D


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astig sa porma, chyng! ayos sa commentiyong korean. mahihiya sa damit mo sina laureen uy, kryzuy at camille co. biro lang ulit! baka sila mag-react hihihi...

tender ang grilled octopus, ano lasa? seasoned ba?

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ZOMG!! Winner ang comment ng korean sa outfit... pero infairness i love your outfit and the colors...

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Autumn leaves... yay.. I fell for it..

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The sculptures are trivial. I'll be waiting for the Korean food-related post(s). Btw, nice colorful outfit you got there.

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