Glamorous Camping in Sumilon, Cebu

For the 2nd time since 2010, I booked flights to Dumaguete hoping I could visit the mystical province of Siquijor. The 1st try didn't pursue because of the uncooperative weather. This year, I chanced upon Matet's blog about glamping in Sumilon. In a snap, I dropped my Siquijor plan and chose Sumilon instead.

why I chose Sumilon over Siquijor

To be honest, this powdery sandbar was not the main reason at all. This just came as a sweet bonus!

From Dumaguete, our group took the fast craft to Liloan, Cebu. It only took 35mins. From the port, we negotiated with a tricycle driver to bring us to Sumilon Bluewater Resort. In less than 15mins, we arrived at the resort's port.

the resort's jump off point to the secluded island

After 15mins in the motorized boat, we finally had a first glimpse of Sumilon island. I never thought there's a powdery sandbar in this area.

the powdery sandbar welcomed us

Sumilon must be very blessed to have this gorgeous beach

There's only 1 resort in the island of Sumilon and that's the Bluewater Resort. Good thing is, everyone can go in the sandbar area and swim - for free! Plus points for this resort because "no one owns the ocean".

everyone is welcome because no one owns the ocean!

The water was very tempting but our group needed to proceed to the pavilion to accommodate our check in. The staff welcomed us with warm and huge smiles. At that early, we've already foreseen our stay to be awesome.

Alright, I dropped my Siquijor planned just to experience this so called GLAMPING! Glamping comes from the words "glamorous" and "camping". This is perfect to those who have always wanted to try camping but don't want to experience the inconvenience. How brilliant! ^_^

the glamping site

A tent can accommodate 2 persons. Since we're a group of 3, the resort generously granted us 2 tents. Lovely!

now this is glamping!

I cannot erase the smile on my face as I saw the tents. They were perfectly equipped with the basic (and luxurious) needs of a wannabe camper. I've never seen anything like this.

my glamorous tent: with king sized bed with mattress and pillows, 
electric fan, lampshade, cabinet, and table top cooler bar

i suddenly became a fan of camping! ^_^

For the record, I never enjoyed camping - only because it's such a hassle to bring and set up tents. Afterall, I can basically sleep under the clear skies (did it twice in Calaguas) without using a tent at all. Of course I have experience sleeping inside a tent (did this in Apo Reef and Nagsasa). Well, let's just say Im blessed to always have a sound sleep.

Moving on, and so I thought this tent was already glamorous - look at this table top cooler bar with complimentary chips and drinks! I've been wanting to have this cooler bar for our apartment. Hehe

cooler bar with chips, iced cold soft drinks, beer, and gatorade
everything is for free!

iced cold beer!!!

Kalabisan na kung meron pang portable toilet sa loob ng tent. Hehe But hey, the common bathroom is just a few walks away from the glamping site.

Anyway, our tents were fronting the ocean. The breeze was refreshing and calming. 

the beach across our clamping site

After our fun pictorial inside our glamorous tents, it's time for our lunch in the pavilion. The Glamping Package we availed includes full board meals. Sulit!

spring rolls and creamy cauliflower soup

large grilled prawns with buttered veggies

Honestly, this meal was more than what we expected. The dishes were perfectly plated and they tasted great too.

After the sumptuous lunch, we decided to stroll around the resort. Across the pavilion is the resort's infinity pool.

the infinity pool

Norwegian kids enjoying the infinity pool

For those who wanted to stay in the conventional hotel rooms, then the other side of the resort are perfect for them.

conventional hotel rooms are located on this area

the closer to nature, the better!

The view on this side is much better compared to the glamping site. But for the whole resort, I felt that the management really tried to keep the natural settings of the island.

Since the weather became gloomy, I just decided to enjoy my bed inside the glamorous tent. 

pringles + iced cold beer + wifi

Kalabisan na talaga. Camping pero may wifi. ^_^

Here's another kalabisan: we had our own butler / camping assistant. He looked and checked out on us all the time. He brought us anything we requested for. Before the night fell,he asked us what we wanted for dinner. Grabe, ang sushal na camping!

meet our butler / camping assistant

..and then dinner was served.

infinity pool by night

shrimp skewers and creamy spinach soup

grilled tender and stuffed squid

creme brûlée

The meals alone already made our stay very suit!

To complete our camping experience, our butler built a bonfire for us. Amazing.

what's a camping without a bonfire?

chikahan over some soft drinks and beer

You bet how well I slept that night. I had a sound sleep.

my eyes can't hide that I overslept ^_^

For the last free meal, I chose the most expensive item among the breakfast course. Hehe

my Japanese breakfast: salmon in teriyaki sauce meal

Right after we had our breakfast, we immediately went back to the sandbar and enjoyed our remaining time in this beautiful island.

one last look before we leave

5 stars to this Glamping experience!

We haven't left the resort yet but I'm already planning to go back here with my crazy friends. They would surely enjoy this one of a kind experience too. We really had a great time. This glamping thing exceeds my expectations. It is actually outstanding!

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort
Sumilon, Cebu, Philippines
Package Rate: P10,000 for 2 persons, with full board meals

Luke, my Latest Travel Buddy

It was 3 years ago when I first owned a DSLR camera. Out of spontaneity, I named him Harvey. He's my consistent travel buddy - from the extreme north island of Palaui, to the eastern island of Siargao, down to the southernmost province of Tawi-Tawi. He's my only companion when I crossed the borders of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. He's even there when I was accused as a drug trafficker in Bali, Indonesia. Haha The best part is - Harvey never needed extra care. Sanay siyang madumihan, mabasa, at mauntog. Despite that, he remained to be at its best condition.

                                                          Thank you Harvey sa serbisyong totoo. Sulit na sulit ang pagbili ko sayo... 
                                                                                                   I hope your new owner will take care of you.

Now I have something to admit. It was not Harvey who's with me when I traveled to Misibis Bay, South Korea, El Nido, and Bellarocca. It was Cianna, my housemate Remay's Canon 60D. Cianna's pictures were so outstanding and eventually I got bored with Harvey. To cut the story short (at siguro dahil inggetera ako) I wanted a camera upgrade.

Meet my latest travel buddy...

Luke, my Canon 60D
it's Cianna's twin!

                                                                18-135mm and 50mm lenses
                                               not new. these are the same lenses i used before.

○ For the record, I got confused with switching to Nikon. It's very obvious that Nikons have better color depth and significantly better image quality against Canon counterparts. Despite these, I stick with Canon. I want more natural colors and softer photos. Most of all, Canon cameras fit my hands perfectly. It's as simple as that, I feel Canon.

○ Like Harvey, I also bought Luke from DBGadgets. It's an online shop, pero sushal na sila ngayon. They have a store now in Aphaland South Gate, right beside MRT Magallanes.

○ Plans for the year: None so far. Charot. Pangarap ko makasakay ng 2Go papuntang Caticlan. Gusto ko din mag-India kung afford ko ang pamasahe. Umii-scout pa din ko ng perfect travel buddy for that trip. Batanes, if possible. May flight na ba ulit ang SEAIR? And Jolo, kung isasama ako ni Era.

○ Yes Im very pressured to organize a joining trip. Relaks lang kayo jan. Iisip pa ako kung saan maganda pumunta. If you have suggestions, please drop a comment.
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