Take Nothing but Pictures

This rule applies to all: "Take nothing but pictures, Bring nothing but memories, Leave nothing but footprints, and Kill nothing but time."

Aside from the experiences that each trip adds in my life, I always see to it that I take great quality pictures. These little treasured memories from the past can bring back all the amazing stories or may be misfortunate events from that trip.

I was once a noob photographer. Honestly, I dont even consider myself a photographer at all. But whenever Im on a trip, I always see to it that I will capture great photos. A great camera model and good lenses are a must. However, as much as I treasure the sentimental values of my gadgets, sometimes it becomes a necessity to upgrade. In this fast paced world, I know that as technology rises, the better camera model and lenses I have, the better image quality is what I will get. Agree or not?

Years before, buy and sell industry was an instant hit for most of us. Strangers from all over the city can now easily transact to buy and sell preloved items. Actually I bought my new camera and sold my old one thru an online classified ads. Thank goodness I've never had issues with buying pre loved items. As a matter of fact I can recommend this to others who wanted to get the best deals. 

Who doesn't want to buy cheap yet quality items? Nowadays, being practical is a wise thing. A good example for an online classified ads is http://philippineslisted.com
For all you know, the camera or lens that you'd be wishing to have is currently on a rush sale on this site.
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