2Go - Travel by Sea to Boracay

Having lived in the crowded mainland of Manila, I never really had the chance to travel by sea. Well of course, riding those improvised boat whenever it floods is an exception. ^_^

I've been wanting to travel by sea but the airlines offer competitive rates that made the airfare and seafare almost the same. Not to mention the long journey time on the ship that could bore me. Gladly I heard about 2Go Superferry's fleet. The ads showcased how fun it is to travel by sea and instantly I knew I had to experience that. It's finally my chance to ride a big ship.

2Go Travel - Batangas to Boracay

The Route: 2Go offers several trips from Manila. The destination I chose is Boracay. It's been 3 years since I last saw the paradise island. Anyway, travel time from Batangas to Boracay is 10 hours. Sounds uncool because of the long journey ride, but what the heck, this 2Go ship looks fabulous compared to the old and boring RoRo ships.

2Go Tickets: Free! Thank you teh Nicole, a former employee of 2Go/Negros Navigation para sa pagtupad ng pangarap kong makasakay ng barko. *teary-eyed*. Anyway, you can book your 2Go tickets on their website or at any 2Go shops.

wee, 2Go gift certificates!

Last March 8, Friday - my housemate and I both filed half days leaves in the office for this 2Go night trip to Boracay. Since the ship is scheduled to leave at 8pm, we agreed to left Manila before the dreaded Friday rush hour takes place. We left C5-Taguig at 5pm and we reached Batangas Port just 1.5 hours after. Honestly, we could have left later but we're worried about the parking area. Gladly, we found out that Park 'N Sail in Batangas Port has a number of parking slots.

parking at Batangas Port

Hey look, we got a 2Go priority parking slot!

bye Leila, see you in 2 days!
parking fee for 2 nights - P322 (ang mahal! hehe)

We left the car and proceeded to the terminal. Since it's both our first time to ride a ship, we just watched the other passengers on what to do and where to go next. Hehe I always love the feeling of being a newbie! Anyway, the boarding process is smooth and easy.

2Go Boarding Gate

While Remay and I were having a chat, a lady looked at my toes and suggested a pedicure for me. Ang harsh! haha

ang harsh mo teh ^_^

As early as 7:30pm, the employees opened the gate and announced that they were ready to accept guests. Im not sure why everyone immediately lined up. Relaks guys, may seat/bed number naman ang tickets so why rush?

We were delighted as we board the 2Go Superferry ship. Actually the ship is not new, but it is repainted and maintained. The staff are the best. They are very well trained, very courteous, and very
accommodating. Para silang flight attendants which wear smiles all throughout.

the lobby of 2Go ship

magenta is the color!

everyone's enjoying the ride

infernes, the ships looks very photogenic!

The crew assisted us to our accommodation. This pathway leads to the Tourist, Cabin, and State rooms.

Cabin and State rooms

Okay, newbies talaga kami. Our accommodation type is Tourist. We didn't know that we could stay anywhere we want. Kaya pala nag-uunahan sila. Toinks. Nonetheless, there were not so many passengers that night. We didn't have a hard time looking for a spot to settle.

Tourist Accommodation
with aircon and tv

Tourist is an aircon type accommodation. There is a bed and a pillow but there are no linen and pillow case. You still have to rent them for a minimal price. Since the area is spacious, this is just perfect for families and big groups. Shared bathrooms are located on the rear end. Infernes, the bathrooms are clean, but not really maintained. It gets dirty after a few hours. Hehe

perstaymers sa barko!

We checked the upper deck and found the Super Value type of accommodation. Most foreigners prefer to stay here because the air comes from the ocean breeze. I think this is already comfortable enough, specially the air is refreshing at night.

Super Value
non-aircon / upper deck

Meals are usually included but for more options, there is a canteen on the upper deck which serves good yet affordable meals.

Horizon Cafe

a meal costs P115, already includes drinks

Since we were dying to experience the Cabin accommodation, we registered ourselves in the front desk and made a reservation of ever we can avail of an upgrade. The upgrade rate from Tourist to Cabin costs P250. The upgrade rate from Tourist to State Room is P800. Well, a cabin will do for us. Luckily, our names are paged right after the ship started to sail.

welcome to our Cabin Room
room for 4, with sockets, tv, private bathroom

This is fabulous! For just P250 each, we had our own space and own bathroom! Unlike the Tourist, our beds have comfy linens, fleece blankets, pillowcases, and our own window separator for privacy. Lovely!

finally, pwede na magcharge! hihi

clean bathroom with mirror

with hot and cold shower

I really recommend this Cabin accommodation. Honestly, we didn't realize we already arrived in Boracay because we had a very good sleep. Sadly on our way home, we did't get lucky enough to avail of an upgrade. Nakakastress ang magbyahe sa umaga na maingay lahat ng tao.

2Go Review: For me, this is a must try. I loved how smooth the trip was. Walang hilo at all. The staff are the most friendly and most helpful. This is a good alternative way to travel, specially when you avail 2Go promo fares. Very good option for barkadas and company outing!

now it's more fun to travel by sea

where 2Go next? ^_^

2Go website: http://travel.2go.com.ph
Schedule: departs Batangas at 9:00 pm; arrives in Boracay at 7:00 am
departs Boracay  at 8:00 am; arrives in Batangas at 7:00 pm
2Go ticket prices: Tourist P900. Super Value P800

Pyromusical 2013 | United Kingdom vs South Korea

It's the time of the year once again where every fireworks fanatic head to the Mall of Asia. Of course, I'm one of the spectators who watched the magical pyrotechnic display in the skies.

I bought discounted vouchers in Ensogo. It's P179 for a Gold Ticket. I thought it's a good deal. Wrong! Buy 1 Take 1 din ang Gold Center tickets in MoA. Sus, nag-Ensogo pa ko. No need pala. Toinks! 0_o

Eto pa: the Gold tickets sold in group buying sites pala are just Gold Center. Iba pala ang Gold Center sa Gold Seaside. I hate that location. Walang kwenta for taking shots. Pa-upgrade daw to a Gold Seaside ticket is P150. Hhmm. I asked if pwede magpadowngrade instead. May Silver Seaside kasi, for just P100 lang. The bouncers agreed na pwede magdowngrade. Yun na. Silver Seaside it is!

I liked United Kingdom's performance more than South Korea's. The fireworks rotated and it served everyone a good view, kahit san ka pa nakapwesto. Actually, all technique's are not new to me. I've been watching this Pyromusical Competition since 2011. Nevertheless, every single firework delighted the audience, including me.

behind the scene 
seaside area

Silver Seaside location is good enough, specially we had a good location to take photos. The downside is the music is poor at this side.

pyromusical map

Anyway, for those who want a comfortable & decent spot + food, you may avail the restaurants with best views of the pyromusical competition.

Veranda / Bay Restaurants in MoA with view of the Fireworks
Rate varies from P400-P1,200 per person

Ground Floor: Bo's Coffee,Avenetto, Seattle's Best, Cafe Breton, Bed Scene, La Mesa Grill, Marina, Gweilos, David's Tea House, Gerry's Grill, Don Henrico's, TGIFriday's, Fish & Co., The Creamery, Racks, Yakimix, Mongolian Rice Bowls, Coffee Bean, Ebun, Cafe Mediterranean

Second Floor: Abe, Red Mango, Tajimaya, Cafe Adriatico, Gumbo, Hongkong Emperor, Jatujak, Pepper Lunch, Tanabe, Healthy Shabu-Shabu, Italliani's

Bay Area: Starbucks, Giligan's, Padi's Point, Vikings, Buffet 101, Icebergs, Dampa
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