Alta Vista de Boracay

Right after the 2Go Travel ship docked at Caticlan port, we immediately proceeded to our resort. For the 1st time out of my 4 trips to Boracay, this is the first time I will be staying away from the White Beach. Yes, away from where the action is (and away from the crowd). Well, I just wanted to experience a different Boracay this time around. 

Alta Vista de Boracay

We arrived in the resort way ahead of the standard check in time but the employees were kind enough to accommodate us immediately. Aside from us, we found groups of Korean who were also processing their check in. This seemed good. Good tourism = more jobs.

spacious lobby of Alta Vista

welcome refreshments

While waiting for our reservation to be validated, we roamed around the beautiful pool area. The infinity pool is really gorgeous. The view is stunning and relaxing. I'm not a fan of pools, but this one's really tempting.

the gorgeous infinity pool

elevated pool

Not more than 5 minutes after, we were informed that our room is ready. How nice! It's just around 8am and we can already check in. By the way, I read in TripAdvisor that you can request for rooms which are nearest the lobby, so I did. Tamad akong maglakad. =)

I was surprised to see a lot of rooms in this resort. There are actually around 500 rooms. Wow, andami. No wonder, Koreans prefer to stay here because Alta Vista can accommodate all of them! Haha

500 hotel rooms in Alta Vista, probably this is Boracay's largest resort

Each building is named after the highest peaks of the world. Though the resort has lots of room, the whole area is extremely quiet and peaceful. The staff never failed to greet the guests each time they passed by.

Hymettus, just a few walk away from the lobby

The staff assisted us to our room on the 2nd floor. The room is very spacious. It can actually accommodate 4 people comfortably. This deluxe room has its own veranda with a wonderful view.

deluxe room at Alta Vista

spacious and pleasant looking

1 day bed and 2 king sized beds

ultra soft and comfy king sized beds and lots pillows

writing desk / mini-office area

with tv, fridge, microwave oven, and complete dining utensils

clean and spacious bathroom

with toiletries and fresh towels

bathroom with tub

And of course, have I told you that our room has a beautiful view in the veranda?

our room has its own veranda

side view from the veranda

viewing deck at Alta Vista

Our room already gave us a relaxing weekend getaway. But of course, the pool also delighted us big time.

There are 2 pools in Alta Vista- the ever gorgeous infinity pool and the jacuzzi area. Though the resort has lots of guests, I never felt that the resort is crowded. The pool area had very few guests in it.

Alta Vista pools

not crowded at all


infinity pool

lakas maka-Marina Bay Sands

So far this the most beautiful resort I've stayed in Boracay. =)

The only downside of Alta Vista is that the resort doesn't have direct access to the beach. Great news is that Alta Vista offers free shuttle trips to D'Mall and their own private beach in Puka.

Puka Beach

This is our first time in Puka Beach. From the main White Beach, this is accessible by riding a tricycle, for around P150. Alta Vista guests can request to transport here, for free! Lovely!

i still ♥ boracay

he ♥ boracay too

The sand may not be very fine but I really appreciated that Puka beach didn't have seaweeds on the shore. There were not so many people too compared to the White Beach. Na-shock ako sa dami ng tao sa White Beach. Im not used to see a crowded beach.

lovely Puka Beach

we highly recommend Puka Beach for a more peaceful Boracay experience

For the shuttle trips to and from D'Mall and Puka Beach and everything else, our stay in Alta Vista was more than a delight. It's sulit!

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Alta Vista de Boracay
Yapak, Boracay Island, Philippines  
Alta Vista Room Rates: Deluxe Room P4,499  |  Loft  P5,499
For reservations (Manila line): +632-403-2672

34 responses:

Chyng said...

yun oh, nakatapos ako ng blogpost ^_^

Photo Cache said...

beautiful place. wow 500 rooms, i too would be requesting a room near the lobby, and save the walking to the beach.

happy easter

michi said...


Ryan Mach said...

The place looks fab and glam.


gondoooooooooooo! sosyal! ako kasi bet ko p din ung hotel n puchu pucho lng hehehe

aileen said...

gondo ng mga pics! ampupu!

adbenturera said...

ganda ng resort! kakaengganyo bumalik ng Boracay, mashallah! ^_^

lyka mae villanueva said...

anu po ang gamit nyong cam?

dean said...

wow sa kanila pala yung puka beach! ok rin ang room rates ah, di kamahalan ah kahit sosyal! love love love your pool shots! lakas makacover photo sa FB!

michymichymoo said...

I'm actually not too keen on going to Boracay but your posts are convincing me to visit the place. :)

Abi Veloso said...

I agree with michymichymoo. This post might probably change my mind into visiting boracay. :)

blissfulguro said...

namiss ko bigla ang puka beach. oh di ba? pweeedee! ;p

Nicole said...

Ang ganda!! Nakakatuwa ang infinity pool. :)

Anonymous said...

ganda naman ng mga kuha, at ang ganda ng place.

khantotantra said...

bongels..., ang mga u-bloggers nag boracay din at dyan nag-stay :D

EJ Santos said...

wow ang ganda =) and yung picture mo sa pool epic =)

Reydan Duldulao said...

So refreshing... pretty sure you guys had a lot of fun there!

Kura said...

sponsored post? ^_^ parang benta ang alta vista ngayon a. di ako nakapag puka beach before. sayang. tatamad kasi namin. nagtimawa lang sa room.

Phioxee said...

;-) ang mahal lang kasi ng alta vista. sana sa puka beach kami bagyo kasi nong time na nagbakasyon kami kay sa iba nalang.

JeffZ said...

Tryk lang from White Beach to Puka? Bat dati nagbangka kami.. lols

Lakas maka-MBS nung shot? pero lakas rin maka Sports Illustrated eh.. hehe :)

Joni Kiki said...

winner ang view, ang room at ang toiletries! kaso ang mahal! hehehe=) parang mas bet ko ang Puka beach, sana next time makarating din ako diyan :)

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Gusto ko rin mag-stay longer sa Puka Beach! :D Nakapunta ako twice tapos parang tig-10 minutes bawat bisita lol

Brix said...

hi! how long does it take for the shuttle to reach D'Mall from alta vista?

eMPi said...

Sulit na sulit ang bayad sa hotel kapag ganito kaganda ang place. Kainggit lang! said...

@lyka mae,
i use Canon 60D.


Happy Philippines said...

hongganda! ang sarap mag-swimming sa pool! :)

Anonymous said...

i miss Alta vista! almost everyone is very accommodating. I really loved the free transfers they provide to in house guests. want to sawa! I think we stayed on the same room and same space! we checked in sa hymettus as well. sobrang cozy talaga ng place. not to mention the free breakfast buffet every morning with variety of food choices. :)

Ro Manalo said...

How much rooms nila, Chyng?

Chyng said...

Deluxe Room P4,499.

..and yes, hindi sound proof! hahaha

LordCM said...

ang ganda-ganda naman talaga jan :)

antonio carranza jr said...

oi--diko nakita yang viewing deck na yan.san banda yan? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chyng. I wanna know kung gano kalayo yung Alta Vista going to Puka beach. Do we need to ride a tricycle or walking distance lamg? Thank you.

Chyng said...

there's a shuttle van to puka and dmall - for free!

Aldrich said...

Just made a reservation sa ALTA VISTA for our 10th wedding anniv ng asawa ko!

Nakamura yata ako for Php 2,942per night x 3 nights for the Studio Deluxe Room. Thanks to for the promo!

Can't wait to visit again Bora and now it will be more special kasi kasama ko Pretty Wifey ko. That is why I choose to stay at this Off White Beach/Diniwid Part of Bora kasi the last time I was here noong 2011 for a Business trip, naka-stay kami sa La Carmela and I find it so crowded sa Station 2. Kaya for the last 3 years, sa Dakak + Fantasyland sa Dapitan City ko nalang dinala ang family ko.

But now this is my gift to my wife kasi dream niya makapunta sa Boracay for our Wedding Anniv sa Dec. 8!

Thanks Chyng for inspiring me to book in this hotel!

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