Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club | Pico Tri 2013

Recently, I've been scouting a venue for our company summer outing. Batangas is always the most convenient area - and one of the most outstanding resorts I checked out is Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club. I thought this resort is exclusive for members only but I was wrong. Pico Sands Hotel accommodates non-member guests.

Anyway, I didn't expect I would experience Pico de Loro's beach resort right away. Thanks to Mica for the last minute invite, I had a great weekend getaway in this lovely resort.

  Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club

Getting to Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club
Honestly, this is the part where I got most excited. Only on weekends, Pico de Loro offers ferry services from Mall of Asia to the resort directly. I've never tried going to Batangas via a ferry. Hehe Anyway, this is really nice. Mica and I already felt we're on a vacation as we sailed our way to Pico de Loro.

Mall of Asia Jetty Terminal

For non-members and guests, the one-way fee costs P600. The ferry departs at 8:00AM. Travel time from MoA to Pico de Loro took 1.5 hours. It was a smooth ride.

 the ferry for Pico de Loro members and guests

The Resort
This Hamilo Coast property is really huge. There are nine residential condominiums which is surrounded by a four-hectare saltwater lagoon. For non-members, there's Pico Sands Hotel which has a hundred or more rooms. Shuttles are provided for easy transfers to anywhere in the resort.

Pico de Loro residential condominium buildings

 country club area

The Hotel Room
Room rate starts at around 7,000 and up. This is already good for 2 adults and 2 kids, with free breakfast. As soon as we were handed our key cards, Mica and I immediately proceeded to our room and had a quick nap. Of course, we had lots of chismisan in between. ^_^

hallway on the 2nd floor

2 queen sized beds

 office table

veranda with the lagoon view

The room has 2 queen sized beds- with super nice comforter and soft pillows. There's a cabled TV with HD channels. Awesome, magkano kaya to monthly? I want this HD cable for our house. Moving on, there's also a fridge and the resort is not strict at all if you want to bring food and drinks inside the hotel room.

Of course there's the bathroom which is as spacious as the bedroom. Hehe Toiletries and hair dryer are provided.

shower area

with basic toiletries, bath towels, and hair dryer

Beach Area
The weather is perfect for some beach bumming. The light brownish yet clean shore of Hamilo Coast greeted us. There are many guests but there's room for everyone. Aside from swimming, there are lots of activities and water sports which guests can enjoy.

Sun Coral Cafe which is fronting the beach

 beach lounge beds with umbrellas

1.2km long and light brown shore

2013 Pico-Tri Invitational
The annual Pico Tri event was about to start when we checked out the beach area. Im a bit excited because it will be my first time to witness a triathlon event. 

Pico-Tri 2013

Almost 300 world-class athletes and sports enthusiasts participated in this year's Pico-Tri.

the triathletes are almost ready

The race began with a 1.2 kilometer swim across Pico de Loro's famed shores.

1st part of the event: a 1.2-kilometer swim

The sun was unforgiving and I dont know how the athletes managed to swim for that long. Actually the sand alone is already extremely hot. Our slippers were not good enough to protect our feet. Obviously, I salute those athletes for their endurance against the heat.

a swimmer out of the water

One by one, the athletes got out of the water to perform the next event. Triathletes had to bike through a 35-kilometer challenging and rolling terrain. Oh my goodness.

2nd part of the event: a 35-km bike through a rolling terrain

all set for a long bike ride

Finally, the race ended with an 8-kilometer run within the resort.

final part of event: an 8-km run within the resort

one of the pretty iron ladies doing her last lap

I was very inspired to witness such event for iron men and women ages 21-50 years old! I was truly amazed with their strength, endurance, and determination to finish this race. It was a happy sight whenever families cheered for their loved ones. It was not a race afterall but more of a happy event.

Anyway, this man is the overall winner. He is really number 1.

he's really number 1!

All winners and runner-ups for all categories were awarded on an evening ceremony. It turned out to be a fun night of celebration.

the best among the 300 triathletes

Country Club Activities
After our BBQ buffet dinner by the beach, we intentionally left the party early to give way for our planned activity that night. Videoke session it is!

videoke room

There's also some billiard tables for those who wanted to play and have a friendly pustahan. ^_^

billiard tables

And the best part is - Pico de Loro has its own bowling area! This place is really great for company and barkada outings.

care to have a friendly bowling competition?

Buffet Breakfast
The following morning, we had our buffet breakfast on the ground floor of Pico Sands Hotel. There were good tasting items like the tapa, bacon, and danggit.

buffet breakfast plates

with Mica and Melo

Pool Area
Just when I thought I've already explored the best spots in Pico de Loro resort, this pool area proved me wrong. These swimming pools were the greatest places to just relax and have quality fun time with the family.

pool area fronting the lagoon and the residential buildings

kids and adults enjoying the water and the view

time to plunge

super thumbs up for Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club

It was indeed a relaxing and inspiring weekend getaway.
Malay mo next year, isa na ko sa triathletes. Charot!

Pico Sands Hotel
Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines 
E-mail: reservations@picosandshotel.com  /  frontdesk@picosandshotel.com
Telephone: 214.7800 / 214.7888

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Chyng said...

picture heavy i know!

pero aminin mo, gusto mo na din mag company outing dito. hehe

darwin | Tracking Treasure said...

ang ganda talaga sa Pico De Loro no!?, pang-sosyal! hahaha

out of town blog said...

It was quite hot but I really enjoyed our stay syempre andun kayo eh hehehe see you again soon:)


ang bonggggggaa! Staycation kung staycation ung post every visit ko dito haha! :D Sana makapag- staycation din ako. well maintained. ang ganda ng beach!

leandra / adbenturera said...

great pictures, as always! heard of the place thru a colleague na taga-Batangas, ganda pala tlga...

and nice to see you with my kabaleyan Mica, ^_^

khantotantra said...

uu..... ganda mag-outing sa ganyan ka ganda... naku, pag dyan nag outing angtm, siguro, heaven ang feeling. hahahahah

nina said...

Nakaka distract yung number 1. Hihihihi

michi said...

Ganda. How much kaya ang room sa non members?

Photo Cache said...

hindi pang budget traveler yan ha! wow expensive sha.

the place is really nice.

Nicole said...

go go chyng!! Suportahan ta ka with banners and everthing kapag sumali ka next yr! ;)

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Masaya kahit uber init! Hehe now I appreciate triathletes after witnessing the event. Thanks for coming with me in this weekend getaway. More soon yay :D

Anonymous said...

ganda ng place, nice review. convincing. =D

Gladys Serafines said...

I achieve na ang triathlon!

Ganda naman dyan, pang sosyal...hahaha!

blissfulguro said...

uy bagong bihis ang blog ah! hansipag oh! :)

michymichymoo said...

Summer din ang theme ng header.hahaha. :)

adventurousfeet said...

love the pool area! at nice na may bowling area pa! engrandeng vacay talaga! woot!

Ro Manalo said...

Chyng! Thanks for writing about Pico de Loro and Pico Tri! :) Love the photos! Diba next year nag, relay tayo ni Melo, tapos si Mica ang cheerleader natin? :) See you again soon!

Aiyin said...

May fees ba na kailangan bayaran for the use of bowling and videoke area?

chyngreyes.com said...

hey! yes yes. sasali tayo relay next year. haha! thanks for the invite.

yes, may fees..


bongga! i miss your blog chyng! blog blog blog ka nmn lgi , gawen mo n kyang profession mo o kya main job tlga hehehe.

ganda nmn .... inggitmuch to the 10000000 level

lyn52 said...

been to pico .de loro beach and country club.try punta fuego country club.and you might want to try visit my hometown,an almost virgin beach.try search the internet to have an idea.it's cabongaoan beach,in burgos pangasinan.

lyn52 said...

been to pico de loro beach and country club.next try punta fuego country club.
why not try to visit my hometown,for a change.we have an almost virgin beach.try search for CABONGAOAN BEACH,BURGOS PANGASINAN.

KUMAGCOW said...

Ganda dito Chyng ah... sama next time ahaha

Micole l Philippine Traveler said...

Hello Ms. Chyng! Yes to being a triathlete next! Ang ganda ng lugar. You got me sa bowling area nila! Parang personal sports area lang! Thanks for sharing! More power~!

kim buenafe said...

so sa Pico de Loro pala nauwi ang company outing niyo? ganda ng place!

pico de loro said...
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Anonymous said...

hi how much is the guest fee for august? my family is planning to stay there for 1 night. thanks.

Chyng said...

hi! before it is P500. hindi ko alam kung updated..

mary jean ner said...
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Kate Castañares said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi! This is micah from bulacan. I wanna ask paano magvisit ang non-member? pwede kaya magpabook via agoda.com? my fiance and I plan to go there for our honeymoon next year either may or June.

Thank you!!! :)

here's my email for the respone


Cresil Tagle said...
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