A Touch of Bali | Cintai by Corito's Garden

Whatever happened to me in Bali doesn't exactly mean I am not a fan of the Balinese culture anymore. In fact I am still a big fan of the Balinese art and sculpture.

So when Nina invited Upper, Cla and I for an overnight stay in this Bali-inspired sanctuary resort in Batangas, we immediately set the date. The place is called Cintai by Corito's Garden. Cintai (pronounced “chin-tai”) is an Indonesian word which means 'love'. 

Just by seeing the gates, I knew it is love. This looks like a perfect place to unwind, relax and meditate.

the famous Balinese split gate at Cintai, Corito's Garden
okay, that's Upper making lotssss of phone calls!

Candi Bentar, commonly known as the split gate, is an arch shaped term for 2 similar buildings which reflects  symmetry.

 the Dancing Ladies statue welcomed us

a little Bali in Batangas

pretty and very detailed split gate

I've seen almost every establishment, temple, and home in Bali with these split gates. They look very nice, no? Anyway, since we arrived very much ahead of the check in time, our group decided to chill in the pool area. Lucky us, there were no other guests but us. It looked like we rented the whole place! =)

Well, privacy has price. As always, affordable resorts always get overcrowded. That's the advantage of paying a little more, you get to have your own piece of place.

a preview of the main pool at Cintai

a private resort for our group ^_^

that's Nina and Upper and the Hindu god at the back

and Cla tried out the cute umbrella

a Hindu guardian by the pool

The place was really awesome in terms of the details. It looked and felt very much Balinese! I specially liked the Balinese sculptured wall murals.

these sculptured wall murals were a feast in my eyes

Ganesha, the Hindu Lord of Success

and a lot more gods and deities in the wall mural

It didn't end there. Even the restrooms are constructed in detail. Jaw-dropping. This place is actually a lot better than the hotel where I stayed in Bali.

 the Balinese inspired restroom
..and there are 4 of these in Cintai. all restrooms are equally amazing.

the awesome restroom wall, and this is not just a painting

cant help but ask Upper to take a photo of me in-front of this beautiful restroom door

The whole resort is very well conceptualized and constructed.  Even the littlest thing is Bali-inspired. Cintai is really love.

a 40-ft  sculptured wall mural in the pavilion hall

Okay, so much for the awesome sculptures and the pool. Before lunch time, the staff allowed us to check in. The overnight rate in Cintai by Corito's is steep but thanks to the Deal Grocer coupon, Nina got this for a discounted price. Thanks teh for the advanced birthday gift.

more details along the way to our villa

The Terrace Villa is a 60 sq-m room for 4 persons. It has 2 queen-sized beds, extremely spacious bathroom, and own veranda outside. 

 our very own Balinese inspired villa

The Terrace Villa costs P11,000 - and this is already the cheapest room in Cintai by Corito's Garden. This includes your breakfast of choice and a personal butler service.

the glass doors of the villa

a 60-sqm room

the mattresses and pillows are fresh and extremely comfortable

that's the bathroom at the right

the very spacious bathroom

with toiletries and scented candles

personal fridge and a long wooden seat by the window

Anyway, Cintai also offers a day tour for only P1,650. This already includes lunch and snacks, as well as access to all open pictorial sites, swimming pools, playground, shower rooms. Not bad at all!

Speaking of lunch, this is one of the areas where guests can have lunch.

lunch by the garden

According to some reviews, the food at Cintai is not good. Surprisingly, the food was good and really cheap! We ordered Adobo (P300) and Pinakbet (P150). Each dish is already good for 4, seriously! The rice bowl is good for 10 persons. Haha!

 big servings at Cintai

We all loved the food! We even liked the home brewed iced tea. And I like to take home that centerpiece umbrella . ^_^ Kidding aside, our meal was good and very affordable.

After lunch, it's swimming and more exploration time once again!

that's Upper in the pool

show your curves!

While the girls were sabik sa pool, I was more sabik matulog. The bed was really comfy so I overslept. I woke up some minutes before it got dark. Tsk tsk.

my favorite seaweed, cadburies, and a pale pilsen for snack

Anyway, the dinner set menu was really a delight. For just 1,000, we got 4 Asian dishes, home brewed iced tea, and the so-good dessert.

asian dinner feast for 4

all these for less than a thousand pesos

Again, the serving was really generous and they all tasted good. We had leftovers because the set meal was actually good for 6-8 persons. Anyway, the jewel dessert was everyone's favorite.

the Dancing Ladies statue by night

Since the reception area was the only place with wi-fi access, we spent time here for a while. To our surprise, the employees didn't leave until we were back in our villa. They assisted us with all our needs, within the day and until night time. The service was really good.

 one fabulous door at Cintai

Cheers to the owners! Our group was very delighted with this Balinese inspired resort. The murals and sculptures were all awesome. Even the littlest detail was constructed well. The whole place is a peaceful sanctuary. It's actually so close to the real thing. Im happy to know I dont need to go back to Bali because Cintai by Corito's Garden can provide the Balinese feel. We loved the food and the service as well. I would surely go back here, but maybe next time a day tour would do para mas mura. Hehe

going asian - Mie Goreng for breakfast
credits to Cla for the calligraphy skills

Thank you 'The Nina Fuentes' for this treat. ^_^ 
Dimsum buffet tayo next time, yes?

Cintai by Corito's Garden
Sitio Pandayan, Malabanan Balete, Batangas
Mobile: +63917.833.1508 / +63917.833.1728
Email: coritosgarden@gmail.com

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chyngreyes.com said...

..and no, im still not going back to indonesia. sapat na ang cintai for a bali feel. hehe

Nicole Santiago said...

ang ganda! atleast may Cintai na mala-Bali less the... hehe!

leel mango said...

Nice review! nice get up too (in tank top and pants) =)

eMPi said...

Pictures mo pa lang nakaka relax na, what more kung dyan na...

Katherine Tampoco-de la Cruz said...

Cool place, sana near the beach din. Effort din display.

citybuoy said...

my god ang ganda!!! parang gusto ko na rin pumunta.i've never been to bali pero parang keri na 'to!!!

mountains-and-beyond said...

yep.. beautiful cintai :)

TheKidWanderer said...

Haha akala ko talaga bumalik ka dun sa pinakamasayang experience mo. Ganda jan piling Indonesia talaga.

Tsaka ung shorts mo dun sa isang shot, sakto! #kambal ang peg. Hehe

nina said...

Walang anuman teh! Dapat nag absent ka na mwahahaha. Onga pala, may sukli ka pa sakin!

Candy Pascual said...

Ang ganda ng place. Sarap magphoto ops dito.

Photo Cache said...

wow, what a relaxing place this is. inggit ako. i really enjoyed all the architectural details here.

michi said...

ganda. expensive nga yung room. pero at least pwede day tour. maexperience lang na magBali. =)

Anonymous said...

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blissfulguro said...

11,000 ang cheapest room?! haha. pati ako natawa sa reaksyon ko. hoy magkita na tayo bilis, dali! :)

Nor Ann said...



panalo talaga to si Chyng..ikaw na talaga. Ganda ng Davao adventure mo. Newbies wud really want to be like you. Salute madam.

Tama ka nga dapat hindi ganun ka serrriuss sa pag bablog dapat witty and attach ka sa readers. Good Job.


docgelo said...

cintai = love.

what a lovely resort indeed! :)

Gen said...

I've just arrived from Cintai today... this is my first time ever to comment on a review and I found everything you said to be TRUE... nice blog!

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