Coco Beach Resort | Puerto Galera

In my entire employee life, this is just the very first time I joined a company summer outing.

My boss volunteered me to organize the event. Since "places for great company outings" are not really my forte, I extensively searched for beach resorts in Batangas, Bataan, and Puerto Galera which are awesome but not too expensive at the same time. Im just extremely glad I chanced upon Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera.

Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera

Coco Beach Island Resort is a 10-hectare beach resort located in Sabang, Puerto Galera. Yes, it's another beach away from the crowded White Beach. There are daily trips from Batangas Pier to Sabang, but our group decided to rent our own boat for convenience (P5,500 per way). To our surprise, the service boat they provided was really big. It could actually fit 50 people! By the way, we were just 15pax in the group.

  this service boat can actually fit 50 people!

As soon as we arrived, the staff welcomed us, gave us refreshment and nice shell necklaces. The ambiance of the resort was peaceful. Lots of Coconut trees and other plants surrounded the resort. The bamboo houses and facilities were all made from natural materials. Every employee was warm and very accommodating.

The Beach
Since the location is isolated, I never worried this place would be crowded even on a weekend summer season. I was right. The beachfront was calm and quiet.

 the isolated beach

clean, maintained, and uncrowded beach front

The Pool
The lagoon-shaped main pool is located at the center of the resort and only a few feet away from the beach. Lots of bed lounges were available on the side.

main pool of Coco Beach

kiddie pool with slide

greens, blues, and a touch of pink!

the restaurant beside the pool

The Food and Service
Since everything was pre-arranged, our dining table and food were prepared ahead. I really appreciated the staff's attentiveness and thoughtfulness. Good Point #1 - as soon as I  checked my phone, the lady staff approached me and offered me their complimentary wifi access. Awesome! This kind of service always makes a big difference.

the revolving restaurant

the Carabao restaurant

As for the food, they were great! The lunch buffet (P550/pax) they served us was more than we expected. Actually, the servings were generous and we didn't consume even half of the food.

some of the dishes for the buffet lunch

complete meal with sinigang na hipon, salad, chopsuey, adobo, gilled squid, laing, unli rice and iced tea

the golden rule: always make room for dessert!

The Rooms
There are 110 rooms in Coco Beach. The beautiful bamboo rooms gave a cozy and natural ambiance of the place. Most of the rooms don't have tv, fridge, and aircon for the total tropical island experience. This really encourages the guests to stay out of the room and try the 101 Activities in the resort.

path leading to the rooms

plants dominated the place

this one's my favorite.

Each house consists of 4 rooms. The rooms on the seconds floor are more spacious so we asked the staff if we could be transferred to the bigger rooms. Good Point #2 - They granted our request, immediately!

 rooms on the second floor are always bigger

our own veranda and duyan

The Deluxe Room (P4,000) we reserved could fit 4 guests. These rooms have 1 queen sized beds and 2 day beds. To our surprise, the rooms are arranged like this:

tadaaaah! pang-prinsesa ^_^

It's actually very nice but we're not on a honeymoon. Actually, this room aint good for a honeymoon because the walls are not soundproof! hehe

queen sized bed

day beds

Anyway, the interior is very native and nice. No wonder, foreigners loved this local bedroom setup. Just a little complain, mahina ang tubig sa shower.

101 Activities
Coco Beach Resort offers 101 activities! Awesome! This includes complimentary island hopping. Anyway, we had our own team building activities in their very spacious playground. Good Point #3 - While we were playing, two employees approached us. They asked us if we still need anything for our games. Fantastic! They even offered to arrange the race track for the obstacle course.

 the longest line

the guys won in every single game

but sometimes you dont need to win to get the prize ^_^

After the games, it's swimming time in the pool!

no araw, no worries!

great tasting mango and banana shakes

sunset time by the beach

At this time, the employees were already preparing for the New Moon Party Barbecue Buffet.

majestic sunset view from our room

The New Moon Party
Lucky us, there was a New Moon Party event that night. The barbecue buffet dinner with unlimited weng-weng and rhum coke (P750) were served all night. This also includes fire dancing performance which was stunning. Most spectacular was the Here Now band. They played awesome music all night! Mahusay!

dinner by the beach

this plate didn't give justice on how good the food was, specially the fish and the asparagus soup!

What's a nightout in Puerto Galera without a fire dancer?

the fire dancer's performance was really good
actually it was so good, era and i were convinced to take firedancing lessons. haha!

After the fire dancing performance, this band delivered good music all night.

superb performance by Here Now band

The ladies called it a night, while the guys drank all the weng weng and rhum coke! Haha

Island Hopping
The complimentary buffet breakfast was served from 6:45am to 10:00am. The choices were good, and as always, the service was excellent. Good Point #4 - Someone broke a glass and the staff just rushed to the scene, smiled and immediately said "It's okay, don't worry." Nice no?

breakfast at Coco Beach

At 8:30, the boatman was already waiting for us. This island hopping is a complimentary activity of the package we availed. Two boats were provided for our group.

island hopping - free!

Actually, we only went to the Long Beach island. But it's okay, afterall we didn't pay for anything. Hehe

on our way to the Long Beach

the sand in the Long Beach is a bit whiter and finer

Doms playing (double) dead in the clear water of Long Beach

thank you Coco Beach

Overall, we had a great time in this secluded Coco Beach Resort. The food is very good. The servings were generous, we never consumed even half of the food. The prices are reasonable too for a private place like this. The beach is not spectacular but it's okay. The New Moon Party, the band, and the firedancer were all awesome. I am truly happy to know that there are 13 service families who were given jobs in this resort. The service is excellent! Staff are very helpful and attentive to the guest's needs. I am happy and satisfied with the choice I made for our company outing. =)

Coco Beach Island Resort
Behiya, Sabang, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental, Philippines

25 responses: said...

if not renting a boat, im not really sure how to reach Coco Beach. ^_^

Nicole said...

Mukhang gusto ko na bumalik sa galera at maexprience ang native na rooms! :)

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Puerto Galera, kelan ba kita mararating? So near yet so far ang peg natin dalawa :))

Plus points talaga ang good customer service. Eto ang tamang example ng you get what you pay for :D

michymichymoo said...

Never pa ko nakapunta sa Puerto Galera. :(

debz bula said...

It was my second time in Galera but I really enjoyed this one over the first trip. The 'house mama' even approached us and asked us if we need mosquito nets. She said they can provide it but others doesn't want them because it can be hot sometimes. The food was really nice. You can taste the butter, oyster sauce, and special vinegar.

michi said...

I wanted to go back in Puerto Galera yung biyahe lang ayaw ko. dami transfer e. Tamad ako magboat. hehehe!

Kat said...

'My boss volunteered me to organize the event.' - panalo haha

In fairness, mukhang sulit na sulit talaga ang bayad sa facilities and service ng resort.

Tria said...

I didn't enjoy my Puerto Galera experience that much but Coco Beach seems like a good choice if ever I''m coming back :) Btw, your new watermark is super nice :)

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

Grabe Chyng ha, ang bilis mo mag post!!! Wala kang backlog? :0 said...

ayoko ng backlogs. i delete old pics na hindi ko naiblog. therefore, wala akong backlogs. hehe

nina said...

Hehe, dyan kami nag field trip dati. Nakakatuwa nga yung native na mga cottages.

eMPi said...

ang dami ngang foreigners oh.... ibig sabihin, maganda talaga ang place.

sayang! di mo alam kung paano magpunta dyan without renting a boat o baka kailangan talaga magrent. :)

Photo Cache said...

I really like the accommodation and the vibe of the place. Sna makarating din ako jan. *super inggit*

khantotantra said...

Angara! (nope, not the senatoriable hehehe)

ang ganda! Nakapunta na ako sa galera pero parang di ko nasight yang resort na yans. :D

At lakas maka-conyo nung white kulambo thingy.

blissfulguro said...

basta may unli alak go na! :)

Joni Kiki said...

the best talaga seafood!!! nakakagutom yung mga food!

Sumi Go | The Purple Doll said...

Haven't been to Puerto Galera yet, pero super like ko 'tong Coco Beach! Aside from the accommodations and the food, it seems like they have great service :D Will recommend this to my family and friends for our next outing.

Anonymous said...

Meron pong 810/way per pax na inooffer ang cocobeach. Gustong gusto ko puntahan toh pero wala lang chance. Naka basa ako ng isang blog sabi marami daw palaka at tuko sa gabi talagang maririnig mo daw pag pa sleep kna. Tapos pag inabot ka ng gabi sa labas ng room mo nkaka ligaw daw bumalik sa room? Totoo ba un miss chyng? Ok lang b ung room kht walang AC hndi ba sobrang init? - iAmCheSab said...

the staff (serviced families) wont sleep until they see you back in your room. ihahatid ka nila, if you wish to.

i'd rather hear frogs and other animals kesa ingay ng banda at mga lasing sa beach sa puerto galera.. hehe

sa ganitong weather, kahit saan mainit. for me keri lang, hindi naman ganon kainit sa gabi. if you want A/C rooms, meron din sila.

Anonymous said...

Ah ok thanks miss chyng. Hmmmmm. Tama ka nga mas ok palaka at tuko kesa ingay ng banda. Un lang sana tunog lang talaga. Wag na sila papasok sa room. Nyahahaha. - iAmCheSab

Adventure Accountant said...

Assigned volunteer! Extended sa office work ang travel and planning research talent. Obertaym!

A good alternative sa Galera White Beach. May unli na weng-weng and rhum coke pa (panalo to teh!)

Looks like your team had fun. Success! Wag kalimutan i-mention sa performance appraisal. :D

At ang sipag mag-blog! Keep it up. Natatabunan ako. Bwahahaha.

Micole said...

I love those rooms! and the pool. How nice! Good choice. Looks like a promising place to stay in Puerto Galera. More power!

Anonymous said...

hi! nice blog and photos

can you give me some ideas how much is the food cost? thank you

Chyng said...

buffet is at P550 per person. =)
around 250-500 yung ala carte.

rhea angela said...

sis family deluxe ba yang nasa pic kung san kayo nag stay? parang 1 building ba sya tapos may rooms? so ibig sabihin may iba kayong makakasama na guests? sa case nyo ok lang kasi big group kayo eh.. we're planning to have a vacation kasi kaso 5 lang kami, nahihirapan ako pumili ng rooms namin. thanks :)

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