Li Li's Dimsum Buffet | Hyatt Manila

Just like my Market Cafe buffet experience in Hyatt, I didn't expect Li Li's Chinese buffet to be awesome!
Li Li is the signature Chinese restaurant of Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila.

Casino, The Fireplace, and Li Li on the 5th floor

lovely and modern display at the hotel lobby

dining setup at Li Li's
a classy, intimate, and impressive place

Li Li's lunch dimsum buffet is offered at the price of P888 net per person. Actually it's not all dimsum, this buffet also includes Barbecued Pork Belly, Fried Rice with Pork and Veggies, and Stir Fried Veggies.

Food Porn | Li Li's Buffet at Hyatt Hotel and Casino

Tea Ceremony
the geisha-like ladies served us Oolong tea. super like!

Guava Iced Tea
i never like guavas, but this iced tea with guava puree is excellent! unfortunately, this is not included in the buffet but - if you mention my name when you dine here, you'll get this guava iced tea for free!

Hot and Sour Soup with generous amount of Assorted Seafood
a good way to start the buffet

actually I used these as side dishes ^_^

Steamed Fish Shaped Dumpling with Cod Fish
fish are friends, not food.. ^_^

 Baked Barbecue Pastry Puff

 Deep Fried Mashed Taro Puff with Chicken

Steamed Crabmeat Dumpling with Black Mushroom

Deep Fried Becho-Becho Shrimp with Wasabi Mayonnaise

Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumpling with Fish Roe
yes, it's the classic siomai.

Pan Fried Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp
..and the bird-shaped piece is edible!

My Favorite 3

Top 3 - Steamed Shrimp Dumpling
it's always a delight when a good tasting hakaw is included in a buffet.

Top 2 - Steamed Fresh Scallop Dumpling
heavenly! i love hakaw, but i love scallops more!

Top 1 - Steamed Shrimp, Dried Seaweeds Roll, Asparagus, Fish Roe
this is the most ultimate dimsum i tasted - like ever! (arte much) 
seriously, the combination is excellent! i will come back at LiLi's for this one.

Li Li also offers ala carte servings of these dimsums. But if you're a big eater of dimsums, it's just much better to avail the buffet instead. Mas sulit!

on my plate: the spinach dumpling, xiao long bao, my favorite asparagus and seaweed dumpling, siomai, and crabmeat dumplings

my favorite scallop and asparagus roll dumpling, with baked pastry and taro puff

And since this an Eat-All-You-Can session, I never felt guilty ordering for more dumplings!
For dessert, we had these items for a sweeter ending.

Sesame Balls with White Belgian Chocolate
omg, this is really very good! i never liked buchi, but this one's to die for!

Chilled Mango Sango with Almond Jelly
very refreshing

Im very full and satisfied as we left Li Li's. No wonder, Chinese and Chinoys frequent this place for an authentic Chinese buffet experience. The restaurants in Hyatt Hotel and Casino are great, I can't wait to also try The Fireplace, their steakhouse restaurant.

1588 Pedro Gil, Malate, Manila
Li Li's Buffet Rate: 880 net, Mondays to Saturdays 12:00PM to 3:00PM
Reservations: 245.1234 /
Sweet note: mention my name when you dine here and 
you'll get the Guava Iced Tea (originally priced at P200) for free!

15 responses:

michi said...

I got a Luncheon Invite din sa Lili's kaso I'm not available last Sat. Sayang! Nagutom tuloy ko sa post mo.

Nicole said...

wow!! Sasabihin lang name mo, may free na! :) ang nice!!

michymichymoo said...

I wanna gooooooooo!!! :)

Photo Cache said...

could you give me a tip on how you take photos while you are dining? i'm quite shy when it comes to whipping out my camera and take proper photos. at most all i can muster is a sneaky shot that is not good for public consumption.

King said...

napapadaan lang po. nagbabalik sa mundo ng blogging.

Ian | Going Places said...

Dimsum and Siomai overload! Kakatuwa naman yung mga fish shape na dimsun pati yung duck... kinain mo din yun parang nakakahinayang eh.

eMPi said...

Ang sarap!

June said...

Nagutom ako bigla.

Berylle Kaye Hong said...

super fav namin lili! Lahat ata ng dimsum nila msrap.. and their signature guava iced tea..nagiisa lg tlga haha! Kakamiss!! :)

Christeen Cereno said...

ang yummy naman tignan :) tanong ko lang nakakain ba yung mga fish sa gilid? hehe ang cute kasi ^,^ said...

yes edible! hehe ayoko lang kainin. ang morbid. ^_^

Rizalenio said...

Nakakagutom much! :)

khantotantra said...

laging umeeksena yung fish-look-a-like dimsum... hahaha. hangcute... akala mo tunay na fishy na tumatambay sa mga dumplings :p

Renz Kristofer Cheng said...

Everything looks so appetizing! And because I love dimsum so much, I can't help myself but crave. :)

Traveling Morion said...

Taga Mindoro lang wife ko pero indi pa ako nakakapag Galera :( Yummy foods Chyng!

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