A Luxurious Staycation at Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan

Staycation is a combination of vacationing and staying in a nearby hotel, resort, or even at home. Summer is the best time to travel while the rainy season is the best time to have a staycation! It's not weather dependent, the crowd is less, and hotel rates are cheaper.

It was in 2010 when I first tried staycation. After 3 years and 15 more staycations, it's very obvious that this my new favorite activity. Since the hotels and resorts in the city are kinda typical, it's time for me to take my staycation to a higher level. I booked a flight to Cebu just to have a luxurious staycation.

one luxurious staycation at Crimson Resort and Spa in Mactan

Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan is a sprawling 6-hectare beach front resort with a first-rate spa. This resort has 40 luxurious and spacious private villas with individual plunge pools and 250 guestrooms that combine both comfort and style.

The resort started its operations last October 2011. It's always best to stay in a resort while it's still new.

 one of the many locally made yet world class art pieces in the resort

The viewing deck in the reception area gives the guests a preview of this beautiful resort.

 overlooking the reception area is the 3-tiered infinity pool 

The 3-Tiered Infinity Pool
One word: grand. It features the kiddie and the adult infinity pools.

the beach club

Most tourist lazily spend all mornings and afternoons in the infinity pool or the lounge. By the way, Crimson Resort in Mactan offers a day tour which costs P2,500++ per person, inclusive of buffet lunch and an access to the infinity pool and the beach.

 kiddie infinity pool which is connected to the main infinity pool

mommy and the alligator life buoy

 Crimzone, the children's activity area

main infinity pool

Notice the nipa huts on each end of the pool? These are the spa area by the pool side with the view of the beach. Nice and refreshing.

Sole Revival treatment at Aum Spa costs P600++
The Villa
After a quick tour by the pool area, it's time to check out our villa. Crimson Resort and Spa has 40 luxurious villa which measures 115 sq meters each. Yes, that spacious. The best part is, each villa has its own private plunge pool. *winks*

 a villa with the ocean view

our villa for 2 days
around P19,000 per night, with buffet breakfast for 2

 golf carts are out, this striking red shuttle cart is so in!

A welcome ritual was made upon our entry. I can't remember the name but the pretty staff washed my hand with water mixed with some oil essences.

 a special welcome ritual

Not long after this, we finally had our first glance of the villa. Aside from the impression that the villa still looks new, the ambiance and the fragrance is really remarkable.

the spacious living area

each furniture is a knock out
i specially loved the laminated wood table

dining area with complimentary wine and fruits
the mangoes are so sweet!

Now the master bedroom. Like the living area, the bed, lamps, mirrors, table, and other furniture feature Cebu designer's creativity and craftsmanship.

a peek of the master bedroom
wow, pang-prinsesa ^_^

4 poster canopy king sized bed

finally, the plunge pool view from the bedroom
with easy access!

Now the master bathroom.

the master bedroom with an equally spacious master bathroom

very spacious and lovely bathroom
again, every detail is a pride for the Cebuanos

i love those lamps!

bathtub with bath salt, bubble soap, fragrance oil, and ultra fresh towels
yes, the bathroom is the new photobooth!

complete with toiletries

Finally, the plunge pool. Actually, this is the first time I experienced a villa with plunge pool. I am so delighted!

our secluded plunge pool!♥

the water is warm and doesn't contain any chemicals

ready for a plunge

But of course, it's time for some pictorial first.

pictorial on our plunge pool

Since our villa is divided by the walls, we enjoyed a complete privacy. Goofing around this pool without worrying about any by-passers is the ultimate luxury. ^_^

Actually, the private plunge pool is just my 2nd favorite. What I appreciated most is how Crimson patronizes and promotes the elegant and classy furniture pieces with a unique Filipino touch. Every local and foreign guests in resort would surely be awed by Cebu's very fine creativity and craftsmanship thru the locally made furniture. 

After this, local furniture can now be associated with the words elegance and luxury.

 featuring Cebu's very fine creativity and craftsmanship

I saw some Murillo and Kenneth Cobonpue pieces, and I instantly wished I can have those pieces for our own home.

The Food at Saffron
Moving on. Rob and I had our buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Saffron's Cafe. Lunch buffet costs P1,000++ per person and dinner buffet ranges from 1,500++ to 1,800++ per person. Anyway, the buffet spread offers a lot of dishes. The service is excellent. Every staff had its own 5-star hospitality in assisting the guests.

Saffron Cafe restaurant

 interior at Saffron Cafe

What I loved most were: penne carbonara, stir fired noodles, buttered shrimp, and the mango crepe. Oh, the waitress offered me to try their Bokchoy, a drink made out of Chinese pechay, pineapple, and honey. Super like!

some of the food offered at Saffron Cafe

Note: For villa guests, breakfast can be availed at Tempo, a classier restaurant on the 2nd floor. Go for it! There's not much guests and the view is awesome.

The Beach
What's a resort without having a nice beachfront? Actually Crimson had a short shore and the sand is artificial. Nonetheless, the water is clear and very swim-able. As always, the color of the water is at its most tempting from 9am to 1pm.

 beach lounge chairs

very tempting beachfront at Crimson Resort and Spa

classic crystal clear water in Cebu

Thank you Lord for the perfect weather. Prior to this trip, 2 typhoons were reigning all over the whole country.

Aum Spa
It was already a relaxing and luxurious getaway, but the best way to top it off is have a soothing spa at Aum. The traditional Aum Spa costs P3,400++ for an hour of massage.

 a night plunge first before going to the spa

Aum Spa features an array of invigorating services that promises to relax, restore and energize the mind and body.

complete pampering at Aum Spa and Wellness Center

with the award-winning designer Kenneth Cobonpue's chair?

The facilities are top of the class- clean and smells so good. There's also a pool, a steam and sauna rooms which Aum customers can enjoy. 

my Transition to Transformation Massage started with a foot spa

I just loved the experience. Im not really into massages but this one's slowly relaxed and soothed my reflexes. It was indeed a sound sleep after I had this massage.

pool area by night

thank you Crimson for the ultimate staycation experience ♥

I'm actually overwhelmed with how beautiful this resort is. This is indeed one of the best resorts that I've been to. The villas and guest rooms are spaced well which made the whole area looked very pleasant. The beach is just gorgeous.

What I appreciated most is how Crimson patronizes and promotes the world class Cebuano design and art. It's another 'Im a proud Pinay' moment whenever local and foreign guests wowed upon the glamorous furniture pieces. Most of all, Im more than happy to know that this resort gives jobs to 400 locals. Cheers!

 Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan Promo 2013

Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan
Seascapes Resort Town, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines

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chyngreyes.com said...

bongga! haha ^_^


Napanganga ko sobrang level up! Grabe napanganga ako sa presuo pinakaexpensive na lakad mo na siguro to hahaha:)

Nicole said...

ang mhl!! haha! Pero ang ganda.

cah said...

Ikaw na!!! luxurious staycation tlga!!!

michymichymoo said...

Wow! Would love to stay here someday.. :) parang mas maganda pa to sa previous na napuntahan mong resorts, Chyng. :)

Photo Cache said...

this is very luxurious!

Mustachio said...

Wow! And the prices are wow too!! :D

rob l sensoryreplays said...

.. and the wicker sofa was an extra bed! haha. thanks for tagging me along, chyng! enjoyed it, sobra!

marxtermind said...

Ang ganda naman.... Ako kaya kelan ggraduate sa mga P500 guesthouse? Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

My fave resort. Better than Shang.

Ian | Going Places said...

Ang alta na staycation... Sana maka-experience din ako nito! Gorgeous infinity pool as well the beach.

blissfulguro said...

ang diyosa ng staycation. pa-experience naman! tara bilis...

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Win na win ang staycation! Lakas makainggitera!(Ako) ahahahaha! Iba kang maglevel up te! Bongga ka day!

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Bigla ko naalala yung goal ko noon na puntahan lahat ng resorts sa Mactan at bumili ng maraming stylish furnitures. Hay, pang-honeymoon ang peg! Hanap muna ako ng honey then gogora din ako dyan next year ^_^

Anonymous said...

Sorry but do you get free staycaytion in promoting them?

Anonymous said...

At the very least, if this is indeed a sponsored post, simple ethics dictate that the blogger should clearly indicate that the post is sponsored. Nothing is more annoying (and disappointing) than reading a PR post masquerading as a legit entry.

citybuoy said...

Nakakaloka yung prices! haha natakam pa naman ako sa infinity pool, yung provate dipping keme and the beach! nung nakita ko yung presyo (na partida nakapromo), naglaslas nalang ako. haha

JeffZ of jeffwasthere.com said...

The pictures say it all.. :)busog lusog! :)

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When kaya ako makapunta ng Cebu? this is nice place to relax!

Pondering Paodaolei said...

Love it!


The pool at night...WOW!!! :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ibang klase ka talaga....daig mo pa yata ang mayayaman...


sosyal!!!! :D I love all your staycations. magawa nga yan minsan! <3 Kainggit!!!

soloflightEd said...

ganda ng resort ah. buti ka pa, nakapagcrimson na. mga officemates ko dati, nagdaytrip lang dyan. didn't realize maganda din pala ang beach!

Poi said...

Ang sarap naman diyan. Nakaka-mayaman. Ang sosyal lang. :)

Donnie said...

i stayed there before..it really is a very nice resort...not to mention it really smells good! lalo na ung comfort rooms na airconditioned.

Christeen Cereno said...

wow miss chyng!!! saya nito for sure. Food and adventure in one, me magandang hotel pa fronting mayon .. **eyes wide open** .

Sandy Parker said...

Wow! Gusto ko pumunta jan! Sana.sana. By the way, natry mo na sa hotel na ito http://www.summithotels.ph/hotels/summit-circle-cebu/?

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