Around Bicol in 30 Plates

It was in 2007 when I first reached the Bicol region.  6 years after, I've already visited Bicol for 8 times. The accessibility, the pristine beaches, the majestic volcanoes, the adventures, and the great food made Bicol a really good destination. Actually, our episode of PHL360 was also shot in Bicol - particularly in Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Legazpi, and Masbate.

Day 1
My previous Bicol trip was themed uniquely. Together with a few invited bloggers, we discovered and experienced the wonders of the Bicol Region while enjoying the sumptuous meals at Bigg's Diner - the biggest and most famous food chain in the Bicol.

 Bigg Taste You Can Afford

Does Bigg's Diner really need to be promoted? As far as I know (and including the advices in the travel forums), a visit to Bicol is never complete without eating at Bigg's. It's that famous! For the record, I never missed eating at Bigg's whenever Im in Bicol. It's simply a must. Agree?

Magsaysay - one of the trendiest branches of Bigg's Diner

certainly, Bigg's Diner is one of the best of Bicol

Tapsilog for breakfast

with Choco drink and Black forest cake

Right after breakfast, our group proceeded to our first adventure - an ATV ride to Malabsay Falls. This is not my first time to ride an ATV, but it's my first time to go to Mt Isarog National Park and Malabsay Falls.

orientation - done. Im ready to go!

If you haven't tried riding the ATV, well you should. It is really awesome!

the breathtaking trail to Malabsay Falls

with Mr. Our Awesome Planet, Brenna, EAZY traveler, Byahilo, Marx, and Out of Town Blog

The trail became bumpy and slippery when we're nearing the falls. I took extra care of my camera on this part. I only used one hand to drive and the other to hold my camera. LOL

finally at Mt. Isarog National Park

After the ATV ride came the trekking part. Its trail is not that hard, but right footwear is needed. Since I've been busy working with my project in the office, I really treasured this moment to take a deep breathe and enjoy nature.

going down the Malabsay Falls

the Malabsay Falls in Mt Isarog

we just love group shots eh? ^_^

It's just nice to know that we do not need to go far. There are already many waterfalls within Naga City.

Next place we visited is the Panicuason Hot Spring. This is where we had a nice and soothing soak which relaxed our tired muscles. The big surprise is that Bigg's Diner delivered our snacks to this area. Perfect, we're all hungry!

Extreme Supreme Burger and my favorite Iced Tea

Photos of Naga - Featured Images
Panicuason Hot Spring
This photo of Naga is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Just like Bigg's Diner, the Avenue Plaza Hotel in Naga is also a certified best in Bicol. The hotel is really elegant. I liked it.

reception area at Avenue Plaza Hotel

fabulous twin beds

 my first ever Havaianas pair, with the I ♥ Bicol pin
 thank you Havaianas - SM Naga

I dont want to leave the room anymore, but we need to keep going, specially if it's time for my most favorite Bigg's Baby Back Ribs. ^_^

vintage-inspired themed Bigg's Diner - Centro branch

Along with Brenna and Marx, we shared this so-good dinner with a lot of chismisan.

my ever favorite Baby Back Ribs
I can't count the times I've ordered this on my previous trips. haha

heavenly yet sinfully Molten Lava Cake

met The Pinay Solo Backpacker again after 3 long years. 
long and straight hair na sya ngayon. yabang ^_^

Day 2
We traveled to Inorogan Chapel right after breakfast. This chapel was built in 1614, which represents the town’s gratitude to the Almighty and the Virgin Mary for miraculously saving the town from Mt. Sumagang’s eruption.

i so love this statue at the foot of Inorogan Chapel

We got hungry after climbing the 150-step to Inorogan Chapel. Next destination is Bigg's Diner - Iriga for our lunch treat.

 Bigg's Diner - Iriga

sizzling Tenderloin Tips with Baked Mashed Potatoes partnered with creamy Cauliflower Soup

Kookie Monster Cake
this instantly became my new favorite!

It's the first time I tried out these dishes and Im glad I did. Bigg's Diner has really a good variety of food selection.

After this satisfying lunch, our group went to Cagsawa Ruins to have a view of the mighty Mayon Volcano. As always, its shape is perfect!

Cagsawa church was destroyed during the most destructive eruption of the nearby Mayon Volcano in February 1, 1814. The eruption killed an estimated 1,200 people in the surrounding areas and buried the town of Cagsawa. Hundreds of inhabitants of the town of Cagsawa sought refuge in the church, but unfortunately were also killed by either pyroclastic flows or lahar.
the majestic Mayon Volcano

I've seen the Mayon multiple times before, and I was quite surprise that this volcano is still beautiful even when viewed at night.

the Mayon view from Ligñon Hill
even more beautiful at night

Another place to visit at night is the Embarcadero de Legazpi. This is a premier waterfront development in the Legazpi City harbor that is emerging as a world-class lifestyle hub both for tourists and the locals.

Embarcadero de Legazpi

Since this is the hippest mall in Legazpi, Bigg's Diner has a branch in it. We just did a take out since it's getting late already.

Bigg’s Chicken Meal with Crab and Corn Soup

Another best of Bicol is The Oriental Hotel in Legazpi. This is one of the beautifully constructed hotel that I've been. It looks really clean and elegant as well.

 welcome drink with a twist of spiciness

our beautiful room for the night

even the centerpiece bouquet arrangement is made of chillies

After eating our Bigg's take out meal, I had a long bath and immediately sleep. It has been a long day.

Day 3
The daylight added more beauty and sophistication to the Oriental Hotel. I cant help but appreciate its architecture.

 The Oriental Hotel

way to pool and alfresco dining area

pool fronting the Mayon Volcano

fabulous hotel design

For breakfast (and addition to the hotel's complimentary buffet spread), Bigg's provided us with newly cooked Bacon, Sausage, and Hash Brown meal.

Bacon, Sausage,  and Hash Brown for breakfast

Next activity is a trip to Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave. I've always wanted to go here and thankfully the organizers included this is the itinerary.

Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave is a natural tunnel-like structure situated in Camalig, Albay. It has been said that these caves were the primitive habitats of the natives in the area. It has been discovered during the Japanese occupation and has been one of the most popular attractions in Albay. The name Hoyop-Hoyopan was derived from the local word "Hoyop" which means to blow.

Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave, c/o Marx

The final stop in this Around 30 Plates in Bicol trip is a lunch at Bigg's Diner - Pacific Mall. In celebration of Bigg's 30th Year, a man dressed in Elvis was giving away gift certificate for lucky diners.

free Bigg's certificates for lucky diners

Bigg's Diner surely brings pride to every Bicolano.  For 30 long years and 11 branches in Bicol region alone, this business has sustain and even improved the quality of food to every native and tourist of the region. They don't actually serve some fast food, but rather good food.

thank you Bigg's Diner for the experience

thank you for the 30 years of serving good and affordable food

..and cheers to more years ahead. 
We are really hoping to have a Bigg's Diner branch here in Manila! =)

23 responses: said...

thank you Bigg's! til next time!

Nicole said...

waaaah! inggit ako ang ganda ng Mayon!! At ang sarap ng food!

michymichymoo said...

I haven't been to Bicol, ever. Guess I should book a trip soon! :)

Damicaye said...

pakyawan! I had fun in this trip.

set na uli ng panibagong gala! haha

Anonymous said...

pakyawan! I had fun in this trip.

set na uli ng panibagong gala! haha

leslie said...

.. I'm Bicolana also and I'm thankful to your blog entry. Bicol Region are really beautiful :)

xian said...

Wow ang lakas ng virgin powers mo miss chyng! talagang nagpakita ang Mayon =)

marxtermind said...

Isang bagsakan!

Natakam ako sa cake ulit. The best. 👌

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Ang shala ng Bicol trip nyo! :D Tagal na akong natatakam pumunta dyan, pero never akong natuloy. Miss ko tuloy kayo! :D

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

u have a new fan, my brother called and said, " ate nag-blog na si chyng nung Bicol, nakasama ako sa pic!" haha thanks for the mention,it's been almost 3 years since we've last seen each other. thanks to Bigs! :D i hope we get to travel again soon!

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

u have a new fan, my brother called and said, " ate nag-blog na si chyng nung Bicol, nakasama ako sa pic!" haha thanks for the mention,its been almost 3 years since we've last seen each other nga. thanks to Bigs! :D i hope we get to travel again soon!

Kara / Travel Up said...

Hey Chyng, wow, I love your photos! Ang ga-ganda! Nice traveling with you.

Leah - The Bright Spot said...

Hi Chyng! Adik din ako sa Biggs every time I go to Naga or Legazpi for work yan ang nire-request ko hehe!

I think may branch sila sa Batangas, a bit near na from us pero sana nga mag-open na sila Branch sa Manila. It's about time!

rhovic said...

nagustuhan ko rin sa avenue plaza..
sayang lang at di ko nasubukang mag-bigg's

soloflightEd said...

hanep sa Bigg's menu ah!
Saya nyo dyan Chyng! I want to visit the waterfalls and of course, papicture with Mayon.

John Michael Bueno said...

Chyng sobrang ganda nung pool with the Mayon Volcano view. I wanna go there na!

Lizzie Argulla said...

Awesome photos, Chyng! Nakakagutom din haha! ;)

Tria said...

You always take the best photos <3

Katherine de la Cruz said...

taga-diyan ako pero mas marami ka pang napuntahan kesa saken. Biggs' iced tea is the best!

Joni Kiki said...

Ag sarap ng food, infairness!!!! Hayahay, Chyng! Love it!

ZaiZai said...

That was a perfect trip to Bicol! Perfect ang food, ang accommodations, ang view! I want to go to Bicol too and be at awe at the sight of Mayon :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, there used to be a Bigg's branch in SM Bicutan in Paranaque City. Unfortunately, they closed down because ang laki ng pwesto nila and almost nobody eats there. Too bad. Kung kailan nag hahanap tayo ng biggs branch sa manila, nag sara sila dun. haha. Closest I think is in SM Santa Rosa.

Anonymous said...

wow, cool the streets of his

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