Seasons Buffet at Waterfront Manila Pavilion

What made my staycation more special at Waterfront Manila Pavilion hotel was the food at Seasons Cafe. This interactive lifestyle restaurant gave me and my guests a wide spread of tasty food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

well-lit and elegant buffet setup at Seasons

I must say that Im quite surprised. Seasons has really an elegant ambiance. Buffet lunch is served from 11:30am to 2:30am, while dinner is served from 6:30pm to 10pm. Since we went here on a holiday/weekend, I got more surprised to know that they had lower buffet rates during holidays. Ironic. Hehe 

 classy dining setup at Seasons

After the many buffet restaurants that I've tried, this is first time I encountered this utensil rack. Good point for Seasons.

something to hold the utensils

As always, I walked around to every buffet table first. The food presentation was so appetizing. For the first time in my life, I got excited with the dessert. Haha Not a big fan of sweets but the dessert spread was so inviting I wanted to have them first. ^_^

 Food Porn | Seasons Buffet at Waterfront Manila Pavilion

cupcakes, macaroons, and more colorful sweets!

delicious-looking pastries

Not to mention, Seasons have a waffle and crepe station, ice cream station, doughnuts, and churros. Yum!

doughnuts and churros stand

happy plate!

Okay moving on, Seasons has a really good cheese and bread spread. Again, my eyes feasted in the presentation. Actually I think the best part is the restaurant is not crowded at all, and service is very good.

cheese and cold cuts

good tasting pizza

seafood and meat for grilling

some of the main entree

Again, these are just a few of the dishes that were served. Spring rolls, dimsum, pasta, roasted lamb, and other asian dishes are served.

roasted lamb

cheese ravioli carbonara

baked salmon

The secret to a good food photography is the plating and the lighting.*winks*
Of course, we made a large room for the much awaited dessert.

 one of the gorgeous looking specialty cakes

 dessert platter

mango crepe with whip cream and chocolate syrup


Honestly, I've read a lot of mixed reviews at Seasons buffet so I wasn't really expecting delightful. But from the ambiance, dining setup, buffet spread, the dessert, specially the service - I think Seasons deserve a good feedback. The price is a little steep if you would pay the regular rate. Good thing, vouchers are always available in Ensogo and it costs half the price. It's actually a good deal then. 

thank you Seasons for the warm service and delicious food!

Seasons at Waterfront Manila Pavilion
United Nations Avenue, corner Maria Orosa street, Ermita Manila

20 responses:

Chyng said...

yun oh, may appearance si jim at aljur! hehe

khantotantra said...

honggondo ng arrangements and placements ng fodies. yung balanse lang at di crowded much yung mga kakainin kaya festive sa mata, nakaka-excite din ang color combi.

Vash Lingan said...

ganda ng pics and the buffet looks yummy! lalo na ung sweets :)

docgelo said...

this brings so much old memories, chyng. the last time we went to pavilion & dined at seasons was 2009 pa (!

it's great to see improvement on their spread; those desserts look heavenly!

Kat said...

ang bongga nga ng desserts! ^_^

Aljur said...

Haha memories.. :) asan na si waffle? Haha


It was presented ng bongga , and as usual chyng u posted it with glamour!!!

Tulo laway hihihi

Photo Cache said...

the shots are superb. talagang food porn nga, orgasmic ang dating eh.

Ian | Going Places said...

Exciting nga yung dessert! Plus the salmon... yum!
Looking at Ensogo now...

leilani said...

sakit ng mata ko!!! ang sarap!!! pero wala nito sa bahay namin!! huhuhu

Allen said...

ang kulit nung happy plate parang ang hirap kainin kasi cute hahahaha

Berylle Kaye Hong said...

wow! mukhang mas ok na ngayon selections sa seasons a.. wasn't much impressed last time we visited e..

Lzl Simply me said...

Miss Chyng! Ginutom tuloy ako.. nasa office pa namn ako ngayon, gusto ko na tuloy kumain, hehe... They look soooooo yummy!


Renz Kristofer Cheng said...

Wow! You do have great photos, and I got curious about the place! How much is the regular rate?

I love the desserts! It's my first time to know of a buffet place serving doughnuts and churros! :)

blissfulguro said...

idol sa plating! haha. kamusta breakfast? natuwa kayo? :)

Anonymous said...

hi I read your blog always to get info sa mga lugar na gusto ko mapuntahan. chyng question lang what group buying site na marerecommend mo na sobrang reliable? appreciate your response.


Chyng said...

1500 regular rate nila.

opcors ma'am. hihi

deal grocer! =)

Cassie Fashion said...


Anonymous said...

Ang desserts bongga

Kevin said...

Those foods are really mouthwatering, specially the sweets... Now I'm really starving...

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