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Wanderlust is a very strong and uncontrollable desire to travel. So even when I'm juggling all my tasks in the middle of a very busy work week, the other part of brain was preoccupied with the thought of hitting the road again. Well I admit I'm always a willing victim of this wanderlust thing. Obviously, I gave in.

 Infinity Resort in Puerto Galera

I considered going to the mountain side, but my heart was really pounding to hit the beach. My skin is craving to feel the sun and the sea again. Just 3 days after, I satisfied my craving and found myself back in Puerto Galera.

it's so refreshing to see the clear sky and the blue water again

Since it's the rainy season, I'm surprised to see Puerto Galera this empty. I like it. Anyway, since I've been going to Puerto Galera since 2006 I think, White Beach is now never an option for me. I always consider going to Tamaraw, Sabang, or Talipanan areas for lesser crowd. But since there's this new and breathtaking new resort in Talipanan, then I already made a decision.

the beachfront Infinity Resort in Talipanan

There are direct boat trips from Batangas pier to Talipanan, but since it's the lean season - this trip is not offered. However, Infinity Resort provides free transfers from White Beach or Muelle to Talipanan. You have no idea how delighted Donnie and I were when the staff offered us muffins and cold drinks on our way to the resort. We're just so hungry! LOL

After the short trip, we had our first glance of Infinity Resort. It simply outshines the other resorts in the area. This resort started its operation just around 1.5 years ago. Actually, the spa, gym, and other villas are still being constructed. Fairly new.

reception area

welcome drinks

The resort looks so pleasant to the eyes. It is almost like a gallery of finely crafted woodwork furniture. I've never appreciated wood until the day Mr. Morillo, the owner of the resort, took time to educate me with the kinds of wood. Thank you sir, and I promise to knock and examine all the wooden furniture I will see next time. =)

finely crafted woodwork

At the end of the hallway is the infinity pool and the beach. The view I saw was extremely breathtaking.

vacation mode - ON

Everywhere I look made me in complete awe. We contained our excitement and proceeded to our executive room.

the villas at Infinity Resort

..and that's our fabulous villa, with the view of the pool and the mountains

Infinity Resort offers Deluxe, Executive, Premier Suite, and Family rooms. If you're a big group, you can rent the whole villa which is a combination of premier suite, executive, and deluxe rooms. Click here for the Infinity Resort rates.

Take a peek at our Executive Room. Im so inlove with these beautifully crafted wooden furniture. 

natural elegance and luxury at the same time

executive room has 1 king sized bed, flat screen tv, mini fridge, ipod dock, and own veranda

By the way, this is the view from one of the windows.

 now i wanted to jump out of the window, literally!

Moving on, the bathroom has the nicest tub with a head rest, rotating shower head faucet, and of course the rainfall shower. Most of all, the water which comes out of these faucets are ready to drink! Mr. Morillo showed me their own water purification facility. Awesome!

the spacious bathroom with tub and rainshower
purified water comes out of these faucets, seriously!

Okay, I love the room, and I love staycations too... but not this time! We spent most of our time in the infinity pool, the jacuzzi, and at the beach.

Have I mentioned that Donnie and I were the only guests in the resort? It became our private place! ♥

 this Infinity Resort instantly became my happy place!

the kiddie infinity pool, elevated jacuzzi, and the unobstructed view of the mountains of Malasimbo, Talipanan and Alinbayan

jacuzzi area and the nearby villa

sun loungers by the infinity pool

enjoying the serenity of the place in this sun lounger

Of course, it wouldn't be a resort if it's not by the beach. Infinity Resort's location alone gives a fantastic experience to guests because of the tranquility of the place.

private beach beds by the shore

hello beach, i so miss you!

reunited with my element

I immediately removed my slippers and excitedly ran towards the beach. It felt so good to bask under the sun and bathe in the beach again. Suddenly I felt so happy and refreshed.

We loved the beach, but actually the jacuzzi area was where we really spent most of our time. The water was so relaxing and the view was perfect. After this, Im so energized to go back to work. =P

 best infinity pool and jacuzzi experience, ever!

 jacuzzi time! ♥

We enjoyed this bubble bath til sunset. These soft warm bread and cold fruit shakes even made the experience more perfect! Kudos to the awesome staff for pampering us.

soft warm bread and chillers for snacks

For dinner, Donnie and I decided not to go anywhere else but The Brae restaurant. The dishes are fairly priced, specially when the taste was really good and servings were really generous. And hey, they gave us complimentary blueberry cheesecakes!

top: crusted chicken with pesto and tanigue steak
bottom: blueberry cheesecake

The infinity pools were equally stunning at night time. Do you agree?

lovely infinity pool at night

care for a night swim?

Anyhow, aside from the gorgeous pools and jacuzzi, Infinity Resort also offers water and indoor activities. The play room has dart boards, billiards table, board games, and of course - videoke room!

chyng: kakantahin ko Sundo by Imago
donnie: akin yung Someone Like you ni Adele
chyng: teh naman, mapapatid litid mo =P

It was really a great and refreshing day. We ended this with a super sound sleep in the comfy bed. One of the best sleep experience I ever had.

Come next morning, the sun was still at its mightiest. The view from the window delighted me again. Thank you Lord for the good weather and another feel-good experience.

 good morning view indeed!

The room rate comes with set breakfast for 2 at The Brae. This comes with coffee, juice, bread basket, fruit platter, and a choice between american or filipino plated meal.

complimentary hearty breakfast for two

gandang di mo inakala ^_^

Overall, it was one of the best quickie weekend getaway I ever had. I am completely happy with the Infinity Resort experience, and I cant stress enough how much I enjoyed their infinity pools and jacuzzi. It is actually comparable to my experience in Misibis Bay and Crimson Resort, maybe even better. Now I have a new happy place, and it's just near Manila. Definitely, I would recommend this to everyone who wants a luxurious and quiet getaway, without the need of purchasing a last minute expensive flight ticket. 

The following Monday, I came back to the office happy and energized to work again. Thank you Infinity Resort for that wonderful getaway. =)

Infinity Resort
Talipanan, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

37 responses: said...

gusto mo na din pumunta jan, i know! ^_^

Kaiye Pallarco said...

Hooong ganda!!!! O_O

micg said...

Sana pwede ang day tour. Maharlika! Hihi! :D

carla said...

ang ganda naman dyan at saka malapit lang sa Manila. :3

rob said...

.. if wanderlust was a disease, you certainly have that condition! as usual, the stunning shots! turuan mo nga ako ng mga kuhang yan. :)

antonio carranza jr said...

Nice.gusto ko yung lugar.Fresh.Parang kahit tag ulan eh summer feeling lagi.Akala ko nung una actually Acuatico sa Batngas.Puerto galera pala.It's nice to know na me mga nagsusulputan nang magagandang resort sa PG. :)

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Hindi pa ako nakakapag-Puerto Galera. Ganda nito ah :D Gusto ko rin ng staycation dyan :D

Gladys Serafines said...

Wow ang ganda nga, buti ok yung weather pag punta nyo dyan...inggit much :)

edelweiza said...

Waaaaah, I haven't been to Puerto Galera yet. That resort spells F-U-N! :)

Anonymous said...

how much nagastos nyo??

Joni Francisco said...

Infairness, ang ganda ng room niyo Chyng! Ganda ng view, very refreshing!

blissfulguro said...

at hindi pa rin pala ako nakakapunta ng puerto galera. haha. anfresh pa rin ni donnie girl grabe! :)

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Ang ganda naman ng resort.

SunnyToast said...

finally a new place in puerto galera...dapat alis ako today pero ang pangit ng I must do some reseach with this place...dito nalang makapag arte...hahaha..

thanks for sharing:)

Travel Boss said...

Hello Ms Chyng! Nice post as usual. Is it ok if we share this in our Facebook Page? :) We are accredited by Infinity Resort to promote their resort to our clients in our travel agency. We think your post could really attract clients to stay in their resort :)

Will wait for your reply bago namin ipost sa page namin.

Thank you so much :)

Chyng said...

^ hi, sure of course =)

Travel Boss said...

Thanks so much ❤❤❤

Anonymous said...

sympre gastos n naman to ng amerikanong bf nya. alam mo naman c chying mukang exotic. e ang pangit pangit naman

Traveling Morion said...

Hangganda Chyng! en lapit lang from Metro M.- will consider this sa long holiday sa March :)

Christeen Cereno said...

wow breath taking yung view *,*

tine said...

Hmmmmm. Hi chyng! Reminds me of the architecture style and infinity pool of Acuatico. At first glance, I thought this is in Batangas. :)


donnie ray is back! imiss his blog!

ganda dyan pero mukhang mahal

JeffZ said...

I always picture Puerto Galera as crowded, kasi puro White Beach lang pinupuntahan namin dati.. But it's good to see other getaway options.. :)and it's best to experience this pag alam mong kayo lang ang guests sa resort!

michi said...

Ganda nga ng resort.

Chesca Labaro said...

Parang Acuatico Resort in Batangas, IT SCREAMS ACUATICO. Same owner kaya sila?

Pondering Paodaolei said...

I have been to Puerto Galera. Sana hindi na umulan para matuloy na. hope to meet you soon chyng!

Bee Chavez said...

Lovely place, Chyng!
My feet are etching to go somewhere na talaga.

Been lurking in your site for so long. Nka-bookmark lng. Now ko lang realize I haven't followed you yet. Grrr. Now I am. Finally.

Laagholic Buyog


ganda!! bat d ka nag beekeeeneee teh!

Allen said...

Hangganda!!!!! Nakakaiyak yung pool sa gabi hahaha!

Sally Mae said...

the place looks amazing! question lang sis, same owner/developer po ba ito ng acuatico? magkahawig kasi :) salamat!

p.s: from girtalk pala ako :)

Tina said...

Really nice resort, Great pictures... The beach was awesome..

Anonymous said...

It seems that you're gone for good. At least there's one blog that is copying your style of writing so I wont miss you much. At first I thought it was your 2nd blog or something but it's not. Maybe she idolizes you? Anyways have a nice life.

Ella Mitchell said...

I want to visit this place! Nice post, Thanks for sharing. I really liked it.

Portico Club
World's Luxury Vacation Destination

Jennifer Mabignay said...

hi chyng! i'm avid fan of your blog :) i have never been to puerto galera, but gusto makapunta dyan :) sabi nga wanderlust!!!! ;) but i have condition.. i'm a stroke survivor at 32yo because eclampsia.. i am 34yo... slurred speech, my right body paralyzed.. but now i can walk with help of the cane.. hay.. ask ko lang sana pwede ba ako makarating dyan?? :) ndi ko alam kung paano makarating dyan eh :( kung ano sasakyan ko para makarating dyan.. favor naman chyng :) mag-commute lang kami para makapunta dyan.. together with my baby and my mother... thank you in advance chyng :)

Chyng said...

hi Jennifer,

hope my reply is not too late.

madali lang to go to Puerto Galera. take a bus or van to Batangas Pier. from the port, look for the boats going to Puerto Galera / White Beach. super daming bangka. if its summer, may direct boat to Talipanan. That's it!


pilar said...

I wonder if Infinity Resort is under the same developer/owner of Aquatico in Laiya, Batangas? Both resorts look aesthetically similar...

Stephen said...

A great resort near Puerto Galera where you can check out one of the most beautiful bays in the world: Campbell's Bech Resort.

Check this out:

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