Visa on Arrival in India

After spending a night in Bangkok, Kat (my travel buddy friend) and I finally flew to New Delhi. The flight took 5 hours and I survived this with the help of the Death Note animated series. Thanks L, N, Missa, Light and Ryuk! =)

Bangkok to New Delhi via Air India
unlimited bollywood movies on board!

So after 30 episodes of the Death Note, we finally had our first glimpse of New Delhi.

 hello New Delhi!

Indira Ghandi International Airport is amazing! While most people talk about India being dirty and chaotic, this airport stands as their pride. It's so clean and efficient. Yeah, I wish we could improve our main airport too.

 carpeted airport with functioning walkalators (moving walkway)

Travelers from the Philippines are required to get a tourist visa for India. Fortunately, the government of India offers Visa on Arrival for nationals of the Philippines, Cambodia, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Luxembourg, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

This Visa on Arrival can be availed at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata international airports, not sure though if this has been extended to other international airports in India. Anyway, the validity is a maximum of 30 days with single entry.

Visa on Arrival is offered at New Delhi

The requirements are:
○ passport size photo
○ $60 (can be paid in USD or Rupees)
○ return ticket of course
○ and fill up the visa on arrival form

This process would just take 15 minutes, or less. The assigned officer was quite helpful and jolly.

After we secured our visa, we went straight to the immigration and we passed thru the Diplomat Lane, as per the instruction of the immigration officer.

Immigration Lanes at New Delhi
very much in character!

everything looks so India. hehe

The airport is impressive, even getting out is efficient. For me this is the basis of what a good airport is.

get out of the airport by metro, taxi, car

free inter terminal transfers
just present your boarding pass

our free transfer to the domestic terminal

 wide and clean road in New Delhi

We reached the domestic terminal and I had the same amusement when I saw it. Maganda and efficient as well. Imagine they have a 6D Cinema inside the domestic airport. Awesome!

6D Cinema at Delhi's domestic airport

The government of India really made a good job of bringing comfort and entertainment to the passengers. Lots of restaurants and fast food stalls are available too. And oh, I've also seen reclining beds in the waiting area. What could be better than that.

Chicken Tikka Pizza and Spring Roll
our first Indian meal, and we loved it!

First impression definitely lasts. What welcomed me is not the India everyone has been warning me of. I never felt the fear and the risk that the media has been displaying all over the news. What welcomed me is the impressive airport, efficient transfers, and the good food. It was actually a nice way to start this India trip.

Up next: Varanasi

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leilani said...

wowwwwww!!! How can you travel so much?? I really want to do the same thing too! pero financially constrained ako kaya puro Asian countries lng :(

Chyng said...

India is also in Asia. =)

pero i got the point, mahal na pamasahe to India. mejo malayo na satin...

Wanderer Juan said...

I will keep this in mind when I get the chance to go to India.

JeffZ of said...

You can only tell what a country looks like until you see it for yourself.. mag-iiba na siguro tingin ko sa India..

Photo Cache said...

glad to hear you have really nice experience in india and indira gandhi airport. mine was different, opposite.

Ian | Going Places said...

What a nice aiport of New Delhi! It's good to know they put their culture character on it. It's still looks new.

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