Coron - Still Amazing Like The First Time

Where have you spent your Holy Week vacation? Well, I spent mine in the awesome group of islands in Coron. Honestly, Im a bit unprepared. The airfare were so expensive at the time I planned to book, like around P9,500! Thanks 2Go Travel for offering a relatively affordable fare to the paradise province of Palawan. For just around P3,500 round trip fare from Manila to Coron, I did not just enjoy my destination but I already had an awesome journey on the sea. My vacation has started as the ship started to cruise.

my Coron addiction

Manila to Coron
2Go Travel ship sails from Manila to Puerto Princesa via Coron route. The port is located at Pier 4 in Manila. This is more convenient than the Batangas - Caticlan, Boracay route which I tried last year. Click here for a complete review of 2Go Travel experience, accommodation, ticket upgrade, dining, parking, etc.

Manila to Puerto Princesa via Coron
journey is a good 12 hours. leave Manila at 5pm and arrive in Coron at 6.30am.

Cabin for 4 Accommodation
tourist to cabin upgrade costs P250 per way

complimentary meals can be upgraded for P80. this includes a main dish, side dish, soup, and dessert.

After exploring the ship, had dinner in the Horizon cafe, had a drink in the upper most deck, and watched TV - we decided to call it a day. My friend and I had a good sleep in our very own cabin room (yeah, lucky us there are unoccupied beds). We arrived in Coron ahead of time. Summer is here!

Coron, you still amazed me like the first time!
I've been to Coron last 2010 and I still remembered clearly how I enjoyed that trip. Instantly, it became one of my favorite destinations in the country. The water is so clear, the corals are healthy, the rock formations are breathtaking. Coron really deserves all the raves. 

Coron Packaged tour or Do-It-Yourself trip? We hired a private boat again for our island hopping tour. If you are a big group, this is cheaper than joining a group tour for P650 per person. Mind you, not all must-see spots are included in that P650 package. Go for the DIY, you have the power to control where your boat is heading and there's no rush so spend the time you want on your favorite spots. 

hello Coron! ang ganda ganda mo pa rin!

uncrowded Malcapuya ♥

my white and wide playground

where I spent my summer day - in a hammock enjoying the sea breeze!

a great vacation always comes with great food

That's pretty much like it. We spent all morning and afternoon in the quiet island of Malcapuya. It was so relaxing that we didn't even want to move and to leave. Banana island is nearby but we chose not to go there anymore because of the crowd.

Next day was allotted for the much awaited Coron loop. If you have to choose between Malcapuya/Banana tour and Coron loop, definitely choose the Coron loop. The nearby islands are already so amazing that every tourist goes crazy just by seeing the rock formations. Of course, it's a tough job not to jump out of the boat specially when the water is so inviting.

  sight seeing is already good enough for me

 trust me, it's more breathtaking to see this in person

im still so amazed

The first time I was there, I didn't pay much attention to the view because all my friends and I cared for was the colorful fish and corals under neath the water.We snorkeled from morning til sunset! Ang energetic ko talaga nung bagets pa ko.

When I returned, I got myself ready for some underwater activities - but the view on the boat kept me so busy. The weather, the extremely clear water, and the rock formations left me breathless.

 lucky Palawenos for their blessed place

lucky me too for the privilege to travel

feeling lucky and happy at the same time

my Coron addiction

one of the reasons why i love Pinas!

Coron as one of the Top Destinations in the Philippines
Two days may not be enough but the satisfaction, relaxation, and happiness I got in this quick Coron getaway was already equivalent to a week long vacation. I have no regrets traveling 12 hours by sea just to reach this place. It's all worth the journey. ♥

my Coron experience wont be complete without seeing you
and i will see you again, soon!

Coron 2010 (overnight at Banana island + Coron loop)
2Go Travel 2013
thanks Leidy for the discounted tour! for boat rentals, contact 0999.993.66.39

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