El Nido - Summer 2014

Summer would always mean sun-kissed skin, relaxing getaways, and gorgeous beaches. In short, it's simply the best time para maglakwatsa! So right after my Coron getaway, it's time to revisit El Nido.

Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Life gets better. 

El Nido - The Second Time Around
For some reasons, I wasn't really stunned with El Nido when I saw it the first time. It could be the water, the weather, or my mood that time. The experience was great, but I knew my expectation was more than that. #TaasStandards So my friends and I went back to El Nido. This time around, it left us breathless.

now I believe this is one of the best beaches in the Philippines

Island Hopping in El Nido
Rumors are true. The standard rates have increased. Here are the current rates (for peak season at least):
Tour A 1,200/pax - Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Simizu Island, Secret Lagoon, and 7 Commandos Beach
Tour B 1,200/pax - Entalula, Pinagbuyutan Island, Pangulasian Island, Snake Island, and Cathedral Cave
Tour C 1,400/pax - Hidden Beach, Helicopter Island, Secret Beach, Matinloc Shrine, and Star Beach
Tour D 1,200/pax -  Bukal Island, Ipil Beach, Nat-Nat Beach, Cadlao Lagoon, and Paradise Beach
Underwater Camera rental - P700/day
Kayak rental - P800/day

Combination trips are not widely offered anymore BUT special trips can be easily availed by renting out a private boat for your group. Once again, Northern Hope Tours took care of our island hopping activity. Depends on the number of person on your group and how many tours will you avail, ate Neriza (owner of Northern Hope) is easy to deal with if you ask for discounted rates.

Northern Hope Tours, El Nido
email: northernhopetours@gmail.com
mobile: 0939.902.22.16

What we visited: Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Simizu Island, Snake Island, Helicopter Island, and Papaya Beach. Much better than the Combination Tour A and C, because we also went to Snake Island which is included for Tour B. We could have visited Matinloc Shrine but the weather's gone crazy, we skipped it.

Big Lagoon

the perks of renting a private boat
you have all the time on this spot

Small Lagoon

floating my worries away

Northern Hope's big and private boat
Snake Island

goofing under the summer heat

artistic lunch c/o our boatmen at Snake Island
yes, we do love El Nido!

 live music on board

snorkeling at Helicopter Island

healthier-looking corals

kayaking at Papaya Beach
the finest and whitest sand in El Nido

 easy kayak for the guys

unobstructed sunset view

As always, I felt blessed for having the privilege to travel and see these awesome places in our country. A big dose of Vitamin Sea just filled our wanderlusts.

Overcomer Lodge
For affordable yet decent and spacious accommodation in El Nido, we chose the newly built Overcomer Lodge. Location is at Corong-Corong. Our spacious room includes our own bathroom, big beds, tv, fan, and aircon. Rates normally start at P500 per person and this already includes breakfast at the rooftop. And yes, there's free WiFi.

Overcomer Lodge
facade, 1st floor, and roof deck as breakfast area

Overcomer Lodge's room for 2

Btw, rates are negotiable. If you avail the tours from Northern Hope, then you most probably have a discounted rate for the rooms at Overcomer Lodge. Just ask ate Neriza.

Nacpan Beach - Now I'm a Believer
Parang Justin Bieber lang ah. Anyway, this is really the spot I wanted to see again. Most friends I knew hailed this beach as the most stunning - but when I see it the first time, it looked uhm ordinary. I know I just have to see it again. Luckily this time around, Nacpan Beach proved me I was wrong.

  the white stretch of flawless and uncrowded shore at Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach - even better upclose

view from top

Twin Beach

trekking under the sun at 35°C was rewarding

Nacpan and Calitang Beaches

We were truly amazed. Im so happy too that I revisited this place. Immediately I thought of rearranging my Best Beaches List. Definitely, El Nido is not #10.

Cadlao Resort - Splurging a little for my birthday
Since it's my birthday, we decided to splurge a little. We made a good choice for picking Cadlao Resort which is along the town proper. The resort is extremely beautiful. Rate is around P8,000 per night which comes with breakfast for 2 people. A little expensive yes, but it's just right. FYI, there are only 4 resorts in El Nido town which has a pool. For me, it is worth every peso spent specially when the resort is well maintained, the staff are friendly, and the view is breathtaking!

lush green Cadlao Resort 

room with a view (thanks to the full-sized sliding glass door)

we love the room, but the pool and view are so much better!

well maintained resort

the world is our playground

Cadlao Resort
drool.. i wont judge you. ^_^

one lazy afternoon by the pool

camwhoring at its finest

happy birthday to me!

We wished we could have stayed longer (and of course if we could afford it. hehe). Relaxation in this place is very achievable. The Cadlao Lagoon which is just across the resort is a good addition to the view of the infinity pool. Initially we planned of going to Altenative Inn again, but it's so hard to leave the pool. I think we had a good decision to just stay. The food here is good as well, though a bit expensive. Still, I recommend this resort for special occasions.

Thank you Palawan for that another awesome experience. Thank you ate Neriza for the fun tour! Thank God for the privilege to travel, a good weather, nice company, and another unforgettable summer.

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