Fiery and Rainy Weekend in the Mystical Province of Siquijor

O hai, may blog pala ako! 
It's been over a month since I last updated this blog. Napakatamad ko talaga. I don't want to use the word busy, though right now I think Im occupied with work. Lapit na Go-Live ng project! Since my eyes get really tired on weekdays, I choose to stay away from the computer on weekends. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the one good excuse I came up for not updating this blog. Charot!

Since it's the long weekend and my VL got denied (read: bye Boracay tickets for Aug 22-25), now is the perfect time to blog.

long weekends are always for blogging...
thank you Magnet of Tramping Philippines for the photos!

Magnet and I went to Siquijor 2 weeks ago. We had high hopes that the mighty sun would cooperate but of course we're ready for the worst. After all, the great affair is simply to move.

 sun on the third day

 hammock time

at Coco Grove Resort

walking barefoot on the shore again

It was not the best weather we could get so we just decided to save the island tour for next time. We wanted to see the island at its finest so we both agreed to stay in the resort (of course we loved that idea, who wouldn't want to leave Coco Grove?).

Siquijor is really a beautiful place. There are no direct flights to this mystical island yet tourists (from all the over the globe) do not mind the hassle to reach the place. Just so you know, we had one of the worst boat rides on our way back to Dumaguete. Actually the ferry cancelled its trip so we rushed to the other port to catch a barge that would sail on that day.  

1 of the 3 pools in Coco Grove
this one's 10 feet deep ♥

 2nd pool near the reception area

our lovely and spacious room

What I loved most about our short trip in Siquijor are the paved roads and the houses along the highway. The lifestyle is so relaxed and everyone in the island seemed to have a simple yet good life. 

Moving on, the glimpse of paradise was enough for Magnet and I to decide to return in Siquijor in the future. For the record, this was my 3rd attempt - and yet I haven't really "seen" the island of fire. Oh well, at least this set our wanderlust to rest, even for a short time.

my kind of blue

calm waves at last

Thanks Magnet for these super amazing photos! Sabi ko na nga ba pwedeng hindi magadala ng camera pag kasama ka. ♥

blogger (with only a smarthphone) in action

Siquijor, may araw ka rin samin!

12 responses:

Traveling Morion said...

Na miss ko bigla ang Siquijor! (minus the huge waves)

Milet Miranda said...

Chyng hindi ako sanay! asan yung unang comment mo? :)

Photo Cache said...

this is world class beach-ing. ang galing.


Oo nga san ang unang comment ni chyng hihi

Waaah sikat na blogger i dedeny ang vl san yang boss mo at kakausapin ko haha

Ian | Going Places said...

Beautiful beaches of Siquijor! 'Can't wait to explore it...

marxtermind said...

Gusto ko ulit bumalik then mag-motor sa buong island. hehehe!

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

Haha may Lamudi segueway! :D

Tria said...

Pangarap ko talaga pumunta sa Siquijor at mag-stay ng isang buong linggo!

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Kudos sa eye-candy pictures ang gaganda! Buwis buhay ang fastcraft ride on our way din dyan sa Coco Grove pag Habagat.

Cha Sy said...

Kailan kaya ako makakarating sa Siquijor? Sana magka dslr na uli ako at magka budget!

Michi said...

Ganda ng Siquijor kaso di ko pa maconvince hubby ko. Baka maengkanto. Lol

SunnyToast said...

ganda! Siquijor kaialan..kailan..kailan kita mararating:)

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