5 Travel Tips for First Timers in India

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and is also becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. While you can save money on your hotel and airfare by using Hotels.com coupons from Discountrue, there are a number of crucial tips that you'll need to know beforehand to get the most out of your initial India trip. If you are heading to India for the first time, be sure to read on and learn more!

1. Be Realistic

There is no way that you will see everything that there is to see in India on your first trip and those who try tend to end up experiencing severe burnout as a result. India is a vast and colorful nation, but those who try to bite off more than they chew are typically too fatigued to maximize their time. Just calm down and think that you can make return visits as often as you'd like, so pace yourself and make the most of each experience!

2. Exercise Caution With Food and Beverages

If you've never been to India before, it is important to know what you can and cannot eat or drink. While some people are adventurous enough to eat street food, this can lead to severe stomach problems if you are not careful. Stick with fresh fruit that has already been peeled and don't eat street foods that were fried or boiled. Salads and ice also need to be avoided, while bottled water is your best bet.

3. Prepare To Have Your Space Invaded

Personal space is not a concept that you should allow yourself to become accustomed to during your India travels. When you use public transportation, be prepared to cram in closely. Citizens of India may also ask the sort of personal questions that you would find to be intrusive. This is their culture and you will need to adjust to them, not the other way around.

4. Pay Attention To The Dress Code

First and foremost, India is a culture that frowns on those who refuse to dress modestly. Arms and legs are expected to be covered and this is not the time to take a political or feminist stand. While Indians are somewhat forgiving of those who do not know better, this is not an excuse that can be used in perpetuity. You should also remove your shoes before entering a home and if you see shoes outside of a store, this is a sign that you must remove your own.

5. Remain Safe

Pick pocketing is a prevalent problem in India's largest cities, so don't carry around a massive wad of cash with you everywhere you go. While it may be tempting to haggle with vendors in the marketplace, this can lead to a tense and heated exchange. In any case, remain calm, cool and collected at all times.

Hotel Bookings in the Philippines: 4 Tips That Will Save You Money

While going on a vacation is a very relaxing prospect, polishing the details of an out-of- town trip can cause quite a bit of stress. No amount of planning can deter bad weather and traffic hang-ups, but you can always make sure that your holiday home is ready to welcome you after a long journey. Here’s how you can score a convenient and affordable hotel accommodation without breaking a sweat:

1. Always plan your trip way ahead of time.
You can cut a sizable portion of your transportation and accommodation budget by booking your flight and room before everyone else does. Reserving early increases your chance of getting first dibs on long-running or off-peak promos. In addition, taking the time to get an advance booking also ensures you of a room in one of the top cheap hotels in Boracay Island — or any other favorite beach or mountain destination — even if your trip is scheduled right in the middle of summer.

2. Or better yet, schedule your holiday during the low season.
If your image of a perfectly relaxing seaside holiday does not include crowds of fellow beach-lovers, then steer clear of the peak tourist season. Aside from sharing a spot in the sun with a lot of people, you’ll also have a hard time finding an affordable accommodation as these holidays tend to bring in a lot of business to resorts and hotels. If you value discounted rates over sunny days by the sea, then set your vacation during the low season. You can also get the best of both worlds by booking your stay very, very early into the summer, mid-semester, or Christmas holidays.

3. Impromptu getaways? Look for last-minute deals.
Life sometimes calls for sudden breaks. If you feel like spending yours in a top local destination, look around for last-minute deals. Many beach resorts and city hotels offer this kind of promo to boost room sales during the off season. If you’re quick and thorough enough, you may even spot hotels that provide discounted room rates with breakfast and day tours, meal discounts, or free use of leisure amenities. Time is of the essence, though, so make sure that you’ve mastered the art of speed-packing if you’re thinking of taking advantage of any last-minute deal.

4. Always read the fine print.
Reading the terms and conditions of your hotel booking is a must, especially if you’re still a bit unsure about your vacation dates. It’s easy to forget this when you stumble upon a ridiculously convenient hotel deal at the tail end of its booking period. The first impulse would be to book, then check later if you’re actually ready to go on a trip on that date. It is useful to note that most promos only allow cancellations and modifications at the cost of the prepayment or the first night of the stay. However, some do allow these actions for free up until a few days before the check-in date. Remember these policies and finalize your vacation dates before you can be charged for any changes in your reservation.

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