Often, caught up in our busy schedules we forget something basic- consuming enough water during the day. With winter fast approaching, it’s easy to forget to consume water without the heat to motivate you. Summer is incidentally the period when most people end up being dehydrated without realising it.

Here are a couple of tips to stay hydrated even when you are not thirsty!

1. Keep an alarm

It’s just that simple. Set alarms every three hours to remind yourself to consume water. Many people consume the required two litres, but at a time when they remember. This does not help much, as all the water is immediately drained out. It is better to consume small amounts intermittently to ensure hydration.

2. Make a rule

If you are a person who follows a certain routine- whether it is taking out the trash at a certain time, or walking to the bus- use this as a reminder to drink water. Something I follow is to drink a large glass or water right after I wake- and then drink half a glass every time I use a washroom.

3. Every morning and night

A glass of water right after waking up has shown marked improvements in people who suffer from constipation. Use a rule from their book and adopt this yourself. Consuming water through the day becomes easier if you consume the first 400ml right after waking up.

4. Avoid Salt

While reducing salt is always a good idea, watch the amount of salt you consume especially during winter. We do not sweat out as many salts and a buildup of these salts is damaging to the body. It not only dehydrates the body, but also increases muscular water retention- a painful prospect.

5. Juices

If drinking plain water doesn’t appeal to you (you’d be shocked at the number of people who do not like the ‘taste’ of plain water!) then just juice your favourite fruits. Juicing is a great way to get enough water in your system. However, take this with a figurative pinch of salt because water is essential in its direct form, and juicing and other sources of hydration act only partially in hydrating the body.

I personally like to sip on a nice cup of warm water, honey and a slice of lemon while playing my afternoon session of bingo. Click for more info on online bingo games.

My List of Best Beaches in the Philippines

updated last 11/05/2016

How's your summer? I hope you already had some good tan lines to showcase.
In case you still don't have that sun-kissed skin: pack your things, drag your friends with you, choose among the best beaches in the Philippines - and go!

jobs fill our pockets, adventures fill our souls.

Again, to each his own. What's outstanding for me could be ordinary to you, and vice versa. I've only listed the top 10 for I think these beaches really have the most stunning view, finest sand, clearest water, and smoothest sea bed. Sorry but the beaches of Camiguin, Caramoan, Palaui, Guimaras, Zamboanga, and Zambales aren't included in my list. 

Anyway so based on my own experience, the amusement level, the wow factor, the quality of the sand, and everything else - here's the list of my best beaches in the Philippines (as of Nov 05, 2016).

11. El Nido, Palawan

This beach area fronts most of the resorts and restaurants in El Nido. The water is nice and is definitely above any other beaches in the country. Wow factor is high specially when I consider the stunning limestone formations as its background. There are 2 other beaches in El Nido that is worth visiting: namely Marimegmeg and Nacpan.

10. Blue Lagoon, Ilocos Norte

I cant agree more why this is called Blue Lagoon or Maira-ira of the locals in Pagudpud. The water is really crystal clear and blueish. I love how simple this beach is. The sand may not be very fine, but it is white. Wow factor is still high.  Since it's located on the upper left most island in the country, this beach doesn't get very crowded, well except on Holy Week.

9. Sumilon, Cebu

To be honest, I only went to Sumilon just to experience this so called glamorous camping. I can't describe how amazed I was when we approached the island of Sumilon. I was breathless. The sandbar is unbelievably beautiful. It was another "I'm a proud Pinay" moment.

8. Malcapuya, Coron, Palawan

If I would choose just 1 beach for the entire province of Palawan, then this would be Malcapuya in Coron. The sand is so pristine. The water is so clear and clean. And as a big bonus, the underwater kingdom is awesome as well. I have to admit, Coron is an annual thing for me. My go-to-place every holy week.

Updated 11/05/2016 - not the best beach
in Palawan anymore

7. Malamawi Beach, Basilan

This beach is I think the most unspoiled among the beaches I've been to. Only the locals and the adventurous ones can ever reach this place and see the serene beach of Malamawi. Every risk has a reward, and Malamawi Beach just didn't disappoint as it boasts its white and fine sand + clear water. I almost forgot that I was in the terror town of Basilan. ^_^

6. Apo Reef, Occidental Mindoro

For me, a great beach must have a white sand, fine seabed, clear water, and a rich underwater kingdom. Apo Reef seems to be very blessed to have all of these. The 40-min airplane ride to San Jose Mindoro, then a 2-hour bus ride to Sablayan, and another 2-hour boat ride to Apo Reef could be exhausting - but I assure you it's all worth your ride. This could have been in a higher spot if not for some garbage around the island and a lot of sea mosquitoes at night time.

5. Dako Island, Siargao, Surigao Del Norte

All this time I thought Siargao's beaches are only made for surfers. I was wrong! Im very delighted to see this paradise island after a 45-min boat ride away from the mainland and the surfers' haven Cloud Nine. I love the purity of sand, the water, and the simplicity of the place. I so love the beach that Im willing to bathe under the striking sunrays for the entire day. Actually, Dako Island could have ranked 3rd in my top beaches list only if I wasn't biased. Haha!

4. Panglao, Bohol

Forgive me Im biased. Bohol will always be a personal favorite. As of 2012, I've already visited Bohol thrice, and every single visit just made me love Bohol more. Who wouldn't be attracted to see a place with a wonder of nature, historic site, river cruise, rare animal, organic food, great beach, and superb underwater world! Bohol is simply a complete family getaway.

3. Boracay, Aklan

My P5,000 Boracay Trip
including airfare and 3 water activities

Surprise, Boracay ranks 2nd in my list! As much as I wanted the hard-to-reach places and back-to-basic setups, I also wanted a beach that's very accessible and convenient. Given the white sand and the very picturesque beach - Boracay is constantly offering new activities to try, from reef walking, parasailing, cliff diving, zorb, and a lot more. I've been to Boracay thrice and it never failed to show me why it's still the Philippine's premiere tourist attraction. The best part why I love Boracay- the pride that it brings me whenever I see tourists from all around the world cross the oceans just to reach this little gem (of course, more visitors = more jobs).

2. Calaguas, Camarines Norte

Each island has its own beauty but there's really one beach that stands out among the others. 3 years ago, I had the privilege to see Calaguas for the first time. It was an untouched beauty. Wow factor is extremely high. The sand is creamy, the water is so clear and swim-able (meaning i dont have to go far just to be in a 7-feet deep area), and the whole place is peaceful. The water is so irresistible that i didn't mind having sunburns! It's a priceless moment to have this beach all by ourselves- the sand served as our ground sheet and the stars as our light. I can still remember the way I felt when it's time to go home. It's just hard to leave (and Im not even a fan of exaggerations and drama lines).

Calaguas used to top my list until I reached Balabac, Palawan.

1. Balabac, Palawan

If you think you've seen the best of Palawan, think again. El Nido, Coron, and San Vicente are the more popular options, but if you hassle your way to the southwest-most edge of the Philippines, you will be rewarded with the endless swimming pool-like beaches of Balabac.

When I used to have my list of best beaches in Pinas, I would carefully deliberate to come up with the best beach before I decide. But after I saw the beaches in Balabac (specially Onuk), I was in complete shock. I had high expectations before I reached the place and to my surprise, Onuk was even more stunning upclose. There's no contest. This is indeed the best beach in Philippines.

And just so you know, there are other beaches in Balabac which have their own charms too. Punta Sebaring and Candaraman made us breathless as well.

Care to share your best beaches in the Philippines?
Im looking forward to try some Mediterranean Cruises someday but since Im still jobless then an El Nido trip would be a cheap alternative! Im positive this beach would make it to my list.
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