A Solo Year End Trip - Macampao Beach Resort and Leisure Farm

Our annual winter trip is a bit delayed and there I was - longing for a quick solo yearend trip. I searched for a getaway place where I can sleep by the beach, eat healthy food, and spend some refreshing and quiet time alone. Fortunately, I found a resort in Zambales which qualifies everything I look for, and even more!
destination: solitude

A Solo Year-End Trip
Honestly I have this issue of inggit with friends who have hometown provinces. My parents are both natives of Malabon that's why I never had a hometown province. From time to time, I make sure to experience the province life even over the weekend. Who wouldn't love to see trees, breathe fresh air, and eat newly harvest goods from their own farm. So for this solo trip, it's gonna be at Zambales. 

 entrance to tranquility

Macampao Beach Resort and Leisure Farm used to be a family beach house until the owners decided to open their home to the public. I called them up last minute for reservation and luckily confirmed they can accommodate me.

first glimpse of a quiet way to end 2016 and welcome 2017

rustic and homey

Feast For One
The welcome lunch was already waiting for me when I arrived. The tables are already designated for each group. The alfresco dining hall is surrounded by trees which gives a forest feel. It felt so comforting.

dining area with forest feels

The kitchen staff initially setup a table for 2. They made adjustment when they found out I came alone. No questions asked. Nothing to explain. Haha Same feels whenever I travel solo.

Rates of accommodation at Macampao Beach Resort and Leisure Farm come with full board meals. Food which they harvest from their own farm. I got excited with this part specially when I have a healthy lifestyle now. Im expecting the food to be great but I didn't expect it to be a feast each time. The dishes and portions are overwhelming. I cannot believe how much food they serve. This made me realize this is one of the businesses which do not mind the money. They serve for customer satisfaction.
the kitchen staff served my breakfast with kamote, eggplant, and pechay. kinilig ako! ♥

Every guest in the resort surely look forward to each meal time. As I said, it was always a feast. Each meal usually consists of seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, and mango shake. I'm curing my bile reflux and any acidic food will be harmful for me. When the staff found out about this, they replaced the mango shake with fresh buko juice. I highly appreciate every adjustment they made for my health condition.

always a lovely meal time at Macampao

Play and Relax
Sunrise and sunset times are best enjoyed by the private beach at Macampao. In between, guests can hang out at the cabanas, equipped with pillows and fans. Some of activities available include surfing, kayak, frisbee, and horse back riding. For kids, they have this inflatable plunge pool.

private beach

shelly details

where I spent most of my time for 3 days

a morning surya yoga

Comfortable Sleep by the Beach
What made me chose Macampao Beach Resort and Leisure Farm is the accommodation they offered. If you're like me who love to sleep by the beach but wants the comfort at the same time, then the cabana accommodation is the best for us. It has a bed, a mattress, pillows, blanket, mosquito net, blinds for privacy, closet, electric fans, and extension for cellphone charging! Gorgeous, I'm sold!

my home by the beach for 3 days

The ocean waves was so therapeutic that my heart happily woke up to hear the waves and feel the ocean breeze every morning. In the morning I did yoga, run, bike, and kayak. In the afternoon, I catch up with my favorite tv series. Just the way I wanted to spend my leisure time.

direct access to tranquility

thank you 2016, you're awesome!

holidazing by the beach

how i exactly wanted to welcome the new year

A Private Paradise
Aside from my yoga practice, circuit training, and swimming, my love for photography keeps me relaxed. Macampao gave me a place to do all these things. Big bonus is the sumptuous and healthy food they serve. It was such a worry-free solo retreat.
private parking area / running trail

lake area, perfect for afternoon yoga practice

 boating and fishing area

 mornings by the beach

 kayak time after i run and bike. felt weird that I enjoyed so much celebrating the new year alone.

 common restroom - clean shower area and maintained toilet with bidet

view from one of their rooms on the higher floor

way to dining hall and rooms

dining hall on the 2nd floor

love the sparkling champagne they served for new year's eve

sunset swing


For some it's just a handstand, but for those women who practice any inversion, this means months of strengthening the arms, core, and balance. This means training the mind to conquer the fear of falling. Now I understand that it's not just a funky handstand. This means a lot of struggle, hard work, and motivation. May ganon! 😂

My 2016 is all about wellness and fitness. I had countless visits to different doctors. Well, praning kasi ako. But my being praning lead me to a new lifestyle. I started to run, practice yoga, and do circuit training. I trained myself to be more conscious of what I eat. I learned to train my mind not to quit whenever I cannot stand anymore. I set goals and challenged myself that I can. 2016 brought me to be a better version of myself. Char!

whenever I get asked what's my fitness goal, I would always answer headstand. done! now trying the handstand.
share ko next post ang aking fitness journey.

Thank you Macampao Beach Resort and Leisure Farm for welcoming me to your home. It was a well spent 3 days to unwind and celebrate the new year, the way I liked it. Kudos to all the staff, specially the kitchen team who always made sure I enjoy my food.  Next time I'll surely tag my family with me.

Macampao Beach and Leisure Farm Resort
Sitio Macampao, Barangay Arew, Cabangan, Zambales, Philippines
+63 917 5267520

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Chyng said...

Hope you all have a happy and healthy year ahead!

Darwin said...

Bet ko dito! Ang ganda. Tahimik!

RaHG said...

Ideal for my next beach holiday. This is what I have been looking since last month.

Photo Cache said...

That's a beautiful resort. Do they have private baths as well and what's the rate?

Happy travel filled 2017.

Michi said...

Yey! I saw the photos in your IG, glad you blog about your experience. :)

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

wahhhh balik tayo zambales!

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Nice.. sana makapunta din ako dito..

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Nice one, Chyng! :-) -- levintology

Anonymous said...

post the fucking expense stupid!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for price rates though. Nice blog. Got the chance to have an idea

Weekend Haven said...

Perfect, Thanks for sharing. I'm looking for some new places within a distant to Manila.

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